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Olympics 2016 - TV Introductions to coverage

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posted on Aug, 11 2016 @ 02:17 PM
OK, the Olympics are underway, depending on choice of your sport i think the 2nd week will be better.

Anyway, all or the majority of Countries will be televising the event. I have just sat and watched the TV coverage introduction from the BBC (in the UK), you know, before the talking heads take over.

Just wondering how YOU guys, across the globe are introduced to the Olympic coverage on TV?

Perhaps we could have a 1,2,3 for intro's if this goes to plan

Without further ado, this is what i see prior to Olympic coverage ..........

Would be interested to see yours

Taster just prior to the Olympics :-

Not sticking up for the BBC, here is the promo for the Paralympics to follow after next week which will be covered primarily by Channel 4

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