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What Hitler's Gold Train can Teach us? Fascist Rhetoric hides always Gold digging Mega goals.

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posted on Aug, 18 2016 @ 09:03 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light,
Dear Readers,

We are all anxiously expecting the final outcome of an operation in old tunnels of railroad in Poland that supposedly may uncover the finding of the XXI century: a fortune in Gold, precious gems and possibly a lot of stolen European Art (including some of the most famous Art works long time ago believed to be forever disappeared) that Adolf Hitler had accumulated during the 12 years of the III Reich for his personal benefit, and the one of his closest collaborators.

Pls read:

What Humanity has forgotten is that the same man that was carefully directing an operation of systematic looting of entire nations was the one that promised to bring to millions of impoverished Germans social redemption, a messianic rule that was going to bring a new era of progress for all, abundance of opportunities and a standard of life that never before was seen in that part of the world.

Hitler had the tremendous ability to mesmerize millions of people drawing in the air a future that actually existed only in the wonderland, a mirage of optimism used to move an entire nation to collectively commit horrible crimes against minorities that were primarily targeted to be sacrificed in the name of those ideals, releasing economic resources that were basically their cultural and economic patrimony: Art galleries, jewel shops, banks, editorial industries, book stores, goldsmith ateliers, medical centers, pharmaceutical laboratories, fabric industries, etc.

Jews of all Europe, as well as Gypsies and other ethnical minorities were considered not truly Europeans by supporters of supremacists standards just because they supposedly were not fitting the characteristics of the so called Arian race, the "superior one" , so they were demonized and then after were systematically exterminated without mercy, precisely because they were already reduced as the level of infrahuman categories with no rights what so ever, but of course only after their properties were expropriated by the Nazis. The brutality of this kind of bigotry was such that even their bodies used either as fuel or as raw material for fabrication of furniture.

Hitler never intended really to reduce the social gap of Germany, his truly intentions were just to expurgate the society of certain groups and satisfy temporally the thirst of wealth of his followers with the goods taken away from those minorities, so it was really a making up of the social imbalances justified through an impressive propaganda machinery, the media of that time, based on the use the power of mental suggestion: a lie repeated thousands of times finally will become truth artificially in the washed brains of an anonymous mass that does not really think at all without their leader.

There was really economic grow during the Nazi rule over Germany and Europe? to the contrary since the regime based on looting does
not really need to push ahead the productive sectors but just select a new target to attack and then take away their resources.

What in the beginning was a crusade against Jews and Gypsies in 12 years became a major imperialist project that commit terrible genocide of
Polish people, Russian, Belorussian and Ukrainian in the west , Chinese, Pilipino and Indonesian in the East under the oriental version of Fascism: the Empire of Japan , Ethiopian or Libyan in the south under the New Rome of Benito Mussolini and the Catalonian and Basque genocides in the Spain of Francisco Franco, while in South America Juan Domingo Peron was leading an Argentinean version of Fascism directed against all free entrepreneurs and independent intellectuals that were trying to maintain alive the dream for democracy in a country chronically boycotted by coups.

Of course, any similarity with current political movements that with a supremacist rhetoric are offering a social paradise without mentioning the recipe that they will use to "create it", and at the same time are agitating ethnical hatred using well known phrases of clear Fascist manufacture it is unfortunately not a mere coincidence.

The thread is opened for all the people Interested in to analyze the dark years of Fascist rule in Europe and also modern projections of what
a new resurrection of that ideology could represent for Humanity in the times of crisis we are dealing with.


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Aug, 18 2016 @ 10:01 PM
Cool heard about this. Mabey find the amber room.

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