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the secrets of romance

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posted on Aug, 1 2016 @ 02:37 AM
Remember to cry don't laugh in someone's face...
The poor man wanted his beloveds hand in marriage...
"I married the fake people'' and off she left him..
"fake people... hmmm, perhaps I shall learn of their ways..'' he pondered the mysteries his love hides so well...
"will she return..'' he thought...
If he thinks of her, she is there...
If she thinks of him, where did everyone go?
"Its just you and Noah, babe.''
"that's cool, he is real...goood at math too.''
"Should I continue to figure this out?'
"yes dear, my cat is getting married and I'm not leaving him alone...ever!'' she sent him a letter...
"'now do we feel better?'' ''huh?'' they both thought... what?
"'ask us how we are..'' go ahead say the magic words....
"dear, you find my sheath?'' she was just asking.
"Dear, its mine, hands off'' this guy is cool, she thought...
So, the magic dear and the other dear...
Spent the night decorating some items that hold the secrets of secrets...
Nobody made a peep or did they...
"'now stay away from my stuff..''
"you stay away from my stuff.''
And they argued the night in sheer bliss
"Hey, what's the secrets of romance..!?!'' some rug rats piped up...
Shut up kids and play dead... we will sell you a story of the secrets of takes patience..years, days, minutes, seconds and even microscopically... ''we are being observed ya know''

posted on Aug, 24 2016 @ 09:39 PM
the Master turtle looked away and scroungy calico grey and cream kitty....took off running to find her real sister...than darn calico tangerine and ashy black grey..."ugghhhh you married a human how could you!?"
" weellll... he turned out to be not so ugly after alll.."
"we should be kind to humnans, love..they do feed us and create lucky clothing" such as they...hmph!aughing stifffled...turning us into creatures...
scroungy dear loves only the thaat turtle and eveone could piss off...thinking appropriatly what to purchase as a gift for her lucky sister....priceless ounts of bakeware and other lovely items...hmmmmm
scrougy needs food...well i geuss i go sit down with a little sign on the street...will sit around pretty and be fed


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