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Microsoft ICE - 360 panorama help!

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posted on Aug, 9 2016 @ 12:54 PM
Hello ATS,
Ive been playing around with Microsoft I.C.E attempting to make 360 degree panoramas.
as seen here:

Now it looks fine and dandy right now, but I just viewed this image in FSP Viewer and its like both polar areas are stretched out in the viewer, leading to a vanishing point. I made another one that worked perfect over the weekend, but for the life of me cant repeat it. (Being a bozo I didnt save the .spj...and its gone.)
So im asking for some assistance from my tech savy counter parts on ATS, how can i repeat the quality one I made by accident. Where it was smooth all around and gave the immersive feeling of being their in my VR viewer

Looking forward to hearing some replies!

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