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The Last Pope:The Fisher of Man (Old Man Takes Me On Vacation)

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posted on Aug, 25 2016 @ 10:17 AM
After analyzing the dream/vision or better yet (trip/travel) I was finally able to translate the gaps that my mind filled and hopefully I was able to narrow it to a 75% accuracy. I do apologize if things got lost in the translation and yet it was a hard one to translate indeed, the relay was a bit static and the old man was too distracting.

I awoke to be sitting at a cafe drinking from a tiny cup what tasted like a well made espresso, a waitress with came up to me asking "Is there anything else you would like?" she had an accent with a hint of Italian and I guess I was in Italy. Before I could get a word off in front of me in the distance I saw the same old man from my dream of Jerusalem, he was feeding some birds and he gestured for me to come over.

I looked at the waitress and thanked her paid for the coffee and I felt something strange, when I looked back at her stunning snow white pure like hair I felt odd as if I will see her again. It was not the feeling of lust checking her behind or anything childish like that, but it was as if she is part of my timeline and our paths would cross some day.

Anyway, I need to stop getting distracted by cute Italian Angels

As I made my way across this plaza towards the old man, I was curious to know why he was here and what it was that we would discuss this time. In an instant as I opened my mouth he gave me a bag of small bread crumbs to feed the birds and said "Feed the hungry for even the small ones need help". So, we sat there feeding the birds for a good 5 minutes although it felt like it was 15 minutes, time felt strange here displaced almost as if a river of which the stream is like a raging waterfall.

The old man got up with his walking stick and said "Come with me we have a lot to discuss" as we began to walk I felt peaceful and there was a ever so gentle wind. What seemed strange is that whenever the wind blew it felt almost as if someone was gently brushing their hand against my cheek or giving it a gentle kiss. Upon our journey off in the distance I began to see pillars and some sort of opening between them for some reason, I began to almost as if go blind.

I began to wake up and as I began to open my eyes I saw an almost strange vision/abstraction maybe even a hallucination of my brain trying to separate the dream view from the reality. I saw two female hands made of light grasp my hands and put them together gently and as whoever it was that did that I was back in dream. The old man was looking at me and smiled while saying "Welcome back I guess you got distracted by the scenery" I tilted my head ever so lightly wondering as to what was taking place in this dream.

We were inside a giant chamber which was covered with art and was a lot of sunlight covering the room, to the front was a chair and he told me to take a seat. As I sat in this comfortable chair he told me "This is the seat of the divine conduit on Earth" I laughed and said "Wait so is this where the Pope sits?" he nodded with a smile and replied "But it is not your seat to take your seat will be somewhere else in due time, be patient keep working and continue on the path". Then my curiosity got the better of me and I asked "But why can I not have this seat?" and he replied with a strange "Because soon there will be no need for this seat".

In front of the seat there was an olive bush burning and the olives kept falling off of it, it get burning and eventually turned to coal and embers, and then for some reason the remaining ash was not ash it was almost as if tar. Just all black and strange when I touched it the sensation of almost like sticky ink and the smell of rot came to mind. Then the old man came up to me and said "The Olive Branch has served his purpose and his retribution for the past was made", that's when I looked at him and asked "Wait is this the current pope?" the old man smiled and nodded.

I always keep wondering why the old man smiles so much even when creepy weird connections are made with the symbolism that he reveals, although for some reason I feel like saying "It" because he does not feel to be a he or even human.

So, then I began to wonder what the meaning of the Olive was meant to be, the olive to me seemed like a representation of Israel, the Jewish people. The fire seemed like a way of purification as the old man did say "Retribution for the past" well we do know that the current pope had ties to Hitler Youth - So maybe he was atoning for something he did during that time?

But, the tar like sticky remains felt odd and almost off - Could it be linked to his death?
Maybe he smokes too much? Maybe Cancer?

He does fly a lot - So maybe the oil representation of jet fuel? I had so many thoughts trying to make connection to it all.

As I kept wondering this in my mind I kept asking myself "But when? What time? What day? What year? Where is the clue?" the old man smiled and said "Think back" so the only time I felt was the 5 minutes that felt like 15 minutes so I thought to myself in 5 years. However it felt off so then I asked the old man "2020?" he smiled but did not acknowledge it or confirm it - So maybe 2020 or 2021 if in 5 years, but it could be in 15 years or 20 years so 2031 or 2036?

I guess it will be one of those 4 dates that it would occur, but as the old man reacted the way he did I decided to leave to the old fashioned "Time will tell".

As I turned to the old man I began to wonder and so I asked him "So who will be the next pope?" and he looked at me with an expression as if saying "Oh you already know" but then he said to me "He was once a fisherman". I began to laugh because it hit me instantly with a name and I said to the old man while still laughing "Oh boy! You do realize that they will not like him?" and he started to laugh with me and said "I know, but he will be the one to bring great change and walk the true path".

So as we were standing there laughing our heads off I said "I guess the fisher of man will finally teach humanity the true path" and the old man replied with the following "He will reveal the truth, the path and the way, he will give the wealth of Rome to the poor and the stricken, he is the last and the new".

I then gave the old man a serious stare and said "So will he also reveal the entire story?" the old man nodded and said "Peter will pave the way for spirituality and religion will no longer be a syndicate". I guess it is the perfect explanation as to why they will not like him and why he will give away the wealth of Rome and Vatican to the poor and the sick.

I guess it means religion will finally follow the real teachings?

It seems these are exciting times we live in and great change will come soon

Although this could all be simply the crazy ramblings of a young man who is losing his mind

posted on Aug, 25 2016 @ 10:19 AM
Although already posted, I am still trying to recall if there is anything I missed and maybe if there is anything I mistranslated.

I am curious of your guys take on this and your opinion on the exciting times we live in

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posted on Aug, 25 2016 @ 10:22 AM
If indeed this to be true I am going to make that trip to see this last pope

Maybe we'll have a great laugh about the old man!

posted on Aug, 25 2016 @ 10:29 AM
I'm not in favour of religion, but spiritual and metaphoric meanings run deep in this. Could be that we are working for or approaching an uplifted earth and true inner spirituality, kindness. To feed the poor, to create abundance, not charity, for all. And references to those toiling here, making up for the past? Then there is the whole idea of Earth hotel but separate rooms and this could be your timeline, changing your frequency and flow of events, but if the whole would change or improve, it would even be better.

Interesting dream.

posted on Aug, 25 2016 @ 02:07 PM
a reply to: TheChuckster

Thanks for the share!

Dreams have their own special poetry about them. Corruption cannot be burned away--interesting imagery! "No need for the seat [the Divine Conduit on Earth]"? Huh, that is strange. Does that mean we all become a manifestation of divinity? I have always found it strange to go to a special house and mumble funny words and phrases. The divine should not be separate from each of us. Maybe that is my hippy up bringing but d@mn it is entrenched in there real deep like!

I will share the lyrics in my iPod that has been stuck on repeat for the last day. Lyrics, like your vision/trip, have a special poetry too. And it seems we are heading down a path that may shock and stun the world...

And the things we love
They remain here still
There is time to waste
And there is time to kill
From this barren land
Come the seeds of war
So it is a far better thing that I do than I have done before

New Model Army - Far Better Thing

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