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The boy and the fish

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posted on Aug, 16 2016 @ 11:59 AM
There was once a boy, who loved fishing.. The villagers even though they loved hearing about the boys adventures, they never went fishing themselves. They bought theirs, it was easier that way..
In the end they hoped they boy would drown so they had a story of their own to tell..

The boy heard about a giant fish roaming around the big ocean, he quickly departed on his simple carved wooden boat.. Lured a bait and waited patiently.. The villagers started whispering;" I think he has gone mad ". The boy he just did not care..

The boy waited and waited, and a giant rumble was heard through out the land.. The giant fish had appeared, caught the lure and dragged the boy down to his doom.. The villagers played a sad flute and sang a lullaby;" The boy had finally drowned, we are not surprised"

What they did not know the boy, he did not drown.. He fought for seven days and seven nights until the fish finally gave up.. And when he finally surfaced the villagers looked surprised. They were certain he would never arise, yet the boy did...

When they boy finally stepped on land he said;" Hearing you makes no difference if you wont do anything yourselves, you can see me creating my own path and you can follow a path that someone already made "

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