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The Feditary-A timeline

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posted on Aug, 24 2016 @ 07:12 PM
1900-2200 Five World Wars. WWI-chemical weapons, skyplanes. WWII-Atomic weapons, jets, missiles. WWIII-computer based. The vast majority of humanity had no idea what was happening. Organized effort to restrict livable wages and over govern humanity into submission. 90% of world income earned by 10% of global population. WWIV-Food and beverages are used as weapons to depopulate the Earth. Consumption had a delayed effect so by the time humanity realized what was happening, it was already to late. WWV-weather manipulation used as a weapon.

2200-2500 Humanity establishes multiple space stations around Earth, the Moon and Mars as well as strategic stationary points. Space elevators are also created as an economic way to transport man and supplies to and from primary space stations. Multiple bases are also established on the Moon and Mars. Space stations are also planned for middle and outer planets.

2500-2700 Humanity establishes multiple space stations around the middle and outer planets.
The Sun Solar System is fully patrolled by Earth's Space Force but none of the ships have military capabilities.

2700-2800 Earth begins sending ships on one way trips out of the solar system. These fleets of ships are referred to as Federal Military ships, or Feditary ships. Unsure of what they might encounter, these ships are equipped with the most advanced weapons known to humanity at that time.

2862 The Feditary encounters a Tripidion ship for the first time. While attempting to make contact with the Tripidions, the Feditary ships are all attacked and destroyed. Support ships quickly leave the area bu the Tripidions catch up to every one of them and destroy them all. Earth declares war on the Tripidions and orders all Feditary ships to pursue and destroy Tripidion ships. This order is impossible to carry out because the Feditary lacks the technology to defeat the Tripidions in ship to ship battle.

2982 The Feditary declares independence from Earth, now called Earth One due to the number on planet based colonies established. The vast majority of these colonies fall to the Tripidions so the Feditary declares living on a planet illegal because to live on a planet is to be trapped in a cage. Earth One denies independence to the Feditary but they have no way to enforce orders they issue. The Feditary tries to make peace with the Tripidions but the Tripidions also disregard the Feditary's independence. The Tripidions continue to destroy all encountered Feditary ships and planet based colonies. Given the lopsided Tripidion victories, Tripidions seem more interested in killing for sport or entertainment. Tripidions seem to regard humans in the same way humans would regard an annoying (curious?) insect at a picnic.

3116 Earth One declares the Feditary "unwelcome" and "hostile" to planet based humanity. The Feditary responds that any Feditary born human is barred from walking on a planet for any reason unless they are under expressed Feditary orders. They encourage Earth One to evacuate the Sun Solar System and embrace a ship based lifestyle for the good of all humanity.

3123 Earth One declares the Feditary an illegal religious cult. The Feditary responds "Earth One wants war but they have no way to fight us." The Feditary declares the Sun Solar System a no go zone and they advise Earth One that any ship encountered from Earth One that is outside the Sun Solar System will be considered hostile and destroyed. The Feditary advises Earth One that evacuating the Sun Solar System is no longer an option available to Earth One.

3213 Earth One is destroyed by at least one stealth ship. The Feditary advises it's ships of the situation. While it is assumed the Tripidions are responsible, there is no evidence of who or what lead to the demise of Earth One. While unconfirmed, it is largely assumed the rest of the Sun Solar System fell to the unknown enemy. Rumors of a Feditary conspiracy against Earth One spread across the ships but the Feditary declares conspiracy theories against it illegal to prevent wavering morale.

3649 The Feditary discover a ghost ship they call the Cannonizer. It is unknown where the ship came from or why it is without a crew. The Cannonizer shoots a laser that has a diameter of one kilometer. The ship is easy to operate and reverse engineer. While the ship sports a very fast warp drive, it also seems to be designed for trans-dimensional travel. Technology related to trans-dimensional travel differs greatly from the rest of the technology on the ship. Just as the Feditary acquired the Cannonizer, they believe this mystery ship acquired the non functioning trans-dimensional drive.

3650 Using the Cannonizer, the Feditary gain their very first victory against the Tripidions in after losing and running from them for 788 years. The Tripidions regard this as a weapon of horror and they realize it is now their turn to "run."

posted on Aug, 24 2016 @ 07:17 PM
This is likely the reason no one talks to you at parties...cheers.


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