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the dark companion

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posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 01:47 AM

Have you ever had somebody around you, that brings you down, makes you feel confused, disorientated that life is meaningless. There mere presence is disturbing, whether they say anything or not. When they leave its like you can breath again,the sky opens up and there is now room to be. This type of person is adamant on limiting everything on their terms. A kind of psychic bully imposing their limited view on you and on anybody available Someone who derives a kind of sick pleasure in bringing you down to their cynical view. Kind of like a radio station pumping out terrible music and terrible news for 24 hours. What is the best way to deal with this? I have my ideas,what would anybody here suggest as a healthy way of dealing with this? Turn the other cheek or..... is this none other than an aspect of your own self.

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 05:02 AM
a reply to: ancientthunder

I know of what you speak. In regard to people, I rid myself of them. Ex husband and ex BF. In regard to ex husaband, I just gave a date for him to remove himself. In regard to ex BF, I just finally kicked him out.

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 05:15 AM
Good work in the realm of karma! Everything in its right place
a reply to: reldra

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 05:25 AM

originally posted by: ancientthunder

is this none other than an aspect of your own self.

I would state that this person is not "your other self" but could be very easily attracted by part of you which bears similarity to it. Sometimes total opposites are just two different ends of the same axis. Thus they are being combined easily than othars, nevermind their total disagreement. Laws of attraction pretty much design the unfoldment of fate, yet this is more complicated than our simplified understanding, thus we start making quick conclusions, rather examine the profound matters.

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 07:38 AM
It would be a good idea for you to watch your thoughts and breathing closely, when such person(s) are around.

Psychic links into the psychosomatic system... a lot of people exchange and give off loads of energy that people typically feed of of and reciprocate, although intentions vary among nearly everyone depending on where you are. The intent is typically in how one carries themselves... if their gaze is cast down they are constantly being drained so naturally the 3rd eye is going to try to draw strength right from the ground... I am sure you or others have seen the position as a meme in anime where a character will lay face down in the yoga "dead persons" pose... it's because so much energy has been drained right out of them.

The terminology of energy vampire is out there floating around... and well there is an expectation of shared energy, and of course in public people are usually unguarded, so it becomes a place where such people might gather to draw in such energy.

Being a very empathetic person, that engages people in real conversations... such people have been drawn to me quite often all through my life, to the point where just an hour around some specific people could become a fight to even get out of bed for a week they are and were so draining. Relatives that drain are the worse for such because we have more trust and automatically drop our guard... but here's the thing, if you take the empathetic path as you've become aware of it, know that energy exchange is a consensual thing... revoke every single last bit of it from everyone around you that you are not familiar with in whatever setting.

In such a manner, you'll be able to maintain your energy exchange with those you know and trust and all others will cease to be able to feed or draw off of your energy. No consent then no draining of any sort going on like you're a free gas station. Negative or pessimistic people require the most energy and are constantly draining others... it is a very toxic thing to be around or involved with such people.

If you revoke all rights for that drain, your energy will start to grow, if you are someone that constantly down casts their eyes then your head will start to rise up and be straight forward with an air of confidence, although first impression will likely be one of arrogance, by those insecure and or jealous(similar energy) even though there are introverts and extroverts that are both so the shy and quiet or the louder and cocky can both carry the same insecure and jealous energy, the difference is in confrontation and thats about it.

But giving your energy freely, if you are sensitive or unaware of such exchanges will always leave you drained and a heavy feeling when such persons are around that drain you. It is a conscious negative intent that people doing such on purpose, so if your thoughts become erratic and you start feeling the same energy wave length with that person then they were specifically draining you...

Of course intent is everything, and how you carry yourself with personality does not have to move into a negative energy flow... understanding consent of energy flows and keeping normalized breathing in every situation brings a very calm sturdy mind unflinching in resolve and purpose.

It is rare to run across those that are aware of such and use it in a positive manner, many are strangers in places they don't frequent with random mixes of public.

I am sure this is somewhat esoteric in nature and I apologize, I would like to add though... once you are aware of this sort of exchange and keep and share your energy among and only with who you want to, then the average person not aware of such things, will get that same uneasy feeling because you are not sharing your energy the same way the negative types don't yet steal it from others purposefully... almost like a spiritual pressure that can crush superficial feeble minds and stop peoples breath or change it's patterns. But with no negative or ulterior intent, like those trying to rob people of it... there's a very different reaction called attraction and not bad vibes or repulsion because the negative sorts are robbing it without any consent or mutual in giving it when someone enters that bubble of personal energy space that's the strongest.

So what you or anyone else chooses to do with this information is up to you, it is to educate on the nature of our bio-energy and wave propagation and harnessing of it, for those feeling frequently drained qui-gong, yoga, exercise or camping in nature, and a good dose of sunshine help keep one feeling vitalized or re-vitalized. Because once someone starts feeling very drained they can become depressed, brooding on negative thoughts from that negative intent in the persons exchange connection and even suicidal...

Some people do this unconsciously via simply attitude or expectations so no reason to get paranoid or weird about it, as it is a phenomena and it's best to be educated on how it operates, to protect oneself I am aware this also educates those that will want to use it for negative purposes, making it a double edged sword as most things can be... but be careful what you ask for when doing anything with negative intent or for self-ish personal reasons towards others... the creative force is stronger and will destroy your health robbing energy from others.

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 07:40 AM
a reply to: ancientthunder

thank you very much for giving something fresh to ponder about, i love your threads!

in my view i agree about others being just another aspect of my own a way.
if it is so, what is this pointing to than? How can we apply proper medicine for such situation?
and if we go a bit on the other side...inside. There are personalities or our voice who is doing the same sometimes. The voice who doubts, who questions, who fears and desires...

so in a way that would mean that (some) aspects are mirrored externally so we can see what is hidden in plain sight within us. and maybe if we learn how to treat that within us, does that mean that we would also know how to treat others with the same "disease" who are representing some "healed" inner aspect?

but even if we know what medicine worked for us, it is not a given that it will work for others. So my final answer would be that we can try our best and just honestly spread our medicine to others who want to listen and needs our advice. But in case they don't find value in it, let it be...i think at the end, lesson is learned when we ourself figure it out. And just listening is usually a good pointer but rarely enough to seal the deal.

did anyone learn how to swim just by listening about it?
well probably a few did...but most of us must get wet sooner or later and then learn ... first by listening than practice.
or sometimes we find ourself suddenly in deep water and don't know what we are doing or what to such times we need to admit that we don't know what we are doing and open up or learn to grab onto any rope we can get...but that is besides the idea of this thread...probably.

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 07:53 AM
I have found that the realisation that others behave like this, and that this behaviour has a negtive effect on you, can be a profound learning eexperience. Realising that sometimes YOU are this person, being a drain on your surroundings, can be quite distressing and worsen the problem. Reality will often provide these teaching mirrors and if you do not learn from them, they could get worse, until you are forced to acknowledge your part in the situation.

That being said, there is a lot to be said for entering into relationships like this conciously. If the 'other' is good of heart but lost in their own negativity then it may be worth the effort, so long as you can retain your own level. Now I'm no Christian, but the metaphor of Jesus 'dying for our sins' by being hung on a cross seems apt here. Would you be willing to crucify yourself, to dive into a 'hellish' situation in order to help guide a loved on torwards a 'better' way of living, thinking and feeling?

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 08:29 AM
very sage advice thus far... that's all the mind is when it thinks, is a reflection. If we practice enough meditation eventually, we never exit what is called the void where there is no thought arising all mental attachment to subjectivity is cut off, and one is simply left with being that responds intuitively in the moment to what is arising with no need for a single thought to do it... like a mirror that shines light but isn't actually producing any an echo off of a canyon wall but not an actual voice.

This is of course where all suffering within oneself ceases, and what is left is pure empathy... although it can get difficult when one sees so much needless suffering people keep perpetuating on themselves and others. It's actually made me want to withdraw more from the world into more renunciation, yet I've a vow to benefit others... which is something that being in corporeal form and not in a monastery setting is a vital vow to take, as there is so much perpetuation... the words forgive them they do not know what they do resonates yet... there is no judgment towards that individual as they are simply suffering from a sickness that they may or may not even be aware of, this is how the medicine Buddha within oneself actually starts manifesting into an awakened being that works towards compassion, no matter how futile a task that can appear at times, taking on all others burdens as if they were ones own...

It can feel like atlas and at times on such a path one will want to shrug, and my personal advice when staring into that field of form after the mirror shatters and the echo doesn't sound within ones own consciousness is to go into ones personal bubble and have compassion for oneself...

Life itself is a path and we walk all of them in various ways whether declared or not... as belief can be a strength in a time of need but wholly un-needed because it's a bubble within a bubble and it's easy to self delude from such a place.

But each and every person has to take to task, the reality is we share all the same matter and energy, that's the oneness of the void and the experience of all pervasive space... what we don't share in oneness is all of the ignorant concepts that cause ourselves and others to suffer. Yet to communicate? That's all we have is representations by use of concepts... each individual defining them differently, seeking others and groups for some sameness or cohesion when such is an impossibility, outside of the void of being simply put dwelling in pure awareness with no subject or subjectivity involved except what one interacts with or arises in the moment it does.

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 01:46 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

I'm in a rush but just wanted to say, I really appreciate what you're saying there! It's an issue I've been pondering a lot recently and your perspective has given me some more clarity, thank you¬

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 02:12 PM
i unfortunately WAS this person at one point in my life. i look back on it now and see just how destructive it was. i would literally walk into a room and start complaining or sometimes not even say a word just have this scowl on my face and bring everyone down my whole entire family down anyone that was around me in that room. and i did not even realize i was radiating such negative energy

while it may seem impenetrable there is always a way to break through...

the best thing you can do is honestly not tap into that persons energy at the moment when they are most negative. if you feel intense negative energy coming off of them give them space. because once they latch onto you it can feel awful. once they return to neutral then talk and if you are the healing type you can try to help them see a different perspective.

its like if someone is crying going off or raging you have to let them calm down first. then you can reach out to them at a neutral base line to try to shift them back into a more positive energetic output

naps work. new days work peoples mood fluctuate all the time no one is 100% anything

for me when i was that negative person the worse that anyone could have done is be combative to me. 2 negatives will never make a right

what worked was compassion but when i was open to it. space really did help when i was at my lows. and people that were comforting helped a lot when i was ready and willing to listen...

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 04:41 PM

originally posted by: ancientthunder

Have you ever had somebody around you, that brings you down, makes you feel confused, disorientated that life is meaningless. There mere presence is disturbing, whether they say anything or not. When they leave its like you can breath again,the sky opens up and there is now room to be. This type of person is adamant on limiting everything on their terms. A kind of psychic bully imposing their limited view on you and on anybody available Someone who derives a kind of sick pleasure in bringing you down to their cynical view. Kind of like a radio station pumping out terrible music and terrible news for 24 hours. What is the best way to deal with this? I have my ideas,what would anybody here suggest as a healthy way of dealing with this? Turn the other cheek or..... is this none other than an aspect of your own self.

In my view, I would say definitely not an aspect of own self (Jungian projection not applicable here).

My solution is to walk away from such person. I note you use the term "companion". If such a person is a spouse, still walk away (even if there are children in the family). Life is short an precious and the word companion cannot be dedicated to such a person.

In fact , I remember a lady who asked my advice once about leaving her partner. She said he was a good man but her life felt empty as she had not achieved anything. I told her to follow her heart. She did. Went on to train as a nurse for a few years. Now a very senior nurse and has respect of hospital staff, good salary, two loving daughters who get to meet dad now and again and she has a new man.

I mentioned this lady only because you used the word "companion" .which suggest someone close. I mentioned her for a good reason. Her companion was definitely not a "dark" companion . He was in fact a good man but nontheless holding her back. Imagine if he was a "dark" companion. I am sure that she would have walked out on him a long time before .

I remember reading about a retired hindu man who had a nasty , nagging wife. He just decided to "move out". In fact he moved to the garden and lived in the tree top (they had a kind of hut built into a tree - something that was there since a long time ago for the kids). He only goes into the house to bathe and has not talked to his wife for years. This is drastic but, in his case there, was no other option (where could he have lived ?). He therefore dealt with the problem in his own way and is now happy.

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 08:00 PM
a reply to: ancientthunder

I always try and get along with people I don't like. I have a lot of friends who I couldn't stand at first, and they me.

I also have people I genuinely like that are friends but I don't associate with them lest their problems become mine personally. I am willing to deal with problems but some are contagious.

But I never abandon a friend in need, problem or no, if I am needed I am there.

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 09:33 PM
a reply to: March of the Fire Ants

Glad to hear clarity is the only reason I continue to jibber jabber, so many people are lost in the fog bank of thought, that much of such exchanges unspoken in effect go wholly un-noticed.

But of course, once you are aware of such... it will not go un-noticed which means be prepared for a lot of psychic attack... those that like to drain energy and are negative and going for self empowerment instead of other empowerment know that your positivity isn't aimed at benefiting oneself but others, so of course when they can't drain you like they do with others, and you start giving others strength they feel their hold slipping and will get very haughty in nature... typically verbally insulting others with generalities and slinging hate speech not directed at individuals but entire groups... because when taking a swing at entire groups there is a high percentage present that will know or have some experience with someone stereotyped or labeled into such a group.

What that does is grab mass attention and sets the wave length to negative in one quick action of speech, negative in intent and when the speech hits negative in mass, everyones energy level drops into surrender or learned helplessness to a matter that they can't solve, maybe personally or for those they are empathic too... and in that moment is when the negative sorts start trying to feed again this time en mass from anywhere they can get that energy while knowing they are wholly wrong... but require that energy in anyway they can get it.

It is a lot like peoples need and desire for attention... when someone is addicted to attention, it doesnt matter if the attention is positive or negative. Such a thing is learned in childhood though... it why people say kids act out... well that just means they are not getting their attention needs met, so if they can't get the positive reinforcement they need they'll turn to negative actions just to feel that need for it.

Of course children are full of boundless energy, not being so weighed down by mental concepts and burdens this is why mental quiescence is impenetrable to such forces of negativity. That negativity shines or echo right back at them without any disturbance on the mirrors surface or ripples in the mental mind field when throwing such verbal rocks.

Compassion sees that it comes from a place of lack, need, a desire to be happy and feel fulfilled, but like children acting out go about it in the wrong manner in this energy exchange, but when older and that energy has dwindled from when they were children those behaviors turn into a fight for energy, not necessarily attention yet they are not mutually exclusive, many varieties of people, all vying for and desperate to be happy... and not suffer. Understanding the reason and the causes then we can see the effects clearly in the chain of this causation in it's dependent arising.

Nothing in this whole universe stands alone, all of it depends on something else... from this; that arises; from this arising; that arises. There's no better place to see this chain of causation arising and passing than on the mirror of ones own reflection of experience and the nature of experience when looking objectively at it, open and honestly... it doesn't take any special instruction, clothing, accessories, building, fees, or corporations. Just oneself staring into that fog bank and removing everything not oneself, seeing where it arose, how it was attached too, why it may or may not be avoided, how we perpetuate it... eventually all of that appears as not oneself, nor anyone else just a reflection that has shined from person to person, and echo spoken from person to person.

Of course like any game of telephone, the source will eventually be lost and everyone disagreeing on what was said, playing their own games of telephone... yet none of that is anyone, just repetition and the self or ego attaching to their accumulation of that reflection and echo not oneself, yet there's no light or sound in it one can call a self... just a temporary existence that arises and passes in the impermanent nature of such phenomenon, that can be used towards positive purposes, to perpetuate in creativity and harness that for benefit, or negative purposes to destroy and a detriment.

The choice of benefit or detriment is of course an individual choice... no matter what group, label, or ideology one attaches too. All of them seek the same peace and happiness, yet have so very many ways to go about it, that are a benefit or detriment to others who have an opposing idea about how to get to peace and happiness... thats the paradox. The problem is each one of us is individually responsible regardless of the fog people have attached to not oneself and calling it a self.

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 10:09 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Where you writing about you?

Or do you not notice your observations seem always to apply to you though you direct them towards everyone else?

It's true, it's true.

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 10:35 PM
When speaking of this form and the experiences that have occurred to it, I speak of a self that no longer exists in the past, to where the arising of some understanding came from while on the path continually walked on called life.

No past experience can ever be the same experience again except in memory, all that arises arises then and there moment to moment to moment. We perpetuate past into the now via memory moment to moment to moment, and in such a way we are bound and not free, as we drag our and others sufferings with us, when so attached.

Not attached, then where is past left except in a memory, what shines but a mirror not a source of light? What echoes but a voice one never spoke?

None of this is a self, all of that attachment is an ego taken as a self... yet what has been can never be again, yet people thusly attached to an ego and a false self, continually try to recreate the past in the present and drag it into the future where nothing actually changes for the better.

cease such attachment and each moment arising from one moment to the next is brand new unformed or unhindered by a past that is a burden and a slavery that does not give rise to any freedom and only temporary happiness that does not last, because we've made distinctions and biases to continually support only oneself through ego and the attachments that are no longer existent, but a ghost that constantly haunts that allows one and the world no rest nor any lasting peace.

Such is limited and goes back and forth to constant extremes of being, now happy now sad... constantly tilting and out of balance trying to achieve balance, in ways that will never cause it to arise as an effect due to that attachment.

There is no possible way to speak of a self, just experience that has occurred at some point in time past... whether one chooses to drag that corpse around and call it a self is up to them. If one wants to be free then they cut it loose, if one wants to free the world they urge others to cut it loose.

posted on Jul, 24 2016 @ 05:46 AM
My reply is just pull the plug, turn the radio off! Dissingage.a reply to: ancientthunder

posted on Jul, 25 2016 @ 08:15 PM
This topic seems to be going hot on this forum now... Well it's fine, it should be discussed, no doubt.

We really don't like negativity, but if you are in mood to get-#-done, negativity by others, can be turned to wrath, that energizes yourself, but in a long run it's draining and you will need place to be free with other beings to balance up.
Someone, ´BBD? wrote that you shouldn't be close of being that is in anger, I completly disagree with that statement, since as I said, open wrath is much more beneficial than silent, when you are skilled enough, you know how to turn wrath to compassion.

Of course being sensitive is hard when you are close to people who are close to "bots", since you would like to help them but they would and will downplay your truths since they have "stability" as someone said in other topic which i red yesterday. (About 70/30 fits for me, most of "human" beings are in day by day life which puts them to very deep sleep) Creativity and art are ways to resist state of mind "being stuck", which seem to be like secret as valuable as immortality nowadays.

I just wanna say, that everyone is naturally vampirish, some are just more aware to this, let me use example here, you are some elder human being, who goes to meet younger people, say 20 or 10 years younger, I can almost surely swear that you as elder place yourself in somehow superior state of being, unless you are completely saint you have to partly agree with this, so when you listen their stories and analyze them in your deep mind, you probably will disagree with their world wiev, openly or silenty, (which i explained partly earlier) and by doin so you will give signs of arrogance, which in general ain't bad since they are natural, but you are interacting with their experiences, in a positive or negative way. (Vampirism is hard to put in words, but your every thought is "recorded" and even when you analyze situation afterwards, they WILL affect the "target"

I hope I managed to make some sense in this big topic with lightly input.

more awake you are more you can work with other beings energies, it's not really bad or negative, it's just life, knowledge is power, I personally am not evil in my core, but when my buttons gets pushed there are no limits what I can do with your energy body, since everyone of us owns one, and when you learn enough, no-one isn't reachable when you wanna get even.

As BigBrotherDarkness stated this thing can be used for nefarious purposes, but I personally believe in karma, and I pity fools who takes unnecesary advantage of other beings. these topics will be hot for rest of year, I assure.

posted on Jul, 28 2016 @ 03:42 AM
a reply to: UnHealtyArrogance

I appreciate your post, it speaks of the 3 worlds people are typically unaware of and treat it as one whole. Unaware of the Nirmanakaya, Sambogakaya, and Dharmakaya. Yet live in all three in varying degrees making the world of duality because not everyone is synchronized. We constantly choose when to dip into a heaven or hell or then start speaking about our ego trips into both and heaven and hell, yet it is the ego that cannot control the dipping attached to one or the other a heaven or a hell and letting the mouth run wildly about a truth only relative to them but taken as the voice of the entire world when doing so.

The phenomenon of news is that it is for the most part wholly negative... and the headlines hunt for the current or flow of bias that they think will draw in the most readers, to support some agendas of other entire groups... keeping it all in a spin of constant chaos drawing more and more people into the fray and whipping people into a frenzy by chosen and held beliefs, by pointing fingers at this is why you and the world are unhappy at the same time another group pointing fingers at you and your chosen beliefs as to why they are unhappy... keeping it in a perpetual state of spinning.

No rest and no ease for not only oneself but all others. Joining the fray in admonition for peaceful purposes is like an adult going you know better shame on you... this is something I see, at the same time many believe in some higher adult unseen in their lives they equate to a god or force that says yes by all means act out those people are wrong and not trying to be happy the same as you but remember the way you were taught to get to this heaven to be with me and ignore their way to get to heaven to be with that evil one not me.

That is the subconscious voice of ego, intangible can't be seen nor heard by others only oneself... yet taken as ones creator instead of the worlds perpetrator of sufferings. From the ego of conscious reflecting on past memory holding ourselves back, to the subconscious as a deity rationalizing and doing the same thing as it's own sounding board for justification. Then seeking groups that believe in error the same thing they can closely identify with and call a family to feel a sense of belonging in a see you in heaven sort of thing, failing to see everyone and all their actions in the here and now that make the place a hell because they've no responsibility to anyone or anything except the ego and the subconscious rationalizing voice they've called a self.

Of course the bubble that ceases placing attention on things one finds disturbing is a place of rest and solace more experience of the Nirmanakaya, to draw ease and strength to once again dive into the battle or fray until they see they are a perpetuation in the sambogakaya fighting with ghosts monsters and demons of ones and others own past that they cannot let go of in a never ending or ceasing cycle of rebirth, heaven and hells to repeat over and over again... yet eventually that self will shed and see their perpetuation of it as over time it cannot help but be seen for exactly what it is. Suffering and the perpetuation of suffering for the sake of personal greed and held hate for others not oneself keeping them from what they want or desire to be happy... knowing they are a with consciousness and intent perpetuating all of that and do not have too and the ego dies.

After the ego dies, then one clearly sees such and the world as it was in all of that spinning chaos ceases to be enchanting in any way shape or form it arises and it passes moment by moment and in each moment there is a choice to act or not act or remain neutral in the arisings of the 3 worlds, as heavens are one and the same place as hell, and the only thing that separates or makes them different are those very attachments, yet they go nowhere attached or not...

When someone dies what has been lost? Your memories of them? No they are still there. Just the possibility of having future experiences with them, yet what are they other than what you think, feel, wanted, or expected of them by way of ego and how they expressed themselves different than what you think, want, or feel, or the same as you think, want, or feel. Yet none of that in ego was or is truly oneself... so what has actually been lost but a body or form or material that harnessed a view different or similar than ones own, that we have labels of like mother, father, sister, brother etc etc. when all of humanity is like this... making us all family and to have the possibility of the same experiences with many many even all others just the same, yet attachment to the form as oneself when it is not oneself the form of others when it is not the other... but the expression of energy bound in a form that suffers and tries to seek ease from suffering due to that form holding and harnessing ideas and concepts about form and forms not oneself that it arises into an ego that differentiates this from that, she from he, those from them and on and on, until the suffering of form ends that is made worse and perpetuated by the mind.

That understanding of things arise and they pass they come and go and they change no matter the they or objects involved does not have to occur on death to awaken to see how precious and awe inspiring all of this is, from the smallest grain of sand that used to be a part of a larger whole called a shell, that once housed a living energy at some point incalculable before it withered against time and tide into what we call sand when standing on a beach, it of course is mixed with some that used to be large mighty rocks withered down over time just the same... both from a world long long past and just as precious and magical when seen for more than just sand.

The water lapping at ones feet on the same beach has risen and fallen countless times over the face of the entire earth... every single drop has touched the face of the earth at some point in time, thats the beauty and magic that we can see as the earth at any given moment when not so entrenched in ego selves and what keeps perpetuating pain loss and suffering for things that once grasped can never be held onto no matter how tightly one holds... grab a handful of that sand that used to be many rocks many shells that housed living beings as tightly as you can and then walk into the water fist full of sand under water and one for balance and just simply enjoy the water.

Can you enjoy the water more clutching the sand? Or letting it go? If you feel the grains slowly slipping and sliding through your fingers does it send you into fear and panic that it is slipping out despite all of your grasping? Or do you open the palm cease grasping to set it free and in such a manner can finally actually swim and enjoy the water without all the clutching and grasping to something one can never hold onto and just be right there right then no different than the matter and energy that encompasses and surrounds all things when not attached to limitations enclosed as a fist ready to fight others with them if need be? Or hold the hand open and show others where our dead relatives and possibly a self not ones current form used to live?

Choice is personal responsibility, those choices make us responsible to all others... may they be made wisely and the best of your abilities to help those not oneself, all life is precious.

posted on Jul, 28 2016 @ 05:29 AM
Don't hang out with this person.. or beat his ass.

I've found that violence is often the most effective solution. It solves most of our problems.

posted on Jul, 28 2016 @ 06:43 AM

originally posted by: TheLaughingGod
Don't hang out with this person.. or beat his ass.

I've found that violence is often the most effective solution. It solves most of our problems.

If peace is your enemy then you are correct violence does solve the problem of peace. Thinking it brings the group you speak of with "OUR" problems any lasting happiness while you laugh at them doing such perpetuating simply makes you a fool and everyone else your joke.

Learn to stand alone and your army will be much greater than the one you make believe to exist in generalities.

Things arise and pass on their own accord... nature sees to it without anyones help.

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