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A dreamcatcher

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posted on Aug, 16 2016 @ 06:09 PM

There was once a little boy, he did not want to go to sleep.. Cause every night he had bad dreams.. His parents grew worry, but they could not see what had entered the little boys dream.. His grandma came to visit, stories told she was an old sage from a world beyond our own..
Every night before they boy went to sleep, the old sage asked;" Tell me about your dream from yesterday" The little boy told his tale, and his grandma started stitching..

A familiar patter took place, he told his tale, and she started stitching.. The boy never asked;" why ", cause he had someone to share his story with.. The old sage got a purpose even tho it was no more than stitching and listening..

Months passed and they formed a bond, of some sort.. The bad dreams ended and instead they came with a message... The old sage hanged up a dreamcatcher and said to the boy;" Whenever you have a bad dream, dont let anyone know "

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