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Mr. Ming itchi fakir married a real fake ling tchi

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posted on Aug, 25 2016 @ 02:32 PM
the deal was !0, 000 coins for the fakir to be a man... the bride wore her communion dress and the poor decendents of the fakir liniage wonder why is she not a gift... why are there no friends why are there a small bit of straggaling family members...
The king sat there quiet as a mouse brown and lovely.."if only, I could of been married to a fake..your a lucky Guy mr. fakir ming.''
the bride accepted soley that compliment and looked so pissed at the stars and heavens..." why why not the big brown Guy!" fate held us in her dominion.... so the family occupation was, we all gather coins and build a pyramid out of the blood of our works...differing works
"the bride did not dance with a soul...." this stupid piece of crap excuse for a least he is capable of one thing...oh therapy
every other day it was one illness after the next, "husband I may have given you a disease..."
"I still will love you.." he might of given her an illness at this point too....
At least he understood something about love....did he...bloody Fakir family!
and yet year after year the bride landed in jail over domestic violence disputes...she'll win one day...

there was no winning only living getting on and moving past the horrid despicable act of marriage...
the nervouse scumbag male pro shook and trembled.... hard not to de disgusted with the Fakir...
thanks for reading this is a fake story about a fake wedding and fake proposal... she got married right?..."looks" or not... ugly within she was very hidieos...according to men? at least het haunted mirror said she was as pretty as the heathers in the grave site, Garden...I meant where the fairies are.
the humans are still lost in Fakir Habib farie tail land... the bride will find every single one plus a human or two... Autum is already near! good bye lovers


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