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The contradictions in peaceful battles

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posted on Aug, 1 2016 @ 01:56 AM
Weapons and tools or objects may serve as a defense or threat, better not used on the path of harming none...
In approaching or being approached by rabid animal, demonic in nature... not a time to prove ones self as so strong or capable to win a battle with body alone... perhaps there is such a human... personally I find no shame in using any object to defend ones life or the home/honor of your family... much different than an act of revenge or in the process of avenging... demonic activity
Avenge v. Take vengeance for. Avenger n.
Vengeance n. Retaliation or revenge.
Revenge n. Retaliation for an injury or wrong. V. Avenge.
Retaliate v. Repay an injury, insult, ect. By inflicting one in return. Retaliation n.
So, insults, violence thrown your to respond... when keeping peace
There are tools that do not cause harm, yet keep the beast a bit scared and almost calm...
Some weapons are too threatening and will incite more violence and a possible body injury or death...
We don't want that, no, no we don't
So my thoughts are of the staff or rod... with no sharp points, or three sharp points...
The rabid animal, when feeling kept at bay
'At bay', when forced to face attackers
So the angry beast, we know not what about... unless you approach in anger...feels he is being attacked
Keep peace in your heart to subdue the violence in nature
It doesn't matter why a person is mad, it matters we harm none and keep calm in peace without resolution...
More on the staff and rod next time...
Please share you experiences in dealing with violent, demonic, negative forces... human or not... what ever you call a fight with forces beyond ones control...
Thank you for stopping by and reading this concept of spiritual fighting in reflection or looking within yourself and what fighting is for...
A resolution...solving a problem in peace..
Definitions are from my Oxford tionary.
Have a great Monday Tuesday folks... please let me know your thoughts on peaceful battles with no harm done even if weapons or insults were involved... there is really no winning when you are defending yourself or fighting just to fight... just my thoughts what's yours?
I believe in peace and love...

More on dirty low down fighting and tricks another time
More on honorable battle another time...
We are speaking of defending ones honor and lively and well being..
Me and my baby... he say mow.

posted on Aug, 1 2016 @ 06:05 AM
a reply to: peppycat

The best nonviolent defense is to fast from wickedness (evade wickedness / do only good.)

Of Fight, freeze, or flight, always choose flight.

If you avoid wickedness, and do not consume it, then it cannot consume you.

If you have consumed it, do not translate the will of it into your body. Instead, you should rebuke it / spit it out / deny it its birth.

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