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pig dog men and their robot daughters

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posted on Aug, 22 2016 @ 01:36 PM
''so the human race wants dog style "romance" with a Cactis plant..vile filthy disgusting creep panty sniffers" staring at her alter of fifty shades of blood....oh the queen will kill her self a thousand and one more nights...wanting to use his thrown it is the amaerican work and women die slow deaths of cancer...sitting pretty are we..."die human beings your animals"
Fakir habib and his Brahmin wife and her savior, lord of lords are leaving the working men in the dust...simply because they are rude ill mannered and love to bed down with their daughters...the way of the babylonian king and queen ...goodbye planet earth the answere is no....and romance is off the table....
the king of the and snow thinks you shall find your profesional nothing... pathetic especially the king of hollywood and his lover...good bye try to nothing and have your way with nothing sandwitch my dead pathetic body until your done... and go eat dog meat...The Mother of My king of the land and the ice and snow has said bye to you humans...go love your toilet bowls in outer space rich people...your wife is dead....she was simply a brain, architect, therapist and truly much more than sitting pretty...oh band she killed his children...they belong to the mother...even if she is bought and paid grab a rope and laugh all you want..i am garbage and the rod worshiping ugly mother is dead...
edit on 22-8-2016 by peppycat because: off the body ripped off some rods

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