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Cops Shoot White Guy in Fresno; Nobody Pays Attention

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posted on Jul, 9 2016 @ 04:00 AM

originally posted by: ColdChillin
a reply to: ksiezyc

Okay. How many white people are killed after being stopped for a broken tail light? How about walking down the street minding their own business? So, don't try to compare the two. The African American community is being terrorized by a solid percentage of cops and do they receive justice? Nope. So, comparing what happens to us versus the black community is pure rhetoric. There is no comparison.

Really? So why was Noble killed, again?

Police were called because some one had a Rifle and was walking around... then for some reason, start following Noble. Who didn't have a gun of any kind at all.

So why was he targeted? He wasn't walking around. He didn't have a Rifle. He was just some dude in a Truck.

They had no Cause, they had no Suspicion. He was just minding his business. They didn't even find Drugs or anything else Illegal in his Truck or on his Person.

So tell me... why was Noble killed? It wasn't because he was Black... he was a 19 Year Old White kid.

So don't you #ing dare come with some weak ass bull # like only Blacks get killed for no reason.

Over twice as many Whites get shot and killed by Police than Blacks YEARLY. But every one of those is hard core gang members, right? While all the Blacks were just minding there business doing nothing wrong. Right?

We try to make excuses for guys like Alton Sterling... who was a Convicted Felon with an Illegal Gun who had been Convicted of Drugs, Assault, Theft and Firearms, who was ALSO on the Sexual Predator List for 'Carnal Knowledge with a Child', AND WHO WAS WAVING A GUN AROUND BECAUSE A HOMELESS GUY ASKED FOR CHANGE.

We bend over backwards to make excuses for him. Explain it.

But Noble gets shot... No Priors, No drugs, no Weapon... and it's the old "Do Not Compare, Not The Same". Bull #.

When ever a Cop, WITHOUT Justification, Shoots a Citizen... IT IS THE #ING SAME.

posted on Jul, 9 2016 @ 04:09 AM

originally posted by: ColdChillin
a reply to: ksiezyc

Okay. How many white people are killed after being stopped for a broken tail light? How about walking down the street minding their own business? So, don't try to compare the two. The African American community is being terrorized by a solid percentage of cops and do they receive justice? Nope. So, comparing what happens to us versus the black community is pure rhetoric. There is no comparison.

Also... 'walking down the street minding his business'... you talking about Michael Brown here?

He wasn't minding his business. He had just robbed a store with nothing but his bare hands, and Cops were called to the area to find the guy who did it. Which they did.

He was in the area of the Store he robbed. But you know what... he wasn't even stopped for that. He'd have been free. The Cop merely stopped and asked him to walk on the Sidewalk (what it's made for) instead of the Street.

That's it. That's why the Cop stopped.

Any normal human being says "Sure, Officer. No problem." Not Brown. He begins to verbally abuse the Cop. NOW he's got the Cop's Attention. Now he's showing Aggression... and a Store he's in the vicinity of was Robbed, which is why the Cop was patrolling in the first place.

But sure, minding his business. No reason.

Do you even research these things? Do you have the first #ing clue about what happens in ANY of these shootings? Or do you just jump directly to "Poor Black Person, Another Racist Cop"?

Because while there are plenty of Racist Cops, and some of the do Shoot Citizens, that's not EVERY CASE.

If Michael Brown doesn't rob the Store... he's alive today because no Cops are called to Patrol. If Michael Brown just gets on the damn Sidewalk... he's alive today because that's all the Cop was asking of him (for public safety reasons, by the way... since most people hit by cars get hit on Roads and not Sidewalks).

Instead, Michael Brown had a guilty conscious from robbing the Store, so when a Cop stopped him he got defensive and escalated the situation.

But sure, keep your eyes closed and ignore the facts. That will help solve the real issues!

posted on Jul, 9 2016 @ 06:19 AM

originally posted by: TheBulk
I'm just posting this as further proof our media is only interested in advancing a narrative that continues to further divide the country.

Have you considered the prime motivation for the media to be money (viewer ratings)?
It's the people who watch these media outlets that determin the show. Racism has become a hot topic again after the election of a black president. So the media starts talking about it again, then the same things happen that have happened for a while , but it's more interesting to report on it and get the social activist groups involved (especially the ones that are now behind the Black Lives Matter movement). Then all spit hits the fan and people allow themselves to be influenced by propaganda and it affects their emotions, given enough time, the ones already on edge will go haywire (on all sides, if you want to view it that way).

Someone most of you deny as a real existing person is playing all of humanity. He's got more than 6000 years of learning which buttons to push to get people to think his way and act the way he wants (often while thinking they're doing the right thing, or the most honorable thing to do, or that which will make them popular amongst those they want to be popular with, etc.). See the article in my sig for links to other articles with more information about him.

People who work for the media (and want to nurture or advance their careers) are no less victims of "the system of things", "the spirit of the world" and "the ruler of this system of things" (/world). This is your wake-up call (for all who read this), another one, cause you've been conditioned and trained to ignore the real wake-up calls (and those who have been giving them for over a century by others discredting them with slander and a lot of pot calling the kettle black behaviour).
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posted on Jul, 9 2016 @ 06:32 AM

originally posted by: odzeandennz
its all about what sells, what generates views, what boosts marketing and advertisements.

its not the cause of the actions nor the effect of the actions; its about what sells.

its the product of all of our natural tendencies to liken provocative stories. the results are the same no matter what the context is. (here its unfortunately dead people and skin color).

No from what i have seen i cannot conclude it is simply just that. In Europe i have seen the entire MSM all over Europe suppress anything anti immigrant and Islamic ever since Germany opened up the borders to them and they did so in unison. All of a sudden you could see it being done everywhere over there even though each European country has its own government and all those MSM companies are competing with each other they all seemed to effectively agree on suppressing it everywhere you looked. You could maybe argue that a couple of European countries would do this but not spread out of the entirety of Europe in such harmony among so many competing and separated media companies. It strongly points to a hidden hand behind it all which is obeyed.

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posted on Jul, 9 2016 @ 06:48 AM
a reply to: TheBulk

This you will also never see the MSM reporting about.

This table can be used for a number of interesting calculations. First, we find that during the 2012/2013 period, blacks committed an average of 560,600 violent crimes against whites, whereas whites committed only 99,403 such crimes against blacks. This means blacks were the attackers in 84.9 percent of the violent crimes involving blacks and whites. This figure is consistent with reports from 2008, the last year DOJ released similar statistics. Perhaps not coincidentally, that was the year Mr. Obama was elected president.

Interestingly, we find that violent interracial crime involving blacks and Hispanics occurs in almost exactly the same proportions as black/white crime: Blacks are the attackers 82.5 percent of the time, while Hispanics are attackers only 17.5 percent of the time.

Some observers argue that what causes the overwhelming preponderance of black-on-white over white-on-black violence is “chance of encounter,” due to the fact that there are five times as many whites as blacks in the American population. However, there are only about 30 percent more Hispanics than blacks, yet black-on-Hispanic violence is almost as lopsided as black-on-white violence. This suggests blacks may be deliberately targeting both whites and Hispanics.

Using figures for the 2013 racial mix of the population–62.2 percent white, 17.1 percent Hispanic, 13.2 percent black–we can calculate the average likelihood of a person of each race attacking the other. A black is 27 times more likely to attack a white and 8 times more likely to attack a Hispanic than the other way around. A Hispanic is eight times more likely to attack a white than vice versa.

posted on Jul, 9 2016 @ 06:52 AM

originally posted by: everyone
It strongly points to a hidden hand behind it all which is obeyed.

The hidden hand (but if people feel more comfortable ignoring even considering this possibility...that's their naive choice):

More videos on the same subject:
He is a liar! (part 1 of 2)

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posted on Jul, 9 2016 @ 11:39 AM
a reply to: everyone

You need to stop bringing in racist facts into this conversation. You are just mean, you need to feel the issue not think about it

Just because every black male has a .00001 chance of being shot by a cop. While white males have a .000001 chance of being killed by a cop. If I told you those were your odds for anything else, would you be scared of those odds? Yet somehow, the American media and the left have convinced people to be scared of the .00001 odds but not if the .000001 odds, crazy

posted on Jul, 10 2016 @ 02:47 PM
a reply to: thinline


posted on Jul, 10 2016 @ 04:29 PM

originally posted by: ~Lucidity
How petty to try to ake focus away from a systemic, endemic condition with a feeble attempt at comparing the two issues.

I don't think the op was trying to take the focus away from that issue but rather turn our attention to the discrepancy involved in media coverage between two races who are both victims of similar incidents. If further substantiates the theory of a divide and conquer agenda.

posted on Jul, 11 2016 @ 09:27 AM
a reply to: TheBulk

Whao! You might be on to something here. One white guy potentially gets shot when he shouldn't have. That's definitely the same thing as hundreds of minorities getting shot and killed by cops every year. Good find there buddy. You're making changes for the good for all of us.

Instead of looking for ways to minimize the illegal killing of innocent people, why don't you put your efforts into trying to find ways to stop the illegal killings?

posted on Oct, 3 2016 @ 01:06 PM
a reply to: KillerKell

Bro, I'll come at you anytime, anywhere. Don't get it twisted.

You know, when I lived in houston and had car issues, I pulled my AR-15 out of my car and walked a little over two miles down Westheimer. I passed an accident in which there were at least 10 cops standing around. Although four of them saw me, not one even attempted to stop me. They didn't care. Now, if I had been black, you can bet they would have.

posted on Oct, 3 2016 @ 02:20 PM
Burn down a convenience store or two and loot the Walmart. That's how to get some attention in the press and nightly news.

posted on Oct, 3 2016 @ 02:22 PM
a reply to: ColdChillin

They knew you needed it to make it home on foot.

posted on Oct, 3 2016 @ 04:41 PM
a reply to: KillerKell

This isn't a response to you. This is a response to the person who responded to me.

Blacks commit 52.2% of the murders and more just about every other crime they commit them out of proportion to their population size/ratio. I mean, it's to be expected that they will come into more conflicts with law enforcement.

I hate these white guilt types...
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