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A brief look at Value - in astrological and qabalistic terms

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posted on Jul, 8 2016 @ 06:59 PM
I think today is a good day to write about our personal Value system .

This will probably be a very boring read for most of you. I am sorry if it appears to be aimed solely at those who have some understanding of Astrology and Qabalah . However, since this is a Philosophy/Metaphysics forum, you should not expect an easy run. I hope that this post will also somehow resonate with those who have no clue about esoteric concepts. Unfortunately, ATS does not have an Esoteric forum per se.

Well, today is Friday. Each day has a planet associated with it. So, Sunday (Sun day), Monday (Moon day ); Tuesday…,here lets go to the french equivalent of Tuesday which is Mardi (mars); Wednesday - again ,in french , Wednesday is “Mercredi” which is of course the planet Mercury; Thursday –again lets go to the French language . Thursday is “Jeudi” which is the planet Jupiter ; Friday in French is Vendredi (Venus); finally, Saturn for Saturday (Saturn day) . You may ask : Why french. It is simply because French is based on latin where all the roman names for planets comes from.

Now, let’s go back to the value system. Individually, we all have a kind of tipping point ; a line drawn where we consider that something is complete or successful. This line or tipping point (for want of a better word) varies for each of us and is the reason we differ in how we attach value to things in general.

Before moving further , let’s distinguish between our personal value system and the group/peer value system. In astrology , the second house represents the area where we personally find value whereas the opposite 8th House represents “collective” value . Hence , Taxes , debts, lotteries , inheritance belong to the 8th house. On the other hand , personal wealth, assets , and own money belong to the 2nd house.

Value is not only money and assets but mostly the desire for something. More importantly, Value is desire-based – NO DESIRE means the thing has NO VALUE. If we do not desire it , it has no value to us. Being attracted to something is to give it a value and that value is measured at the tipping point where the achievement/success is recognised.

Desire is therefore the key. In astrology it is signified by the planet Venus. Its positions in a natal chart reveals the individual’s value system. If the planet is afflicted at birth , we may desire too much. For example a square of Jupiter to Venus at birth makes one over-indulgent to say the least.

Now, those who can readily map astrology to the Qabalistic Tree of Life, you will no doubt recognise the workings of Venus behind the Sephira Netzah. Netzah is the realm of emotional raw energy, the passion which enables you to attract things and also overcome obstacles. Now, if this Netzah realm is not balanced with the opposite sphere on the Tree of Life call Hod (rationality), the whole passion thing gets out of control as the Qliphoph (dark side of the sephira) takes over. We then see the dark uncontrolled side of Venus which is lust . For those who can readily map the Tarot to the Tree of Life, remember the Moon card and its association with the 29th path running from Malkuth to Netzah.

The practical lesson here is to temper passion/desire with rationality. It may seem just common sense to most but not so easy to achieve if you want to calibrate very high passion with a doze of rationality. And remember , it is passion foremost that brings success. But do not get stuck into the sticky mud and slime of the Moon card.

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