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Reightous Wisdom

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posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 11:08 AM
Everyone is talking about providing a better life and making more money. What is money, that's the moon energy, currency, ocean wave
currents. The ones that control the energy of the planet controls the moon energy of the currency and currents all inside you
electromagnetic beings.

The law of nature everything has rules, everything has seasons, everything has cycles. To be mad is to be dammed, saying dam is a
curse word spelt backwards is to be mad because to be dammed up is not having blood flow through your body, energy seizing to flow to your
pineal gland is to be calcified. To bless someone is to consider that person to b-less which is another curse word.

They scare you with this illuminati but illuminati is illuman-not which means not illuminated. Idol worshippers who worship stars on the
red carpet the red symbolizes blood rituals and the stars dye their hair red in videos as a form of sacrificing their souls to Satan.

Feel the light body ships embedded in your solar plexus, energy flow through your blood, calcified pineal gland reincarnated still born,
still born in this realm a shadow being, know the earthquakes are contractions of mother earth. Saturn is Satan the celestial body that
is less exposed to the suns divine light and thus associated with coldness of the principal of Evil.

Information crafted to them by the whisperer's in their heads, warriors discussing strategy of an adversary is no invitation to fear,
but to action. As the Art of War informs us the battle is decided before the fight begins. We hear the trumpets, the urge to win only if
we can awaken the masses the war would seize to exist. The real war is within, the war of the mind, the group mind is still not in sync so
the war marches on.

We are neither all good and light, nor all dark and black we are balancers in reality. All is inherently internal, what we get from
outside is only a microcosmic interrelation that defines our quantum interaction through entanglement, nothing is separate. You can ascribe
causation and intention to sources without or within, but in order to grow you'll need an inner resonance and motivating force. If you
cannot establish a mental equipoise, the forces you want to control will just end up controlling you because nothing in nature is good nor evil.

Quote Da13thsun

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 11:18 AM
a reply to: Crunky

I put part of your post into a Google search and this came up.

Not directly tied to your post, but more interesting for sure...

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