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Breath once in a while

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posted on Jul, 4 2016 @ 07:43 PM
The shadowy character, needed to sort out of few things during his last days.. So he wrote a letter

"My world might be a dark place, it might be a place of misery and pain...
I built this, to me its just an illusion and i made it so no one would dare to enter.. I made the monsters that your parents told you as a bedtime story.. I never asked myself why.. Someone once said;" You never do a mistake as an animal, you do mistakes as a human. "

I was painted, i was painted like so many others before me. But many of the others they did not survive, they took the stand and yelled their lungs out.. Yet Living in their own world made them happy made from their imaginative mind..

One, one actually made it out alive and strangely enough we shared the same blood, him and i.. Could it be something different? Oh i heard the stories you made, yet you missed.. My blood told me of your kind.. So i made a world, a world you fell into, a captivating story..

The truth is, my kindred survived, before the dawn of time.. The other story, well its there for a bedtime story..

Im not sure who is watching who.. ? Ive seen the minds you destroyed with a simple flickr of a grand demise, just to bring fortitude of someones imagination..

But dont forget to once in a while gasp for air.. "

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