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Hey bros, just checking in

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posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 05:14 PM

Have been on an interesting but kind of creepy journey. Been a lurker for some time. Seems a lot of the things I have always wondered about are falling into place. Im sure some would consider me delusional and im feeling a little paranoid tbh. Im assuming im in good company here.

Recently saw three UFOs in my area.I see things that seem strange semi regularly around here but this time, there was no denying them. They seemed close and and we thought they were drones at first but they had real weird lights on them. Then they disappeared into the atmosphere faster than anything I have ever seen. got me interested in some things again that I had shrugged off as being paranoid.

A lot of things seem to be adding up. Seems a lot of this stuff is connected. I know there is a lot of BS out there but surely there is something going on with all of these links I have been researching. Its been constant for weeks now. Lots of hours lol.

Anyway im starting to feel surrounded and I don't like this feeling. Ive had some tough times up until now that have had me face some hard things to digest. I can't seem to watch tv or enjoy doing anything anymore. I can't listen to music I used to like. I feel like I don't know what to do next. Ive been reading my Bible again and I know what it says. Even certain Bibles don't seem reliable. Am I losing my mind or is there some huge deception going on that has infiltrated pretty much everything?

I notice symbols everywhere after studying the occult. I guess some of it only makes sense if evil is truly a real thing and the Bible has been telling me the real truth. I wasn't practicing religion at all until one day a switch flipped and i can't really concentrate on anything anymore. Reading my Bible now and trying to get my life right.

I know the Bible says not to fear anything but God but with everything I see now it all seems obvious and can't help but feel a little panicked. I think Ive been brainwashed my whole life. All these 'original ideas' I thought I had were pre programmed. It all seems contrived and connected. My poor brain has been destroyed by bigpharma so im a little 'special' now. Seems like part of the scam. I feel duped and some of these folks seem to think of themselves as pretty slick lol.

I need to chill out but I can't stop thinking about all of this. Im freaking out man but im ok.

I know some of yall arent religious and Ive really never been 'that guy' so im not trying to stir the pot with my views. I have reasons for believing what I do now but im no saint thats for sure. So no broad strokes please.

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 05:28 PM
a reply to: RealTruthPls

I think Ive been brainwashed my whole life. All these 'original ideas' I thought I had were pre programmed. It all seems contrived and connected. My poor brain has been destroyed by bigpharma so im a little 'special' now. Seems like part of the scam.

The realizations that everything could be programming is the reality. The pain you feel is the resistance to letting go of the compulsion to return to your comfort zone of believing the lies.

In Allegory of Platos Cave coming up out of the cave is painful. The eyes are blinded by the bright light of ordinary daylight because they have been in the cave our whole life. Sunlight hurts.

Another example is the kind of blindness we get when moving from the dark of a movie theatre into daylight. For a bit our eyes can't see, we need time to adjust. We blink and cover our eyes, momentarily confused, where am I, wheres the car?

If you read the bible, on the road to Damascus, Pauls eyes are struck blind by a light, too.

This is allegory for the light of truth, knowing the truth for the first time. Seeing things clearly for the first time.
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posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 05:34 PM
a reply to: RealTruthPls

Welcome! You probably have been manipulated and lied to, try not to blow it out of proportion though. There are plenty of liars in the world, and their not all conspiring together (although some of them are).

Maybe cope by looking for truth and honesty?

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 05:44 PM
Welcome to the deseret of the Real!

Yes, things are not always as we were taught. It boggles the mind if you let it. So do not let it!

You are not drowning... just breathing air on your own terms!

Not sure ATS can help... but hey, most of us are right there with you!

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 06:42 PM
Welcome to ATS

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 06:49 PM
Welcome home. Many of us are searchers and on this path of discovery. It is almost as if there is a guiding force pulling some to awaken and pay attention.

My advice is to stay grounded, but open. Balance in all things.

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 08:52 PM
a reply to: RealTruthPls

don't let the feelings build and spiral.
You are right to feel the way you do, but take it day to day.

if you are into the bible you could think "what little nice thing could I do for somebody today?"
even compliment someone on ATS maybe. You're not lost if you are helping out.

other than that I went through the same thing you are describing about 4 times. The first was 9/11.. The last was well a bit more personal and a lot more scary.

You know what kept me going? Wonderful people in life in my family at my work and some really lovely people right here on this site.

Welcome aboard

Careful of the rabbit holes, they're all over the place here.


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