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Cable network "Adult Swim" edits out Trump and 9/11 references in Alex Jones video.

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posted on Aug, 9 2016 @ 10:29 AM
Some of you may remember this interaction between Alex Jones and Eric Andre at the RNC.

In this first video by, you can see the entire interaction.

Andre makes a pro-Trump reference and says that jet fuel cant melt steel and asks who put the bombs in Tower 7.

This next video is by Adult Swim, a cable network which runs shows on the cartoon network.

In this video they edit out the Trump reference and the references to 9/11, yet they kept the comments about having sex with his wife and his yellow urination?

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posted on Aug, 9 2016 @ 10:36 AM
I see what you did there

I need to take a break and ranch up this narly bacon ranch off to do two dips on a forest frog, like dude are you some sort of nazi scheme pawn or do you want to hang ten on the ranch flow for life?

That was a joke

But i like the topics of alex, not so much alex himself.

And i love erics show

Its just a show but 911 is still hush hush

posted on Aug, 11 2016 @ 11:00 PM
"Adult Swim" is not a network.
Cartoon Network (which hosts "Adult Swim"-themed programming) is a network.
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