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Astro themes, ATS dedicated

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posted on Aug, 10 2016 @ 10:18 AM
Hello ATS.

Some of you already know, that I am occupied professionally with astrology. My views are traditional, I am firm believer of the tropical style zodiac, yet some of my ideas sound too much out of hand, because indeed I follow very traditional, near religious system. That said you can guess that most traditional astrologers in our times, are quite new-age in reality. I humbly work and pray to God for fixing that mistake, of the high arts development.

In this thread I will try post every few days a hint for the overall astrological themes. This thread is with educational purposes, not for divination. The method I use is unique, thus I beg you not to ask me for the details behind it. If you are not good in astrology, even if I try to explain it to you, you won't get an ring. However, any decent participant in the art of cycling the heavens, could decode the methods I am using in 36 minutes.

If you have questions about the energies that time bestows upon us, please ask wisely, and I'll try to spend my limited time for a positional answer. Thank you.
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posted on Aug, 10 2016 @ 10:36 AM
a reply to: Lassiecat

I will start with one not far gone date, which was quite interesting.

7th august. Sunday

Main theme # Aries
Main theme flux # Fixed

Holding theme # Taurus
Holding flux # Mutable

Releasing theme # Libra
Releasing flux # Cardinal

Combine the themes, balance the fluxes and you will receive the overall emanation of the day.

For getting into the details Google each term separastely to understand it. Then your mind would get the bigger picture. I apologise for not posting it here, but it is several pages of text which is very easily browsed, quite connivent indeed.

There many sites to use, for sure This one will work fine, if you like it.

Thank you.

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posted on Sep, 12 2016 @ 01:51 PM
a reply to: Lassiecat
As obviously nobody is reading this thread, I will cut the riddles and go for the bone.
Tomorrow's roll is:
Seven of wands
Five of swords
Five of wands

Having said this, Be careful, the opposition of the fives will definitely be gruesome to experience. Pure scandal! Yet it would be good creative day.

posted on Sep, 12 2016 @ 02:08 PM
a reply to: Lassiecat

If I had more astrology info then I would definitely play... Might do some research on it later??

posted on Sep, 15 2016 @ 04:37 AM
a reply to: Mousygretchen

You can try Google the tarot meanings I'm giving, it will be clear as summer sky then.

For Friday:
Nine of pentacles
Ten of pentacles
Nine of cups

Finish what you've started and go for romantic dinner. If you are looking for revelations, good time to meditate for one!

posted on Oct, 3 2016 @ 11:34 AM
This morning we rose up with some controversy.
Monday 03/10
Six of pentacles
Four of wands
Five of cups

Consisting this and the sqare of waldemath and moon, health issues and bad morning dreams could occur.

posted on Oct, 8 2016 @ 07:17 AM
Tomorrow 9/10 is Black Sun
devil business

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