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U.S. Releases Drone Strike ‘Playbook’ in Response to ACLU Lawsuit

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posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 02:37 PM

originally posted by: TrueBrit
a reply to: Kandinsky


Collateral damage to be avoided where "reasonably possible".

Here's a fun fact: p

Human bodies are squishy. Therefore, shooting rockets at a cluster of people to take out one percent of their number, is never reasonable. Shooting a bullet directly into the brain pan of your true enemy? Understandable, though unfortunate and brutal. Blowing him and everyone around him into a fine mist? Totally unacceptable. Why aren't better humans writing this play book? Why are people who are more interested in saving their own skin than being human, writing this stuff? Who employs this walking filth?

Find them, egg their houses, send pizza to their abodes, despite their intense dislike for mozzarella... Do something for the love of all that's right in the world!

I'm not risking my neck. And I'm sure you wouldn't risk your neck. To make sure every strike is surgically accurate against an enemy that lives to kill innocent people any chance they get.

I wish they would carpet bomb any Muslim country that is developing nuclear weapons as they will surely use them against us at the first opportunity.

If Obama is doing this I have salvaged some respect for him.

posted on Aug, 17 2016 @ 08:22 PM
a reply to: Doctor Smith

I think we should carpet bomb any capitalist nation which possesses nuclear weapons or the means to produce them!

See, the statement above is nearly as idiotic as your statement was.

Of course, not quite as idiotic, because I can promise you that in the last hundred years, more people have died as a result of war for pure capital gain, than they have as a result of religious persecution. It's an actual fact.

Oh, and while we are about the subject, yes, the War On Terror is fake, all the major terror groups of the last God knows how long have been manufactured, trained, funded and armed from sources including the UK and US, and not by private individuals, but as assets cultivated by our intelligence agencies.

This is not up for debate, it's just what happened.

Given that, I find your lack of willingness to see the job done cleanly particularly gutless.

It's one thing to dispassionately destroy non combatants so that you can get to an enemy, but quite another to do the same thing in a situation that your own government had a deliberate hand in the creation of. Such callous disregard for your governments culpability level, in terms of the creation of the terror, not just the war upon it. You may not realise it, but it makes America look pathetic and weak when its citizens refuse to accept that their government has a responsibility, both to its own people, and the people of the world, to do the right thing toward those it has wronged.

I know this because my nation shares that burden also, and I tell my people the same thing. We started the party by funding the lunatics in the first place, and CONTINUING TO DO IT even now! We must take responsibility for that. If it makes the job of tidying up afterwards harder, then that's tough cookies mate. We made this bed, and now we must lay down in it. So must your nation, but of course, the normal rules do not apply to America, because it has that exceptionalism stuff, which renders it immune to concerns like ethics, morality, right and wrong, legality and other such things.

Pathetic. Try another tack.

posted on Aug, 19 2016 @ 02:06 PM
a reply to: Kandinsky

"There have been humanitarian air drops that have required tactical strikes to ensure they go to the people."

This is the source of my internal turmoil over the ISIS issue. While ideally we would focus on development of the countries affected by ISIS, it will take some voilence to take ISIS out of power.

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