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Knows Not The Woman

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posted on Jul, 6 2016 @ 01:09 AM
The heart knows not the woman,
The eyes, the ears, the memories,
Hold the woman up in regards,
To the highest mountain,
The glorious sunset,
You are the light yet to emit.

The woman knows not the man,
Nor the heart,
The words and moments,
In time and space.

The heart follows no ideology,
Knows not the woman,
Which warms the heart.

The eyes,
Bring memories,
Of her blessed flesh,
Her cheerfulness.

The ears bring memories,
Of her golden whisper song,
The syllables spoken through her soft pink lips,
Echoed round the bend.

The memories bring nothing more,
A warmth to the heart,
An empty sore.

Woman knows not the man,
Man knows not the woman,
Love will bring together
And tear apart.


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