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Food App's for Discounted Food

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posted on Aug, 21 2016 @ 05:32 PM
A pretty good idea that's just taking off.
Ubifood in Canada has partnered with restaurants developing a food app so you can get take out at a fraction of the cost while businesses get the benefit of not having to toss out perfectly good food. Really wish they had something like this in the US.

The businesses upload photos of leftover meals or grocery items they plan to toss but are still good to eat. Customers can pay for many of the items online and pick them up on site.

The items are discounted by 15 to 80 per cent. Ubifood takes a cut of the sale.

"The app lets you save on the food you crave while saving the environment," says Pellegrini.

Whole story @ the CBC...

Right now a grocery store near me began slicing up their baked whole hams and selling it in the deli lunchmeat counter at a discounted rate and it has been a lifesaver for work lunches. Plus it tastes way better and I don't have all the mess from cooking one, or grabbing them on sale and storing them in my freezer. It's $1.99 a lb, versus $5.99 a lb. I grab a few pounds of the discounted pre-sliced, freeze it, and have it for dinner casseroles as well.

Finding good food less expensively is becoming more and more of a scavenger hunt so every little bit helps! Hopefully some of you can use this info/App to save a few bucks! Sure wish I could!
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posted on Aug, 21 2016 @ 10:48 PM
Most of the stores have a little area with foods that are close to their expiration date that are marked down around here. Usually it is about half off. I bought seven pounds of bacon for a buck a pound package one day, use or freeze right away. I froze all of it and take out a pound every now and then, it was a premium bacon, usually four fifty a pound.


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