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Aria and Errollorre

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posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 06:12 PM


For some time now I have had the privilege to be part of the ATS group affectionately known as “The Shed”.
Besides being a forum where there is fun and good fellowship, it is also a place where those who desire to do so may write stories tied to the magical and wonderful world or “Accasia”.

I am humbled that readers have seemed to enjoy my contributions to the tales of this world.
Unfortunately it is usually several weeks between each chapter that I write.
As such previous chapters may be hard to find even though I supply back-links to guide interested parties to earlier chapters.

That is why for the sake of convenience for any reader who may wish to read a story from the beginning to the point it has been completed thus far, I have decided to use this thread as a compilation of the the current stories chapters.

This story is a sequel to my first story,

The Errollorre Adventures

At times the story may seem incomplete.
This is in part because throughout the tale other Shed members and myself collaborate on the story.
Missing details may appear in the storylines they have written.

Also other Shed members who appear in my stories have either given me permission to use them, or they appear in passing as a tribute to them.
I do not attempt to put words in their mouth or make them act out of character to their authors intention.

With that being said, on with the current story.
I thank you, and hope you enjoy it.

"Aria and Errollorre"

Chapter 1

The sun rose on a brisk but cloudless Accasia morning.
Journeying along a dirt and grass road,
that was still wet from the rain the night before,
was Errollorre of the Palindromes.

Errollorre walked to the middle of a long stone bridge.
It crossed a rapidly moving and wide stream.
Errollorre leaned over the side rail of the bridge and yelled.
“Troll are you down there?”
“Troll here” said a gruff voice from under the bridge.

A large hairy hand reached up and grabbed the railing Errollorre was leaning on.
Pulling itself up onto the bridge was a huge hairy beast with two large fangs coming up from its lower jaw.
Wearing torn trousers and the remains of what was once a leather shirt was the troll known as Troll.

“How was it sleeping under your old bridge again?” asked Errollorre.
“Last night” said Troll, “Troll lay down on cold wet slimy rocks under bridge. It start to rain. Rain fall through bridge onto Troll’s face. Bugs and little biting creatures run all over Troll. Water in stream get taller and make Troll wet and cold all over.
Troll liked it all. Troll missed his bridge.”
“Well I’m glad you enjoyed your night.” said Errollorre.

“I could use your help Troll.” said Errollorre. “I’m going into the village to pick up some supplies for The Shed. I could use your strength to help pull a cart.”
“Troll help weak man.” said Troll. “Where is weak man’s ugly elf woman?”
“Aria has gone back to the Dark Lands to help the people there rebuild from the war.” said Errollorre.
“With Prince Dricore still missing, she is the hereditary heir to the throne. So Princess Aria has been quite busy.”
“Did ugly princess elf remember you yet?” asked Troll.
“No Troll.” said Errollorre. “She seems to have been getting back a lot of her memories that the Witch Queen had taken from her. But she doesn’t seem to remember me or that we were going to be married yet.”
Troll thought a moment and then said, “Maybe ugly princess don’t want to remember you.”
Errollorre looked at Troll.
“I’ve thought of that Troll.”

Errollorre and Troll walked for several miles and at last entered a seaside Accasian village.
“How does it feel Troll to be considered a hero and allowed to enter villages and walk freely among all kinds of Accasian beings?”
“Troll liked it better when they screamed in fear. Then Troll beat them for fun.” said Troll.
“Well everyone likes you better now Troll.” said Errollorre.
“Oh good.” said Troll. “Now Troll liked by ugly stupid things.”

The duo entered a general store and Errollorre spoke with the storekeeper.
“Hello we’re from The Shed and there is an order of donut making supplies that is ready for us.”
“Oh yes.” said the storekeeper. “That cart out front is loaded with the supplies you ordered.
I’ve never known The Shed to need donut supplies before. I thought you had some sort of magic that made your donuts?”
“We do.” said Errollorre. “But for some strange reason the donuts don’t seem to be keeping up with the demand. So we’re going to make extra.”

Troll stood looking around the store. He stood perfectly still with his hands behind his back.
He didn’t want to be the cause of any damage.
Troll noticed a chicken feather had somehow rested on his chest.
He reached forward and with his thumb and forefinger flicked it off of him.

The strength of the troll sent the feather shooting across the room like a bullet.
It hit a can of soup on the top of a long shelf. The can fell over and rolled sideways running into other cans that were stacked on the shelf.
Soon dozens of cans were falling off the shelf and rolling onto other shelves and across the floor.

One can bounced and hit a lantern that spilled oil across the floor.
Flames sprang up engulfing the front of the store.
Troll, Errollorre and the storekeeper had to crash through the front window into the street to escape the ever growing inferno.

The local fire brigade arrived and began to battle the blaze that burned out of control.
Unable to help, Errollorre and Troll said goodbye to the weeping storekeeper and began pulling the cart back to The Shed.
Even a good distance away from the village they could hear the noise of the villagers fighting the flames and the occasional explosion behind them.

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 06:12 PM

Chapter 2

A thin elderly woman walked by the edge of the Dark Forest holding her long dress off her feet as she moved.
Her long sleeved purple gown seemed out of place in an outdoor setting.
As she walked, she looked between the trees and called out.
“Princess Aria! Princess Aria! Where are you?”
“I’m in here Lady Una!” said the voice of Aria from within the forest.

The governess, Lady Una, who had watched over the winged elf Princess Aria since she was a little child, stepped into the forest where she had heard the voice.
She soon entered a large circular clearing.
Aria stood in the middle of a widespread circle of archery targets.
With bow and arrows in hand Aria called out.
“Watch this Una!”

Aria leapt into the air and spun around three hundred and sixty degrees.
As she turned she shot arrows from her bow in rapid succession.
Aria landed in less than five seconds with a dozen targets now having arrows dead center in them.
“I still have got it Una!” laughed Aria.

“Oh child” said Una, “What are you doing out here in the forest?”
“Everyone is waiting for you. The workmen need your approval on materials and designs to rebuild the castle. The villagers need help recovering from the war. You have responsibilities. You’re the Princess!”

“I don’t want to be the princess.” said Aria. “No one asked me if I wanted to be a princess. If they would have I could have told them, No!”
“Oh Aria” said Una. “You’ve been saying the same thing since you were a child. Do you remember Aria?”
“Yes Una.” said Aria. “I remember everything and everyone from before the witch cursed my mind. Well almost everyone.”

“Oh my little Aria” said Una, “I know you want to be with your friends and have adventures. But you’ve got to think of the people who live here in the Dark Lands.
Think of all they've suffered. Now they look to you.
With your father missing you are the one who sits on the throne.
I know the Dark Lands are just a little part of the giant land of Accasia, but for the people and beings that live here it’s their home.”

“I know” said Aria. “I am torn. I know my responsibilities. I know the people need me here for now.
But I miss my friends. After the war I was rushed back here so fast I didn’t have time to properly thank Night Star and Martin, and all my other friends who worked so hard to free me from the Witch's curse.
There is so much that needs done. I just had to get away for a bit and let my mind have a rest.”

“Being a ruler is a lot of work for one person.” said Una. “Maybe you need a partner to help you. As I recall there is a handsome young man who asked you to marry him.”
“You mean Errollorre” said Aria.
“No, not that idiot!” said Una. “I mean that handsome Pri….”

Suddenly a dozen men wearing black hoods and leathered armour leapt from the forest and surrounded Aria and Una.
Aria pulled and arrow back on the bowstring and prepared to release a volley of arrows.

“Uh Uh Uh” said a voice behind her.
Aria turned to see a man in a black mask standing behind Una with his sword drawn and placed against Una’s throat.

“I know you are capable of firing dozens of arrows in a blink of an eye.” said the man.
“And you probably will kill most if not all of us, but if you don’t want to see this woman’s throat cut I would drop my weapons if I were you.”

Aria couldn’t let Una be harmed so she reluctantly dropped her weapons to the ground.
“A wise decision princess.” said the man. “Perhaps your last” he laughed.

Just then a knife flew through the air and went deep into the back of the man, killing him instantly.
Una ran to Aria’s side.

Leaping out of the forest was a huge white stallion with a long golden mane.
It had a golden saddle on its back.
And riding upon that saddle was a tall, clean shaven man with flowing long blonde hair.
He had majestic purple clothing trimmed in gold.
The sleeves of his shirt were short, revealing huge muscular arms.
His bright blue eyes seemed to twinkle as he smiled widely revealing bright white and perfect teeth.
He wielded a long gleaming sword that was quickly dispatching the lives of the hooded men as he rode through and over them.

He leapt from the stallion and calmly walked towards Aria not even pausing as he punched the last of the attackers in the face sending him unconscious to the ground.

“Heavens be praised!” said Una. “It’s Prince Seapaul!”
“Hello Una!” said the incredibly handsome and perfect Prince Seapaul.
“Hello Aria.”
“Why are you here?” asked Aria.
“Why to marry you of course.” said the prince.

Aria slapped Prince Seapaul’s face.
Prince Seapaul was stunned for a moment then he looked at Aria and laughed.
Aria tried to surpress a smile but was unable.
Then she began to laugh too.
Then Aria and Prince Seapaul hugged.

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 06:14 PM

Chapter 3

Errollorre and Troll walked the long path that led to the Dark Lands of Accassia.
The forest trees in this part of Accasia had black shiny leaves,
thus giving the land its name.

After walking for many hours they at last gazed upon the castle of Princess Aria in the distance.
They could see even from where they where that the castle was encased in wooden scaffolding, as workers labored to repair the castle from the great war.

“Tell me again why we go see ugly elf woman” said Troll.
“We’re going because we’re her friends. We’re going because she may need help rebuilding and helping everyone in the Dark Lands. We’re going because I love her and miss her.” said Errollorre.
“But ugly elf don’t remember you.” said Troll.
“I will help her remember me.” said Errollorre. “I’ll also help her remember that we were going to be married.”
“Troll didn’t know we were going to stay forever.” said Troll.
Errollorre just gave Troll a look.

As Errollorre and Troll approached the entrance to the castle they noticed several dozen green uniformed soldiers.
Some stood guard near the castle entrance. Some were unloading wagons of food and handing it to grateful and hungry Dark Lands citizens.
“Who they?” asked Troll as the entered the castle.
“I don’t know Troll” said Errollorre. “ I’ve never seen that uniform before.”

Errollorre and Troll walked through the castle and approached the great throne room.
Just a month earlier it was occupied by the evil Witch Queen.
Now Princess Aria had reclaimed her family's throne.

“What is in box you carry?” asked Troll.
“You can’t visit royalty empty handed.” said Errollorre. “I brought Aria a gift she will love.”
“What you bring?” asked Troll.
“Donuts from The Shed” said Errollorre.
“Donut box looked cleaner when we left.” said Troll.

Errollorre and Troll waited at the closed doors to the throne room for several minutes while a throne door protocol guard went inside to announce to the princess those awaiting her audience.
Finally the large doors swung open and a voice announced,
“Presenting Errollorre of the Palindromes and Troll the troll!”

Errollorre and Troll walked into the throne room.
It was different from when they had battled the witch there several weeks earlier.
The black marble statues and walls were gone.
Bright light filled the room.
Scaffolding rose up from all corners of the room covering the ceiling as it was being repaired from the damage caused by the bombardment the castle had received during the great battle.
The hideous throne of skulls had been removed.
In its place now stood a majestic and elegant throne of gold and red velvet.
Princess Aria sat in the throne, but to Errollorre’s surprise a second throne was set on the raised pedestal to her left.
There was a tall muscular man with flowing blonde hair sitting in the second throne.
Between the two thrones a table was set with a wide variety of exotic and delicious looking foods.
Aria and the handsome man were turned towards each other eating and laughing.
“Is that god of thunder?” asked Troll.
“No” said Errollorre. “The god of thunder has a beard.”

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 06:15 PM

“Oh Errollorre!” said Aria. “So good to see you. Please come forward.
Allow me to introduce to you an old childhood friend. This is Prince Seapaul of the Isle of Grandeur.
The prince was kind enough to bring food and clothing for the poor residents of the Dark Lands."

“Very pleased to meet you!” Prince Seapaul said to Errollorre. “I have heard much about you.”
“How do you do you highness.” Said Errollorre. “Forgive my ignorance but this is the first I ever heard of you.”
“Ha ha” laughed Prince Seapaul. Then he turned towards Troll.
“And this mighty specimen must be the legendary Troll” said the prince.
“I have heard much about you. Truly you are most brave. You feats of strength, your self sacrifice and wonderful exploits on the battlefield is now and for all time, something that will spoken of with admiration for generations to come.”
“If evil witch or wizard’ said Troll, “make spell and turn Troll into ugly man, I hope they turn me into you.”

Errollorre looked at Troll and then turned to Prince Seapaul.
“I don’t recall seeing you or your troops in the recent battles.” Said Errollorre.
“Yes, you’re quite right.” Said Seapaul. “I do apologize. I truly desired to be here in the conflict.
My troops and I were delayed when we discovered The Witch Queen had sent a large force to kill everyone in the sanctuary towns near the coasts.
We had to protect the wives and children of the soldiers fighting in the war.
Then we intercepted a larger force that was coming behind the Accasian forces.
Apparently the witch had a surprise attack planned that would have decimated the attacking forces.
We fought a long bloody battle but we were able to defeat them and protect your forces in conquering the witch.”

“Everyone did their part and brought their best to defeat the witch” said Aria.
“Speaking of “bringing their best””, said Seapaul. “I almost forgot. I brought something to help the Dark Lands recover from the scars of this war.
In addition to the food we brought today, I have brought thirty wagons of medical supplies. There is an additional one hundred wagons of food and other necessitates being unloaded as we speak at the Accasian ports. Furthermore my troops at this moment are unloading one hundred tons of gold for you to use any way you see fit. Perhaps you could use some of it to have the castle roof repaired faster.”
Aria looked gratefully at Prince Seapaul.

“Errollorre bring ugly princess something too” said Troll.
“Oh?” said a smiling Aria. “What have you brought Errollorre?”
“Ah” said Errollorre looking embarrassed. “I brought you a box of donuts.”
Errollorre held up a battered and dirty donut box.
“Oh I love Shed donuts!” said Aria.

Before Aria could take a donut the side of the box collapsed and its contents spilled to the floor.
Just then a castle servant entered the throne room and spoke with Aria.
“ Excuse me a moment gentlemen” said Aria “ I have to greet some children outside who came to see me.”
Price Seapaul, Errollorre and Troll bowed as Princess Aria left the room.

“I’m glad I have a moment to speak with you alone Errollorre” said Prince Seapaul.
“Aria seems to respect you so I wonder if you could help me.”
“How so?” asked Errollorre.
“Well” said Seapual. “As I have told Aria. My father the king is very old. Although I do not look forward to it I expect I will be king before the year is out.
I’ve always felt the merger of the Dark Lands and the Isle of Grandeur would be of a great benefit for both our kingdoms.
Our isle has an endless supply of seafood and gold. It also is a vacation destination for many of the Accasians.
The Dark Lands have these wonderful trees with fine black leaves and smooth wood.
It is highly prized throughout the world.
Aria could use help ruling the Dark Lands.
I need Aria.
That is why we are going to get married.
“You’re going to marry Aria?” asked Errollorre.
“That is my intention.” said the prince. “I was hoping you could speak with her and help convince her of the wisdom in marrying me.”
“I think elf look ugly but you look like same good ugly like her.” said Troll. “Your uglies look like they belong together.”
Errollorre looked at the donuts on the floor.

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 06:22 PM
Chapter 4

Errollore stood beneath the castle of Princess Aria.
Standing in a garden in the cool night air he gazed up at a lighted window that he knew belonged to the room of the princess.

He had spoken to her earlier about many things.
But despite his recalling many times they had shared together, Aria had no memory of them or Errollorre.
It looked as though the once promising marriage between them was a lost cause.

Looking at her silhouette in the window above Errollorre touched the amulet he wore around his neck.
Music began to play and he began to sing.

(Errollorre Sings Again)

When he finished singing Aria called down from the window above.
“Errollorre wait there for me!” said Aria.

In a few moments Princess Aria came running into the garden where Errollorre stood.
“Oh Errollorre! I remember! I remember everything! My love! My husband to be!
Errollorre and Aria embraced and leaned towards each other for a long awaited kiss.

“Wake up you idiot! Said a loud voice.
“Get up you fool! What are you doing?”

Errollorre opened his eyes and saw a white bearded man in a fuzzy bathrobe with a colander on his head. It was the wizard Carl.
“Get up, get up!” said the wizard as his pulled Errollorre up from the mud and scum that he had been sleeping in.
There was a loud snorting sound and Errollorre looked over to see Troll the troll sleeping half submerged in muck and covered in lizards.
He remembered now that he had been staying with Troll under his bridge.
“Why are you sleeping under a disgusting bridge with a troll?” asked the wizard.

“Well,” said Errollorre, “I was so upset about Aria being impressed by Mr. Perfect, Prince Seapal, that I couldn’t face anyone. I think she is going to marry him instead of me. I belong under a bridge with a troll.”

“Did I mention you’re an idiot?” asked the wizard. “Look it’s taken me weeks to find you. If you want to have a chance to win her back then you’ve got to move fast.
There is a royal ball being thrown by Aria tonight. I managed to secure an invitation for you.”
The wizard Carl handed Errollorre an envelope containing the invitation.

Errollorre read the invitation that allowed him and his escort to attend the royal ball.
“Escort?” said Errollorre, “Where am I going to find someone to accompany me to the ball tonight?
I can’t ask a random villager, the implications of such a request might be misunderstood.
And I don’t know who might be in the Shed or even where they moved it to this week for that matter.”

“Don’t worry about it.” said the wizard. Dive into the stream and get cleaned up. Here are some clothes I brought for you. I have an idea about your escort. But we don’t have much time to get there.”

As evening fell Errollorre stood in a long line of beings awaiting entry to the royal ballroom of Princess Aria’s castle.

“This is ridiculous.” said Errollorre to the wizard Carl. “This will never work.”
“Just act natural and make sure your escort doesn't remove the veil or gloves.” Said Carl. I’ve got to go. I’ll meet you inside.”

Errollorre watched the wizard Carl walk up to the ballroom entrance and receive immediate entrance.
Then Errollorre turned to look at his escort. In a beautiful white silk gown and standing over six and a half feet tall without heels, and wearing a long blonde wig, was Troll the troll.

“Troll really hate this.” said Troll in a deep husky voice.
The couple in front of Errollorre and Troll turned to see who or what just spoke with such force that the wind from its voice ruffled their clothes.
They looked up to see the tall gowned creature with its face covered in a veil and large white gloves covering its massive hands.
They could see dark thick masses of hair peeking out from behind the veil.

“Now dear, “ said Errollorre as he patted one of Troll’s gloved paws. “Don’t try to talk with that laryngitis you have.”
Errollorre turned to the starring couple. “I tried to have her stay home and take care of her throat, but she insisted on coming to the ball. I guess she couldn’t resist the rare chance to see a royal dance.”

The couple turned quickly forward and tried to ignore Errollorre and Troll, which was not easy to do after seeing the flaming anger in Troll’s eyes and hearing the constant roar from Troll’s stomach.

Inside the ballroom at last, Errollorre and Troll tried to be as inconspicuous as possible.
A servant approached them carrying a large tray filled with a variety a rare and delicious h'orderves.
“Would either of you care for an appetizer?” asked the servant.
“Me hungry.” said Troll.

Troll grabbed the tray from the servant and lifted it to his mouth.
Troll gently and delicately raised the veil covering his face to slightly above his furry mouth.
Then with a large gloved hand he pushed and slid the entire contents of the tray into his mouth and swallowed.
Troll handed the tray back to the stunned servant then turned and grabbed a punch bowl with one hand.
He then proceed to gulp down its entire contents. He put the bowl back on the table and let out a belch that caused several painting to fall from the walls.

“She hasn’t eaten much the last few days.” Errollorre said to the shocked servant. “She wanted to make sure she could fit into her dress.”
The servant turned and stared at Troll as the seams on the the dresses sleeves began to split revealing muscular and furry arms.
“She’s Italian on her mother's side.” said Errollorre.

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 06:27 PM

Chapter 5

It had been a long time since The Dark Lands had seen such a celebration.
But the grand and elegant ball that Princess Aria was presenting was lifting the spirits of a war torn land and giving new life to it’s inhabitants.

Errollorre stood in the ballroom watching couples waltz by to the sounds of beautiful music coming from the orchestra.
He was beginning to think that in his haste to find an escort to the ball, that perhaps trying to disguise a six foot seven inch tall hairy bridge troll, in a large white gown with white gloves, and face veil, was perhaps not one of the best ideas.
The long blond wig Troll wore wasn’t exactly convincing either.

Errollorre watched the couples dance by for a few more moments and then he turned to look back at Troll.
Troll stood by the wall holding a large punch bowl like a teacup.
He tried to act dignified as he delicately dunked a large round loaf of freshly baked bread into it.

“This was a bad idea Troll.” said Errollorre.”We should leave.”
Just then the music stopped and all eyes turned towards the long marble stairway on the far end of the ballroom.

At the top of the stairway, in an elegant long silken evening gown, stood Princess Aria.
Every male in the ballroom stared appreciatively at the beautiful princess.
Then to her right entered the incredibly handsome, tall and muscular, long blonde mained, and dashingly dressed, Prince Seapaul.
Errollorre could hear many sighs escaping from the lips of the females in the room.

Aria took hold of Prince Seapaul’s arm and they descended the marble stairway and walked onto the dancefloor.
The orchestra again began to play a waltz and Prince Seapaul bowed to the princess.
Then he placed one hand on her waist and she placed her hand on his raised hand, and they began to dance.

The crowd stood in transfixed admiration as they watched the princess and the prince glide along the ballroom floor.
It was like a scene from a magical story book.
After several minutes the music ended and the prince again bowed.
Then Princess Aria curtseyed.
The room erupted into thunderous applause.
“Please everyone.” said Princess Aria. “Join us in this dance.”
The music started again and Aria and Prince Seapaul began to dance again as the dance floor filled with couples joining them in a waltz.

“Troll!” said Errollorre. “Do you know how to dance?”
Troll still holding the punchbowl raised one leg and put it down with a loud thud.
Then he raised the other leg and again set it down with a thud that shook the floor.
A couple standing nearby was sent sprawling to the floor by the vibrations.

“Put down the punchbowl and come here.” said Errollorre. “I need to get out on the dancefloor near Aria. Here take my hand.”
Troll’s large hairy hand completely engulfed Errollorre’s hand and covered it like a large melon.
“This won’t work. Just hold your hand up and I’ll place mine on yours.” said Errollorre.
Troll lifted his open paw and Errollorre placed his hand on it.
Errollore’s hand looked like the hand of a newborn touching the hand of a gorilla.

Errollorre put a hand on Troll’s side and realized he was now staring straight into the large troll’s chest.
“This won’t do.” said Errollorre. “But I have an idea. Troll squat down as low as you can.”
Troll squatted low with his knees in front of him.
“Troll get his dress dirty if Troll dance like this.” said Troll.
“I’ll fix it.” said Errollorre.

Errollorre bunched up the end of Troll’s gown and placed the rolled up material on Troll’s knees.
“This will make excellent padding.” said Errollorre.
Errollorre then knelt on top of Troll’s knees.
“I’m not too heavy? Am I Troll?” asked Errollorre.
“Stupid man not heavy.” said Troll. “But Troll think you too close.”
“It’s only for this dance Troll.” said Errollorre. “I’ve got to get next to Aria.
This works out well. You only slightly taller than me in this position. Now lift your left leg to the music, then your right and dance and turn us on to the dance floor towards Aria.
Ok let’s go. It’s one, two three, one, two, three.”

Troll side hopped and twirled onto the dance floor with Errollore riding on Troll’s knees in a kneeling position.
Every few moments Troll would bump into a dancing couple sending them flying off the dance floor into chairs, tables or walls.
As Troll got the rhythm and hang of it he would occasionally do a quick “duck walk” to get nearer to Aria and Prince Seapaul.
Errollorre tried to ignore the sounds of moaning from the crushed dancers around them as they would cry about the pain in their legs.
“Hee Hee” laughed Troll.

“We’re almost beside Aria.” said Errollorre. “Be careful now. We don’t want to run into her. And try not to smack into any other dancers. Aria would not be pleased to see her citizens being injured.”

Aria was having a wonderful time. She looked up at the chiseled features of Prince Seapaul and tried to remember why that hadn’t married years earlier.
She began to let her mind imagine what life would be like as his bride when she was distracted by a heavy vibration under feet and the sound of moaning.
She looked over Prince Seapaul’s shoulder and saw Errollorre!

He was dancing with the widest woman she had ever seen, and also perhaps the hairiest.
Troll did a little spin and sent a couple crashing to the floor. The veil lifted slightly and Aria could see what she already knew. The huge hairy blonde woman with Errollorre was Troll.

Prince Seapaul turned around to see what the commotion was about and noticed Errollorre.
“Errollorre?” ask Prince Seapaul. “Is that you? Who is your lovely escort?”
“Oh this is Trollella.” said Errollorre. “Say my good man, do you mind if I cut in?”

Before Prince Seapaul could answer Errollorre jumped off Troll’s knees and took Aria’s hand. They began to dance.
Prince Seapaul looked at Troll and asked, “Would you care to dance?”
Troll stood up and towered over Prince Seapaul.
“Ok” said Troll. “But Troll need to stand to get blood back in feet.”
Troll picked Prince Seapaul up under the prince's arms and began to spin and hop.
The prince hung under the grip of Troll like a rag doll.

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 06:28 PM

Chapter 6

Prince Seapaul Othebook of The Isle of Grandeur had led a charmed life.
He was born into royalty, the son of a King who ruled a rich island.
He was tall. He was handsome and muscular.
He had thick long blonde hair and chiseled features with a dazzling smile.
He was also blessed with great intelligence.
He was grateful that he had made wise decisions in life.
In fact there were only two choices in his life that he could recall that he regretted.
The first regret was breaking off his engagement to marry the beautiful Princess Aria of the Dark Lands several years earlier.
And his other great regret was not looking carefully at the woman who had escorted Errollorre to Princess Aria’s Ball, before asking her to dance with him.
If he had taken a moment to look at her he would have realized that the woman in question was actually Troll the troll, poorly disguised in a blonde wig, long white evening gown, white gloves and a veil covering his face.

He would have seen that Troll was hiding his height by squatting down low.
He would have seen mounds of hair protruding from ripped gloves, gown and from behind the veil that concealed less and less of Troll’s face by the moment.

Prince Seapaul was known as a strong and powerful man.
But here he was being held up under his arms by a large dancing troll.
Troll hopped and spun to the orchestra. He enjoyed the sound of the waltz.
Troll would spin suddenly and Prince Seapaul’s legs would fly out and smack nearby dancers, sending them reeling off the dance floor.
Completely powerless in the grasp of Troll, Prince Seapaul just let himself go limp and be flung about, as he prayed for the music to end.

The result of Prince Seapaul being flung about by the dancing Troll was dancers were fleeing the dance floor, either by running for safety or by being sent flying off of it by the impact of Troll.
Soon the large crowd of attendees to the princess’s ball stood on the edges of the dance floor watching the only two remaining couples,
Troll and the helpless Prince Seapaul, and Errollorre and Princess Aria.

“I’m so glad to see you here.” Aria said to Errollorre.
“I’m very glad to be here with you.” said Errollorre.
“Errollorre,” said Aria. “There is something I must tell you.”
“Yes?” replied Errollorre.
“Errollorre, I’ve decided to marry Prince Seapaul.” said Aria.
“What?” said Errollorre. “How? Why?”
“I’ve known Prince Seapaul since I was a child.” said Aria. “We were going to be married before. That didn’t happen and I don’t have a complete memory of why not at this point.
But I do remember I cared for him.”
“And you don’t remember that about me?” asked Errollorre.
“No, I’m sorry. There is still an empty place in my memories where you are supposed to be. I have instinctive feelings when I see you, but I don’t know why. The times we have been together since you came to Accasia has been wonderful, but they haven’t touched me in a way to make me remember why we were going to be married.”
“We just need more time.” said Errollorre. “I know you’ll remember what we have together.”
“There is no time left.” said Aria. “It’s not just for love I’m marrying Prince Seapaul. The union of our two kingdoms will help my people and the Dark Lands recover from the war and its aftermath.
I am so sorry.”

As the music ended a trumpet blast was sounded at the far end of the ballroom.
The castle cryer stood at a podium and spoke with a loud voice.
“Honored guests, at this time Princess Aria has some announcements.”

Aria turned to Troll who was standing still hold Prince Seapaul under one arm like he was carrying a towel to the beach.
“May I please have Prince Seapaul back?” Aria asked Troll.
Troll dropped the limp Prince to the ground.
Prince Seapaul staggered to his feet. With wobbly legs he climbed the marble staircase with Princess Aria holding his arm.
At the top of the staircase Princess Aria turned and addressed the crowd.

“Citizens of The Dark Lands.” said Aria. “As regent of the kingdom I have made some decisions to help me in my governing our homeland.”
“As a relatively small section of the Land of Accasia we must always be prepared for the many challenges that our Kingdom may face. As well as being ready to help our good neighbors as swiftly as they indeed were willing to help us.”
Our world is filled with much magic and wonders. So much so that it is common for one born in Accasia, to live a long life and never experience half of the mysteries and magic that is alive here.
As such, as Princess, it is necessary for me to have a wise adviser who is fluent in many facets of magic and mystical powers.
Therefore I am pleased to announce that my choice for adviser to the princess in matters of magic has accepted my invitation.
I give to you, my new adviser of magic, and protector of the realm, The Wizard Carl.”

Errollorre was in shock as the wizard Carl walked out and stood beside Princess Aria and Prince Seapaul.
Perhaps even more surprising to Errollorre was the way the wizard was dressed.
The Wizard Carl wore a long white robe with a light brown sash tied at his waist.
His long white hair and long white beard was neatly combed and shining.
He wore a traditional pointy wizard hat and held a tall wooden staff.
He looked like an impressive wizard.

The wizard Carl turned towards Aria and spoke.
“Your highness I am honored to accept this position and will endeavor to carry out my duties in an excellent manner.”
“Now if I have your permission, I’ve been waiting back there for hours and am quite hungry and thirsty. I request I may go and get some refreshments.”
“By all means.” laughed Aria. “Please Sir Wizard go and enjoy yourself.”

The Wizard Carl bowed low to princess Aria and descended the stairs towards the dance floor.
He looked at Errollorre and winked. Then he slightly pulled back his robe to reveal that he was still wearing his fuzzy bathrobe underneath. A slight tip of his hat also revealed it was covering the colander still on his head.

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Princess Aria then began to address the crowd about the current state of The Dark Lands. She spoke of its recovery and plans for the future.
While she was still speaking the Wizard Carl walked over and stood by Errollorre.

“Don’t say anything just listen quietly you fool and do as I tell you. That is if you still want to have a chance with keeping your princess.”
Errollorre stood still and listened to the wizard.
“As court wizard I’ve had access to ancient law scrolls in the castle library.” said the wizard.
“I learned about some of their obscure but valid laws still on the books. Now this is what you must do.”

As the wizard continued speaking to Errollorre, Princess Aria was coming to the end of her announcements.
“And finally,” said the princess. “I have one more announcement. And for myself and the future of the Dark Lands it is perhaps the most important.
As you know the recovery from the war has progressed at great speed. This is in no small part to the aid and volunteers we received from Prince Seapaul and his people of The Isle Of Grandeur.”
“The prince has offered us tremendous aid. And now to take it a step further, he has offered himself and an alliance of a permanent nature.
I have accepted his offer and would like to announce to everyone that Prince Seapaul and I are to be married.”

The assembled crowd burst into thunderous applause and cheers.
Running out from amongst the excited crowd Errollorre raced to the top of the stairs.
“I have something to say.” said Errollorre as he raised his hands to quiet the crowd.
“Errollorre?” said Aria. “What are you doing?”
“I invoke the right of challenge.” yelled Errollorre.
Aria and Seapaul looked at each other in confusion. The princess consulted with a few of her court lawyers. Then she spoke.
“The right of challenge has not been used in four hundred years. Nevertheless it is still a
law that is in force. The law of challenge allows one who thinks they have a legal claim on a royal member to be married to another, to challenge their rival in a series of skilled contests.
The victor to win the hand of the royal, in this case myself, in marriage.
Prince Seapaul, do you accept Errollorres’ challenge?” asked Aria.
Seapaul laughed, then said, “I do.”

“Then it is settled.” said Aria. "In two days Prince Seapaul and Errollorre shall meet on the royal fields to compete in the ancient challenges, and may the better man win.”
The crowd again roared with approval.
Aria gave Errollorre a look of affection, sadness and confusion. Then she and prince Seapaul walked out of the hall.

Errollorre walked down to the Wizard Carl who was standing next to Troll.
“You can take that dress off now Troll.” said Errollorre.
Troll ripped the dressed off to the screams of those standing nearby.
“Thank you Wizard Carl.” said Errollorre. “Now I may win back Aria.”
“Don’t count on it.” said the wizard. “I’ve seen the contests. Frankly you have very little chance of winning.”

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Ah, Sir Errollore of The Shedlands, I am most delighted to see you sharing your enchanting and humerous story with other members here! You know how much I love your writing and the story! I also had the great pleasure of our collaborative work for a time. Bravo my friend! I can't wait to see how the story unfolds.

Thank you for mentioning The Shed which is now The Shed 9! It is a magical place with wonderful people and I am ever so grateful that you joined us. Now carry on, the adventure continues.

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I am still reading and so far it's amazing!👍

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Chapter 7

The wizard Carl walked along a forest path.
Gone was the fuzzy bathrobe he used to wear and the colander that used to sit upon his head.
Now he wore a long flowing grey robe, tied at the waist with a light brown rope.
A pointed wizard's hat sat on his head and he carried a tall staff with a rounded top.
After searching the forest for sometime he heard some noise that he followed to a large clearing.
There standing in the clearing holding a bow and arrow was Errollorre of the Palindromes.
Troll the troll stood by his side holding a bale of hay that had a round target attached to its side.

“There you are!” said the wizard. “I’ve been searching for you idiots for a day and a half.”
“Wizard Carl!” said Errollorre. “You look so different in that robe, you look so respectful.”
“The dangers that were in Accasia have been eliminated.” said the wizard.
“The time for pretending to be a fool has past. I only wish you were pretending.
Errollorre what are you doing out here?”
“I’m getting ready for the contests to win the hand of Aria.” said Errollorre.
“Watch this.”

Errollorre nodded towards Troll, who then flung the bale of hay with the target on it, high into the air.
Errollorre quickly fired off an arrow from his bow hitting the target dead center.
Before the bale of hay crashed to the ground Errollorre fired a second arrow the split the first arrow in two.

“How about that?” Errollorre said to the Wizard Carl. “ That’s pretty good shooting if I must say so myself.”
“Oh I agree.” said the wizard. “It’s a pity there is no archery in the contests in which you’re competing.”

“No archery?” said Errollorre. “What are the contests then?”
“There are three.” said the wizard. “The first contest is a jousting match while riding on a wild wood warg.
The probability of you even coming close to climbing onto its back is extremely nil.

The second challenge is to saddle a young untamed wild dragon.
The dragon master Syx has located two orphaned dragons on the wilden isles.
Not only do you have to saddle one of them, and I might add dragons don’t react kindly to saddles, but then you must ride it to the Evron Mountain, pick a blue lotus flower and return with it.
An unlikely scenario.

Finally the third challenge is hand to hand combat with your rival, Prince Seapaul in this case, with use of swords, maces, or whatever weapon is available on the field.
Seeing his great size, strength, and reputation as a master of combat, I don’t have any hope that you will defeat him.
In fact I have spent some time calculating the probabilities of you winning any event.
I factored in all the known advantages and disadvantages you have.
I even gave weight to you having an enormous amount of dumb luck.
No matter how it was added up the conclusion was the same.
You will not survive or live through any of the challenges.”

Errollorre look down dejectedly.
“I don’t think I want to live if I can't live with Aria.” he said.
“If I can’t win then why did you have me issue a challenge against Prince Seapaul?”

“I was trying to buy you time.” said the wizard.
“I hoped I could find a way for you to have an edge in these contests, but so far I haven’t been successful.”
“An edge?” said Errollorre. “You mean you were going to use your wizard skills to help me cheat?”
“Not cheat.” said the wizard. “Survive.”
“Well at this point I’m desperate.” said Errollorre. “I just want Aria to remember our past. Then I know we’ll be together. So if I have to cheat, I’ll do it.” said Errollorre.
“I’m not surprised by your decision.” said the wizard. “Come, let’s go back to my study. There are hundreds of books to look through yet.
Maybe between the two of us we’ll come up with a way for you to not get killed and perhaps even prevail in this contest.”

The wizard turned towards Troll.
“Not you Troll.” said the wizard. “You have a good heart but clumsy hands and feet. My library is too valuable to have one of your accidents occur there.
I’ve instructed the castle kitchen to slaughter and prepare three steers from the royal cattle for you to eat while we search the books.”
“That good.” said Troll. “Troll no like books, but Troll like little snack before dinner.”

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TOM!!! Love the story entries.

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Oh Well, Hi Tom. Still love the story.

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Love it as always!!!!!

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Chapter 8

The governess, Lady Una walked by the edge of the Dark Forest holding her long dress off of her feet as she moved.
She had watched over the winged elf Princess Aria since she was a little child.
Lady Una never stopped caring and watching out for Aria.
Now she searched the forest behind the castle looking for her.
At last she came to a clearing in the forest.
There sitting on a tree stump was Princess Aria.

“Oh my dear one.” said Lady Una. “What in the world are you doing sitting out here in the cold night air.
The big contest for your hand is tomorrow.
You should be getting your rest.”
“I can’t sleep.” said Aria. “I’ve too much on my mind.”
“What’s troubling you child?” asked Una.

“Oh Una, I miss my friends!
I miss talking to Night Star and Martin, and Gordi, and all the other Shedlanders.” said Aria.
“I want to be back with my friends.”
“Now Aria,” said Una. “What’s really bothering you?
You’re the princess. You can go where and when you want.
The kingdom is a peace and almost completely recovered.
And soon you’ll have a husband to help you rule.”

“That’s what I’m thinking about Una.” said Aria.
“I don’t want either Prince Seapaul or Errollorre to get hurt fighting for me.
I just want things to be simple.
Can you imagine not knowing which man was going to marry you after tomorrow.”
“Well my dear.” said Una. “I haven’t been able to realistically imagine anyone marrying me for a long time.
But I can tell you who is going to win the contest tomorrow, Prince Seapaul.”
“I know.” said Aria. “Errollorre hasn’t a chance. And that’s what’s bothering me.”
“That’s what’s bothering you?” said Una. “That silly man Errollorre?”
“Oh Una.” said Aria. “I remember!”
“What do you remember child?” asked Una.
“Everything.” said Aria. “All my memories from the past.
Me and Errollorre. I remember.
What I felt for him. Why I felt that way and how I still do feel that way.
Oh Una I remember it all.
I remember, I love him!”

“How and when did this happen?” asked Una.
“At the ball.” said Aria. “When I danced with Errollorre something stirred in my mind. I had some foggy memories and feelings.
Then when he announced to the crowd he would challenge Prince Seapaul for my hand everything came rushing back into my mind.
It was like a heavy black curtain was lifted from my thoughts.
I remembered everything I had done with Errollorre before the Witch Queen cursed me.”

“But what about that handsome and wonderful Prince Seapaul?” asked Una.
“I know I know” said Aria. “I remember all about him too.
I remember why we didn’t marry the first time.
He’s a wonderful man.
Everyone can see it and knows it.
He knows it too.
I guess if anyone has a right to be a little conceited it’s him.
He’s handsome, tall, strong, kind and good, a prince of a wealthy island, he’s perfect, but I can never be happy at his side.”
“For heaven’s sake why not child?” asked Una.
“Because I would always feel at his side like a shadow and not an equal partner.”
“Oh my.” said Una. “You do have a dilemma my child.”
“I know” said Aria. “How will I tell Prince Seapaul.”
“You already have.” said a voice from behind the trees.

Prince Seapaul stepped from behind the trees and approached Lady Una and Princess Aria in the bright moonlight.
“I was looking for you Aria.” said Prince Seapaul.
“I heard voices in the forest and as drew close I couldn’t help but overhear what you were saying.”
“Oh Seapaul I’m so sorry.” said Aria.
Prince Seapaul raised his hand.” “Stop Aria, there is no need to apologize, in fact I already knew how you felt about Errollorre. That is why I was looking for you.”
“You knew?” asked Aria. “How? When?”
“At the ball.” said The Prince. “When you danced with Errollorre you never took your eyes off of his.
I was only a few feet beside you in the arms of a wild dancing troll who was flinging me about like a rag doll, and you never once looked up to see what was happening to me.
I knew then that Errollorre was the one who won your heart.”
“Oh Seapaul I’m so sorry.” said Aria.
“You’ve already said that, and I tell you there is no need to apologize.
I admit I have a bit of a big head.
I would never want you to think of yourself as my shadow.
I would never think of you that way.
But being the great and wonderful guy I am, I’m going to step aside and withdraw from the contest.
Find Errollorre Aria. Marry him and have a happy life together.”

Aria looked at Prince Seapaul then she looked at lady Una.
“Go to him child.” said Una. “You waited long enough.”
Aria gave Prince Seapaul a quick kiss on his cheek.
“Thank you.” said Aria.
Una reached out and squeezed Aria’s hand.
“Go!” laughed Una.
Aria flew off towards the castle to find Errollorre.

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I know I commented at the shed, but I will also comment here and say how much I have loved this story from the very beginning!

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Chapter 9

Errollorre sat at a table in the Wizard Carl’s library.
The table was filled with books and scrolls that he and the wizard had looked through trying to find an enchantment that would help Errollorre survive the contest for Aria’s hand in marriage.
The competition was scheduled to begin in just a few hours.

Errollorre looked at the Wizard Carl who was reading through yet another of the hundreds of books that lined the shelves in the wizard's library.
“This is hopeless.” said Errollorre in frustration. “We’ve been searching these writings all night and we are no closer to finding something to help me in the contest.
I might as well face it, I’m doomed.”
“You could withdraw from the contest.” said the Wizard as he continued reading.
“Withdraw?” said Errollorre. “Then the chance of winning Aria truly would be hopeless.”
“Then I suggest,” said the wizard. “That you continue looking through these books for an answer to your problem.”

Errollorre got up and walked over to one of the many bookshelves that lined the walls.
An old red leather bond book caught his eye.
He took it from the bookshelf and looked at its cover.
On it was written one word, “FORBIDDEN.”

Errollorre sat down at the table with the book, opened it and began reading.
His eyes grew wide. He looked at the Wizard Carl who was reading and not paying attention to him.
Errollorre looked back at the book, flipped through several pages and read some more.
“That’s horrible!” he said.
“What?” said the wizard looking up from his reading.
“What are you reading? Errollorre! There is a reason that book is marked “Forbidden.”
Put that back and look through something else.”

Errollorre got up and was about to close the book when his eye caught something written on its pages.
Errollorre sat down again and started reading excitedly.
“This is it!” said Errollorre.
“What is it?” asked the Wizard Carl.
“This enchantment, this spell, here in this book!” said Errollorre. “It says you can send someone to another point in time. You could send me back before the Witch Queen cursed Aria. I could save her and her memories of me.
Why I could save so many people.”
“No! No! No!” said the Wizard. “That book is marked forbidden for a reason.”
“Who marked it forbidden?” asked Errollorre.
“I did!” said the wizard. “Everything in that book I’ve done. I wrote that book to myself to remind myself what to never do again!”
“You’ve tried this spell? This one called “Time Stream?” asked Errollorre.

The Wizard Carl fell back into his chair.
“How is it you would stumble upon that one. Is it fate, or a curse?
Yes, I’ve used that enchantment. And it has taken me over five hundred years to get things back to where they are supposed to be.”

“You are over five hundred years old?” asked Errollorre.
“You don’t know that half of it.” said the wizard.
“Time is fixed, Errollorre. We live here and now. As bad or good things are, this is what is meant to be.
“Forget that spell Errollorre. It can only cause disaster.”
“Then I might as well prepare myself to die in the contest. I won’t back down. And I won’t live without Aria.

Errollorre sat down and stared at the floor dejectedly.
The Wizard Carl sat there thinking and after a few moments he smiled slightly.
“Yes.” said the wizard slowly. “Yes, there is a chance. It might work. The odds are against it. But there is a slight possibility.”
“What possibility?” What chance?” asked Errollorre.
“Listen to what I’m going to tell you Errollorre, and never forget it. The spell you are considering does indeed send a thing or person back in time.
Time is like a river or a stream always moving forward towards what or where it is intended.
If one goes back in that stream to a previous point, they can never change what is meant to be.
If they do make a change to events in time, then a new stream, a tributary to the main time stream breaks off and runs its own course.
The one who made the change would live out his life in that new time stream.
But it is an illusion. The main time stream would continue on.
To those here it would seem like you just went away somewhere and never returned.
But the new stream because it is false, is always doomed to become a reality much worse than what is meant to be.”

“Then what hope is there?” asked Errollorre. “If by going back I can only create a fantasy that ends in a nightmare?”
“You can not change what is meant to be.” said the Wizard. “But you and Aria were meant to be. But evil interfered. Breaking apart a marriage that should have been.
This was done by an evil enchantment. But because of the kind of spell that was used. There may be a loophole in the rules of time.”
“What kind of loophole?” asked Errollorre.
“Grab those four incense pots from the shelf.” said the wizard.
The wizard Carl walked over to the far side of the room to a door that was closed and covered with several wooden planks.
“Help me pull these off.” said the wizard.
Errollorre set down the incense pots and helped the wizard remove the planks barring the door.
The wizard mumbled some words and the door flew open.
“Pick up the pots and follow me.” said the wizard. “I’ll explain everything as we go upstairs.”

They entered a dank and musty smelling stone stairwell.
“Aria left it for me to dispose of this place.” said the wizard as they climbed the stairs.
“The workmen doing the castle renovations were too afraid to go up here.”
“Where does this lead?” asked Errollorre.
“To the late Witch Queen’s private chamber.” said the wizard.

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Chapter 10

Aria had been searching the castle to find Errollorre.
She couldn’t wait to tell him that she had her memories back, and that Prince Seapaul had withdrawn from the contests.
She had already searched much of the castle when she came to the kitchen.
She walked in to see Troll holding a large long wooden bench up high against the far kitchen wall.
Pinned behind the bench was the head chef and his assistant cooks.
“Troll!” said Aria. “What are you doing?”
“Stingy cookman won’t feed Troll. Troll hungry.” said Troll.
“Your Highness,” said the head chef. “This creature has already eaten three whole steers. We told him the kitchen is closed for the night but the morning crew will be here soon and they could feed him.”
“Troll get hungry waiting for silly man to talk to wizard.” said Troll.
“Do you know where Errollorre is?” Aria asked Troll.
“Yes.” said Troll. “Silly man get wizard to help him cheat contest.”
“Oh Errollorre.” thought Aria. “Troll let the cooks down and I promise they will make you six steers for breakfast. That’s only a couple of hours from now. Can you hold on that long Troll?”
Troll pulled the bench away and the cooks fell to the floor.
“Troll try to hold on. But Troll may fall from hunger.”
“Take me to Errollorre Troll.” said Aria.

Meanwhile Errollore followed the wizard Carl down a damp and dark stone hallway.
The wizard opened a thick wooden door and they entered into the Witch Queen’s private chamber.
“This is the very spot the Witch Queen cast the spell on Aria that turned her into a ghost.” said the wizard.
Errollorre stared at the late witch's throne of skulls and the well in the floor that swirled counterclockwise with smoke and water.
“Errollorre I have looked into that well of despair.” said the wizard.
“Why would you do such a thing?” asked Errollorre.
“I have my reasons.” said the wizard. “For now all you need to know is this,
I have seen the moment when Aria is turned into a ghost.
This is our advantage. I can send you back in the time stream to the very moment Aria is being changed.
When you get there time will seem frozen to you for several minutes.
But it will eventually catch up to you so you must move quickly.
When the spell is being cast on Aria there will be a moment you will see a glow about her.
At this split second she will be not yet fully ghost and not yet no longer physical.
You must reach out and pull her to you.
The ghost will go on in time as she was supposed to be.
The Aria you will have with you will be physical, for a while.”

“A while?” said Errollorre. “How long is a while?”
The wizard shrugged. “Weeks, months, I don’t know. But you must bring her back here to set time right.”
“Wait, I don’t understand.” said Errollorre. “How is this going to work.
The wizard slid a small unimpressive looking ring off his finger and handed it to Errollorre.
“Put this on.” said the wizard. “This is a memory ring. It has collected memory from my times.
We are linked Errollorre, in ways you do not yet know.
It wasn’t a coincidence I found you when you were attacked by the ogres.
But that is a tale for another day.
Just know this, because we are linked, the ring will work for you.
“What will it do?” asked Errollorre.
“In you it will awaken abilities and perhaps memories over time that you did not even know you had.
But more importantly, because you are linked to Aria, it will work for her.”
“What do I do with the ring for her?” asked Errollorre.
“Place it on her finger as soon as you can.” said the wizard. “It will fill her with all the memories she has from then till now.
She will know this future time.
But she will remember you.
Then you must find me. Show me the ring.
My past self will work to send you two back here.
Then the two Aria’s will merge and time will be put right.
The most important thing to remember is don’t change the past.
Aria is the only exception.
If you alter events you will lost in a false reality.”
“Alright.” said Errollorre. “Let’s do this.”

The wizard set the incense pots in a square on the floor.
“North, south east and west.” said the wizard. “The hours of three, six, nine and twelve.
Stand in the center of the pots Errollorre and light the incense with this flame.”
“There is hardly any incense left in these pots Wizard Carl.” said Errollorre.
“There’s enough.” said the wizard. “For one last trip.”

Errollorre lit the incense and the sweet smoke began to swirl counterclockwise around him.
Faster and faster it turned.
“Errollorre.” said the wizard. “Even if you are successful it may seem like a very long time before you return.”
“I understand.” said Errollorre.
“No you don’t.” said the wizard. “If you manage to return you will not be the same person who left.
Neither will Aria.”

Errollorre nodded. That’s all he could do. He was unable to speak.
The room seemed to be slowing down and fading from his view at the same time.
He heard voices and noises in his ears.
Louder and louder were sounds growing that he could not identify.

Suddenly the door to the chamber flew open.
Standing there was Aria and Troll.
“Errollorre!” yelled Aria. “What are you doing? What is happening?”
Aria tried to run to Errollorre but the wizard stopped her.
“Troll save stupid man for you ugly princess!” said Troll.
“No!” yelled the wizard.
Troll dove across the room into the swirling smoke and grabbed Errollorre.
And they both vanished out of sight.

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Chapter 11

A year earlier in the land of Accasia, far to the east, in a section called the Dark Lands, an oppressive force of evil was gaining strength.
For the Witch Queen had come and forced the ruler of the Dark Lands, Prince Dricore,
to sign a pact with her.
To protect and save the life of his daughter, Princess Aria, Prince Dricore agreed to turn the throne of the Dark lands over to the Witch Queen.

But he had one request before he would submit to the Witch Queens rule.
He asked that the Witch Queen would cast a spell on his daughter and erase from her the memory of the man she was to marry, Errollorre of the Palindromes.
Dricore thought his daughter deserved better than the fool she loved.
He did not want her to be tied to someone who could never provide for her what Dricore thought his daughter deserved.
So the Witch agreed to his terms.

But the Witch Queen deceived Dricore.
He did not know that when his daughter was kidnapped on her wedding day, and brought before the witch, that the Witch Queen had her own plans for Princess Aria.

The evil witch erased the memories of Aria, and then prepared to use her in a sinister plan.
The confused Princess Aria stood before the Witch Queen in the witch's private chamber.
The witch stood before a throne of skulls. A well in the floor swirled counterclockwise with smoke filled water.

“Now princess.” hissed the witch. “I have a very special assignment for you. There is a necklace that hold runestones of great power. It is somewhere in Accasia. My servants have searched for it to bring it to me.
But they have yet to find it.
There is one place my power is not yet strong enough to enter and seek.
That is the so called “Shedlands.”
I know even with your memories lost you would be reluctant to serve me.
So I’m going to give you a little incentive.”
The Witch Queen raised her hands and sparks of black fire shot from her fingertips.

“I am going to remove your physical body from you!” laughed the witch. “You will be like a ghost. “
Aria was unable to speak. She stared wide eyed at the witch and tried to look brave.
“Don’t worry princess.” said the witch. “You can get you physical form back.
You have the innocence and heart that will let you go where my servants and I can not.
Go to the Shedlands. Search high and low.
Find the necklace and bring it to me, then I’ll give you back your form.”

Aria stepped back until her shoulders pressed up against the cold moldy stone walls.
The Witch Queen laughed and lowered her hands towards Aria.
A bolt of black lightning flew from the witch's hands and engulfed Aria.
And then time froze.

The witch stood like a statue.
Aria stood there frozen in a posture of fear as a white glow outlined her whole body.
On the right side of the room, near the closed heavy wooden door, a whirlpool of smoke, rotating counterclockwise suddenly appeared.
The smoky cyclone grew taller.
It spun faster and faster.
Suddenly two large objects were flung from it and they landed on the floor with a thud.
It was Errollorre and Troll the troll.

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