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A Dream I had Last Afternoon

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posted on Aug, 22 2016 @ 05:59 AM
If this was written when I first woke up there would probably be more details. There are a lot of things that are fading from memory, as would happen in dreams. But this is what I remember, it is very peculiar.

I am with my wife walking inside a busy city street, I'm dressed in slacks and a white collar shirt, no tie. Someone comes and tells me that I should follow her because there is something special going on.

I lose sight of my wife, but she is not in my mind I walk with the person escorting me into a big meeting. Above is a glass roof, and on all sides of me are men and women of all ages and races and they are all debating.I was invited to debate with them and given a prominent seat for some reason.

I sit and am keenly interested in the conversation it is about terrorism and the need for security. And everyone is giving the ideas on how to further prevent it in the world. I am asked to give my opinion on the matter and I shrug it off.

Finally two sides win out and everyone is told to chose a side. And someone comes in front of me with a sheet in each hand representing each side and I was told to vote. And I said: "I abstain." And the person giving me the order to vote looks at me with astonishment and says, "You say that with such conviction."

When I say that the person sitting next to me, who looks very much like Ben Carson (a former Republican Candidate for President) holds out a Bible to me. I look at it and it says it's from a Seventh Day Adventist Church. (After I woke up I checked to see, and he is 7th Day Adventist, if I knew that before the dream I don't recall).

He tells me some things, I don't recall. And I take the Bible and say thank you, not wanting to offend him. Then he sees that I had refused to vote and gets up an walks away. I think he gave me the Bible before I voted, now that I think of this bit.

Then after I vote a woman comes and I have placed the Bible on the seat he was sitting on and she wants to sit I see, and she thinks the seat is taken, so I say, the seat isn't taken, take the Bible away. And she picks it up and removes it.

Then I get up from my seat, and all this while I hear dialogue from many people in the room about how to end terrorism, and everyone is talking.

And I walk over to a table at the edge of the isle I am sitting and there is another Bible sitting. A NWT. I pick it up in my hand and go sit back down.

And then it comes to mind to me what is happening and then I raise my hand to speak. And the moderator sees me and ignores me for several minutes until finally he acknowledges me. All the while everyone is giving their opinion on how to get rid of terrorism.

I stand and start to speak....Jehovah is the true God. His nation was in Israel, and because they were bad he had Babylon destroy it and his own temple in 607 B.C.E. And then later on he repatirated them after Babylon was overthrown by Cyrus in 539 B. C. E. and let the Jews return to rebuild Jehovah's temple in 537 B. C. E 70 years later.

Jehovah uses kings to do what he wills. And the second temple was destroyed in the first century after the Jews killed his son, Jesus, whom he sent to save the world. (I could not remember the date in my dream, although the previous dates I could recall very easily. The second date of 70 C. E. I could not remember).

And now, at the end of the days Jehovah is again gathering the nations together to destroy religion. But to end terrorism, you will not be able to just get rid of Islam, or Judaism. You must rid earth of all religion, it is at the behest of Almighty God Jehovah. You must turn upon and get rid of Islam, Christendom, Hinduism, Buddhism, and the plethora of other religions, it is the will of God.

At that many started to laugh at me, and one person got out of his seat and came at me in a rage a fury and I stepped back so he would not strike me and I ran into the glass window and fell out.

And then I got up. And I looked into the building and everyone was in an uproar and I saw them sending guards to seize me and I started to run and as I ran I started to get lifted into the air. And then I thought, how am I flying? And I kept getting lifted higher and higher and finally I looked up into the sky to see where I was going. And I saw a regal king, I took it to by the Christ, the enthroned King. It was a king dressed in white in among the parted grey clouds in the sky, and he was shining a brilliant light about his person, and he was dressed in white robes and had a crown on his head. And he was looking at me.

Just then I grabbed onto the branches of a very tall tree. And heard children below and looked down and they were talking in a foreign language as I held onto the tree branch.

And then I woke up.

posted on Aug, 22 2016 @ 06:14 AM
Oh, one other detail that comes to mind. I remember as I was walking at the beginning of the dream with my wife as I held her hand I looked up and noticed that I was in a big city. And I am not used to being in a big city. I grew up in one. In Denver, but it is not that big.

But I don't live in a big city. Anyway I looked up to see what street I was at and it said: 10th and Eerie.

And I knew it was Chicago. I don't know why.

I checked Google maps and there is a 10th and Eerie, in the middle of downtown Chicago, something I never never knew before that dream. I have never been to Chicago.

posted on Aug, 22 2016 @ 06:51 AM
Duality (us vs them thinking) in religion is part of the curse humanity is under that create cultural ideological wars instead of humanity evolving thru questioning indoctrination from the previous generation.

Some religions can coexists but Judaism, Christan and Islam cannot without duality ideas being removed. But them many souls are much more aware than the ideas they are being told in religious scripture.
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posted on Aug, 22 2016 @ 07:46 AM
Isn't it funny I was thinking of the Denver murals whilst reading your dream. Only to later read that's where you grew up.

Weird dream!

posted on Aug, 22 2016 @ 11:15 AM
a reply to: GailNot

Have you tried to drag that little virtual man into that virtual intersection to take a look around?

You made a huge effort to relate that dream. I appreciate that effort. I had a similar one just over a week ago.

My "opinion" is important only to me, and changes with the tides, but the after impression I had of mine was that it was a UFO type of dream and I was being observed as to how I would respond to a "test" world (a prop) where the crowd was composed of human-ish people that were so close it was hard to discern. And please, lest you have a knee jerk reaction to this, please know up front that I am not trying to superimpose a personal agenda here. I am only fascinated with the similarities and I am sharing my take on it, considering how similar they were. Also, I had a msyterious person at my side, who seemed to be sort of a silent go between myself and the crowd.

They were trying to evolve to where they were able to mimic being human "close enough" that they could integrate without being noticed. They were basing everything on past observation and imitation but this is not enough. So, they are fine tuning their efforts with test cases, such as yourself. The feeling I had in mine was that they were looking for the little nuances that gave them away in their seemingly perfectly imitated environment while also fascinated with how human's think and especially how and what motivates us.

In mine, the reason that their test world wasn't working, and won't, was because they don't fully understand the idea of independent thought. They do and they don't. There is a hierarchy -- a rank -- and independence is allowed within your rank but that's as far as it goes.

Your dream would have fit in perfectly with my own on these common points, which you may or may not agree with, or which could just be some coincidence or archetypical type of dream variation, but:

1. Because they have some sort of hierarchical inner order, which everyone naturally and instinctively obeys without question, they expect everything to unfold according to a pre-determined plan. You were invited to a prominent place and asked your opinion, but you declined. Only you were "subtle" about it -- you shrugged it off. They don't understand such subtleties. They continued with their script by bringing you the paper to vote on and that is when you verbally declined. That was not expected, as it wouldn't happen in their world. Thus, the person looked at you with astonishment.

2. And that's the interesting part...the astonishment. Think about it. They weren't astonished because you declined, they were astonished because you did so with such conviction. This is part of the nuances of being human that they don't yet understand and they are "astonished" every time they are confronted with it.

3. In my dream the book was a song book rather than a Bible. It was a mock church setting. I am beginning to suspect that they use that setting to set the person at ease in an environment that they believe will best do this. In yours it begins with everyone talking about terrorism, which to me is a good give away that the intent is a good one and not some evil take over of the world, but that's a deflection of this thought. In yours, the back ground prop of the discussion of terrorism never changes, from start to finish. In mine, something went wrong and this was the give away that this wasn't an ordinary church. In mine, every one stood up as people do in most services, but no one was coming to the front, so I looked around, but everyone looked at me a bit surprised. They didn't seem to understand that in a church service, there is someone up front and either leading the service or coming down the aisle or otherwise facilitating it. Feeling uncomfortable with the way they were unexpectedly studying me, I tried to blend in by pretending to look about for a song book. I bent down to see if there was one in front of me, on the back of the other pew, and there wasn't. So I looked left and right and peaked over the back of the pew behind me to see if I could spot a book. But then the people in the crowd began to imitate me! They all began to look left and right and bend down towards the back of the pew in front of them and also turn -- but it was obvious that they didn't know what I was doing or why, so they "missed their cue" to peek over the pew behind them and instead they just sort of turned on the spot and then began to repeat the process of looking left and right and bending down as if to look for something, and soon they were all off of their group rhythm, and they began to exaggerate the motions and were looking and turning in different directions, looking like some sort of wind up mannequins, with a short in their circuits. At one point it all stopped when someone somehow "knew" that I was looking for a hymnal, so they handed me a book, but when I opened it, it wasn't a hymnal, but a book that was laid out in landscape direction, with a fold out in the left front cover, that seemed like it was full of some sort of specs. I had the impression that they could read my mind enough to know that I was looking for a book but not enough to know that I was looking for a specific book. But I instantly understood that they did not understand and I "pretended" that this book would do and I pretended to read it, while the person looked somewhat relieved and everyone else filed out of the room.

In your case, this didn't happen, but what I see that is similar is that where things went wrong for them was when you decided to raise your hand and speak. Think about it. You were invited to speak at first but you didn't. That part was according to plan (except for your refusal) so later, when you were willing to speak, this was out of order with their script and they didn't know how to respond. Listen to your words: "And then it comes to mind to me what is happening and then I raise my hand to speak. And the moderator sees me and ignores me for several minutes until finally he acknowledges me. All the while everyone is giving their opinion on how to get rid of terrorism." In mine, the "delay" was because someone higher up had to give the go ahead to allow the script to be changed. I think your so called "moderator" was also a prop. Some unseen observer was calling the shots and still wanted to hear what you had to say. The "crowd" however, was not prepared for your thought line. They expected you to speak about the question of terrorism. They didn't expect you to speak about various religions, mass destructions and the will of God. You pushed everyone's buttons with that one and they didn't know how to react so you got a variation of human type reactions including laughter and attack.

And look how it ended. You ran into a glass window and fell through it. That has UFO written all over it.

The next part about suddenly being lifted up, has something mysterious written all over it, and quite profound. I've had those religious dreams too.

And often the two seem to be somehow tied together. I say that while ducking, but in my world, there is a connection that I am still drawn to but find no answers to...only hints.

That last bit about the tree and the children and the foreign languages sounds rather prophetic, but I could never do it justice.

Anyway, that's my unsolicited two cents worth...


posted on Aug, 25 2016 @ 04:58 AM
a reply to: ClownFish

Thank you for taking your time for reading and replying in such detail.

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