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Creature and the halo

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posted on Aug, 14 2016 @ 06:48 PM
The scientists found a pure fine breed of a creature that looked human but wasnt.. It was more of mother nature than anything human.. Something only a mother can love..
From time to time they put him through pain just to see how he would react, the lights went out and the scientists could swear they heard voices in their minds..
The built the human like creature a room to see how he would behave, and very quickly he adopted to new routines.. The scientists changed somethings to see the behavior of changing the routines..
He made his bed, cleaned and started to cook his own food.. The TV offered amusement..

The scientists wanted progress, they wanted to see into a world they werent allowed into.. Their own genetic failure of intelligent design keept them out.. Humans they call it, nothing out of evolutionary design.. They made a halo and put it around the creatures head.. The creature looked curious, he trusted them.. He shouldnt have..

The halo a simple construction based on amplyfying mother nature and her instincts, it didnt come alive at the first attempt.. They gave up after many attempts, but the scientists didnt know.. She was hiding.. Or more likely it behaved like a loving human..

The creature grew out of its shell, it became much more than a human.. Something the world havent seen.. Or was lost a long time ago..
The creature turned to the scientists and said;" Inside me lives something which you will never see "


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