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Baby cakes busts out of jail

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posted on Aug, 24 2016 @ 11:51 PM
"the easiest problem solved when you get arrested is to call your mom"... baby cakes just wanted to go home... her little shack waf#ing s infested by some idiot male cat and so she kicked its body into the ashes and dusty fake fire place... the jerk off that cared so much for ever tender love of animals...called the damn popoe and poor baby cakes spent three nights in jail....
he got hit with a brick and she was thrown accross the room now she know... men are clearly favored here...who struck first .. doesn't matter...what matters is that the men win abuse and domination over rthe wife that supprots them finacially and somewhat emotionally (women are supposed to be afraid of man )... baby cakes knows why female police keepers and the penal code agree with this sort of thing .... oh yeah no food for females and no real work just worky worky pope hoes..
why is baby cakes so mad ... its bills fault and his little experiemnt to see what a husbands wife will do once he starts touching her... "what sick bit#h pope hoes.. "she knew what she was doing.?!" dumba aahusband is as ss they were married and the( snathe filth she put up with...)ke looking for money...
baby cakes is better in jail....that is where the innocent people stay hagspolice lean from "society" popoe robot scumbag clove K L.................this is a fictional story baby cakes made it out and returned to her real home shanty town central Africa.... peace at last

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