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Axe attack in a german train - Coincidences, drills and dead attackers

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posted on Jul, 19 2016 @ 07:52 PM

originally posted by: everyone

This is ISIS They want the world to know that they did it and why it is the whole point of their actions.

So why did he do it?

posted on Jul, 19 2016 @ 10:42 PM
I agree about taking him down non lethally for information. But as far as keeping nothing at home and hiding all ties to a terrorist organization or wished ties? Why? That kinda defeats the entire purpose does it not?

And since when do the authorities anywhere stop terror attacks before they happen so why worry about that?

They want their attack to be linked. After its done.

posted on Jul, 19 2016 @ 10:45 PM
Just saw the video of the guy, for a 17 year old, he was just too controled... I know you usually cant access much info from videos, but it's just fishy.. He had a kind of balsy attitude. seemed like as someone easily influenced..

posted on Jul, 20 2016 @ 03:08 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

Now it seems he's not Afghan but Pakistani and to me he looks older than 17.
They call it express radicalisation, I say he came here to kill.

posted on Jul, 20 2016 @ 03:53 AM
I wouldn't be surprised.. people act like MK-Ultra never existed, and if they're aware of the program they act like they would never use it. One would have to be particularly thickheaded to believe that they actually shut it down in the 70's.

They've probably perfected it by now. The idea that they would spend all this money on researching mind control but never use it is laughable. There's probably an abundance of mind controlled assets running around all over the World.

They might even have mind controlled clones they use in various capacities.

posted on Jul, 20 2016 @ 04:23 AM
a reply to: TheLaughingGod

I never thought about that

posted on Jul, 20 2016 @ 06:28 AM
First of all, thanks to all of you for taking part in the discussion and forgive me that i didn´t!!!
But, summer in germany now means three weeks of rain(is this the revenge of the brits, did they send their weather to us? xD), two days of sunshine, so if the sun is shining, everybody is out for BBQ´s, swimming and all that.

Somehow i can´t find the video from Amaq but while i search i find one link after another to SITE Intelligence Group...

Something weired i mentioned now, while searching the "IS" video, is that the mass media news don´t call him by his name, they just say: the 17 years old, the 17 years old boy, the train attacker... but somehow i have to search for his name right now.

Ten minutes later i have two names. The first is the alleged "IS name", Muhammad Riyadh.
The other one is the name he gave to the officials in germany, Riaz Khan Ahmadzai.

They now say it is clearly the guy from the train in that video. Hours before there were reasons for politicians and officials to say that the don´t really know if it is him in that video. Now they don´t know if he was afghan or from pakistan, because the guy in the video speaks pashtun. Thereby one shouldn´t forget that there are 1.5 million refugees from afghanistan in pakistan, since years. And young kids learn languages fast. Maybe he was a afghan refugee in pakistan. Or, maybe being a pakistani, he just lied to the german officials because as an afghan refugee you get the refugee status easier here. But does that really matter, afghanistan or pakistan? People are hurt, the attacker is dead.

Next thing is, for me it makes a difference if someone decides by himself to claim membership to the "IS", or if someone was trained and send here to do attacks as an terrorist.
If i would be the "IS" and train and send people here, i would take videos from the attackers before they leave to europe. That´s the finest propaganda material one could have, video taken where he was trained with the announcement to do attacks in europe! That would be a propaganda bomb after a successful attack.

But the video i couldn´t find yet was taken in Würzburg, if i remember right in the Kolping Haus, a refugee shelter. There are pictures from the video, and people could identify the room behind him.

That brings me back to the theory that the guy freaked out, for whatever reason. Maybe he saw all the girls here, couldn´t speak german or english...

If i decide to take a video with my spyPhone, in germany, to claim that i am an "IS soldier", does that make me really a real terrorist? Or am i still a freaking out lone lunatic that wants to be at least something at the end, and if it even is only a "IS soldier"?

Sure, the "IS" is happy to have some little propaganda material for free and freeloading acts.
And also the western security officials are happy, as the(ir?) news agencies are too, if there are the smallest links to the "IS".

The officials because they can go on and on with creating their surveillance state, and people are happy about it. Because they are protected from terror.... Doesn´t work, but at least the "sheeple" in their world of looking through rose-coloured glasses think so. And become more thankful after every "IS" terror that happens, because they are that well protected from terror... Insane, but reality! The more 1984ish a nation is, somehow the more terror attacks happen there, look at france! They have extended their state of emergency for another 3 months today. Someone taking bets on where the next attack in europe will happen?

The news agencies(prostitutes paid to keep the truth out of the news) because they report what the people should believe, think, what they should be feared of, in the sense of the officials. And sure to make money with the "IS" terror hype to fear us all and to divide us.

What if the "IS" is more intelligent than we ever thought, and uses "our anti terror campaign" against us, the whole time? We are told that terrorists want to destroy our kind of western lifestyle, our liberty, our freedoms. What if their tool to reach their goals are the western security officials? What if the "IS" even doesn´t need to train and send terrorists, because lunatics freak out and call themselves members of the "IS"?

What then is enough for the security officials to cut the peoples liberty, freedoms, the liberal western lifestyle agin a little bit! Ever thought aboput that?

And that leaves us again to the question:
Who profits most of that "IS" terrorism? Is it the "IS"? Did his "caliphate" grow after attacks in europe, or do they get kicked their back since then? They are losing terrain every day, have to move to libya and all that. We are told every week that another high ranked "IS" commander("BinLadens 567th right hand"... xD) or whatever was killed. If we are not lied to about that, the "IS" doesn`t profit. Only if their one and only goal is to create fear in the western world, and not to have a own "caliphate", money and powers! The "IS" is fighting his war in the sand, and have nothing positive from the attacks here.

But those who wanna control the people, wanna build a surveillance world a´la 1984, they are gained with more "presents" after every single fail to protect the people from terrorism! Presents like extendend states of security, more surveillance of everything and everybody, of every citizen(potential terrorists, otherwise that doesn´t make sense). More surveillance of the former free internet, more censoring everything that doesn´t fit the agenda., etc, etc.

Remember, they get all that for failing in doing their jobs! After every fail they get more and more powers to destroy the liberty and freedom of the western citizens. They even wouldn´t have jobs if there wouldn´t be any kind of a bogeyman that is to fight. After the red commi russians it became the bearded muslims. But it seems they opened the box o pandorra with that scenario. Just look how they try to get russia back as bogeyman...

So, is the "IS" simply using the western security officials and their behaviour to destroy our liberty, or is the "IS" a tool of the western security official to destroy our liberty?
In both games the free citizens of the western world are the losers!

posted on Jul, 25 2016 @ 11:31 AM
If the internal security services of EUrope are truly looking for terrorists, then they should put their full focus on the external security services. The division between internal and external security service is exploited by the government to run illegal operations internally while the govt themselves distract the internal security services with bogus garbage about nonsense.

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