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As long as it is not yours

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posted on Jul, 4 2016 @ 04:44 AM
The shadowy man look questioning.. "Wasnt this what they wanted? They said big words, did it mean nothing?"

The old man didnt say a word..

" I asked them to sacrifice their kindred first, to show their true intent, not a mean for power.... A beast of war, needs to be tamed at first, it will never give anything willingly.. But as soon as the prize was laid, they looked at me as i was a monster.. Yet these so called men are willing sacrifice millions.. All i asked for was a few and the prize seemed to high... They are willing to sacrifice millions, of mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.. Yet hide their own in the closet "

The old man, replied;" To them you are a monster and will always be "

"A king must be willing to destroy everything if its needed "


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