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Muslim gangs attack beach goers in Corsica, France

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posted on Aug, 27 2016 @ 04:41 AM
Now back to the topic looks to me what we are dealing with in France is a negative backlash from terrorist attacks. They see islam as a threat it Tom line they aren't willing to differentiate anymore between moderate and radical islam. This is well human nature we tend to group people together and yes it wrong but until the attacks stop I have a feeling it will only get worse. Because I believe the Islamic family might have over reacted but the people of the area way over reacted to the point of becoming a senseless mob.

But I fear we will see more and more of this because of groups like ISIS. I saw a video today that absolutely made me sick to my stomach. ISIS released a video of kids about 10 yrs old shooting captured kurdish fighters in the back of the head. Remember this is what westerners will see and asociate with islam. And as such will develop more and more hatred towards the religion. Something very similar happened in world War 2 with Nazis. Nazis were shown doing the worst sorts of evil mind you not all Nazis did or even agreed with it. However in thr eND being a Nazi became illegal.

posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 11:13 PM

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You got any other Links?

The Clarion Project is a Right Wing anti-Islamic site.

I'm not saying it didn't happen. Just how accurate your article is.

I get why you are asking for other sources on this, but I have to ask (just by watching your responses to threads here) Do you EVER get tired of making excuses or apologizing for obama, hilary and muslims? Seriously wondering.

Dorian Soran

I have to ask..

Why do you consider someone asking for other sources apart from a dedicated hate outlet as making excuses for Pres. Obama, HRC or Muslims?

Searching for facts and truth isn't making excuses..and has nothing to do with Pres. Obama, HRC or Muslims...unless you think that only those people or liberals in general exclusively own truth and facts?

And baiting and attacking those that are interested in facts and truth is frankly outright is moral rot...You should work to clean that ideological infection from you thinking if you hope to recover self-respect some day and find peace and pride. Just my 2 cents.

Also, who made the determination that the source provided is a 'dedicated hate outlet'?

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a highly respected and non-partisan organization that researches and tracks hate movements in the USA.

The SPLC ?!?!? Bahahagahahaha!!!!!!

Respected and non-partisan?!?!?!? Hahahahagahsgaha oh god.... Can't breathe ... This guy is a faekin comic genius folks!!!

Yes, actually they are very respected.

I've followed their progression for about 25 years. They had a few bumps in the beginning, but they found a niche that was needed, stayed with it, and became a kind of watch dog for groups spewing false and inaccurate information.

Groups that promote lies, inaccuracies, false info, etc are called out. Sometimes they correct their errors.

If they refuse and continue spewing lies, inaccuracies, false info, etc - - - then they are put on the SPLC's HATE LIST.

Having different views does not put you on the list.

Sorry no there not they used to be but than expanded there difinition of hate groups to include anyone that disagrees with there beliefs. For example they include groups that are against abortion. The groups that protest aboration clinics will get you an automatic inclusion on there list. They now include any group that wants to toughen immagration laws. Even groups that are against global warming claiming it's a govt conspiracy to raise taxes. Includes groups against Nafta to say they are non partisan is just silly. This is the whole reason the FBI no longer uses there statistics like they used to.

See according to the FBI hate groups in the US is on a huge decline. For example the FBI says there is less than 2000 members of the KKK in the entire country. And rumor has it 10 percent of those are FBI informants. According to FBI statistics hate groups have actually decreased by 30 percent in the last 10 yrs alone. Yet SPLC claims hate groups have increased 67.3% and there list expands every year. See the SPLC makes money through mailing out flyers to gullible people and scaring them into believing the US is just becoming a huge racist country. A view that just doesn't mirror reality. But in there scare brochures they will talk about stopping groups like the KKK as I said almost non existent. Or some anti abortion group all in an effort to seek donations to further there cause of making more money. My wife is an atty and she gets there scare mail all the time especially because they figured out she is black. Little do they know shes married to one of those white racists since by default I must be.

Claiming they are anything other that a fund raising organization bent on vilifying groups to make money is silly.

EXACTLY. SPLC is a joke, just another pot stirrer like Jackson and Sharpton

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