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Behind the poloyester veil...Chumbo and the wanna be bride

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posted on Aug, 17 2016 @ 04:01 PM
Sad, really especially for Mumbo....she demanded to see Chumbo not this little thing made out of twigs, dirt and leaves...
A simple little hooker, working for a few cents a day wished to display her self once more before Chumbos man and being the kind hearted soul...mumbo always has been...offered the stupid thing a piece of water melon bubble gum, "go blow bubbles, dear...take your pay and please leave"
the hooker took her pay and returned again...this time with a few more material possesions...Mumbo, with her handy sweep man said look sweep there is a cutie...he just mumbled and whispered into the air...Mumbo looked at the poor hooker and spoke menacingly, "dear this is a handsome fellow...with lots of yard space"
Mumbo and her sweep just skipped merrily away..
The hooker still thought only of Chumbo and Mumbo was not having it...
Chumbos wedding night was in~~~the mists so mumbo and her sweep snatched the hooker to marry Chumbo...its was what the hooker wanted ...

Chumbo sat in his wedding chamber as mumbo stifled her wicked giggles with a pillow and her best friend (the most lovely creature in all the land sky and heaven and hell..JhBdddaddy Camellia)
The sweep hand held a plastic trumpet and announced the honeymoon proceedings......he directed the little elemental woodland creature to sit in between the door way and on two knees... and left her there.
Chumbo was wondering what mumbo would do...his best man had blindfolded him and told him he wont be Chumbo sat on a seat of rose wood quietly awaiting for the gifts of his new wife...
the little hooker thing stood up and danced in a circle around her new husband, wearing a polyester top, barely covering her personal area and then got into Chumbos bed and said the magic words..."come and get it big fellah"
Chumbo started to feel disorientated and reached for his metal element spirit...quickly the sweep took Chumbo into the kitchen of Mumbos environment and sat him at he table...he hadn't had any food in nervous anticipation of being married to Mumbo and was nearly out of breath...
to be continued...

posted on Aug, 17 2016 @ 05:05 PM
a reply to: peppycat I can't seem to write the rest...hope anyone that is left on the edge of their seat will read the rest by Friday...thanks for stopping is already I may or may not make changes...thanks for the flags! and lovely stars

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