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The energy of the soul...

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posted on Jul, 3 2016 @ 03:05 PM

The soul has a power of endless times,
All ready moving and searching your body.

As a old soul leaves a new soul arises,
Where are you my soul.

Your soul stays when you go,
A rush of light you see when you leave.

The soul is always near,
Even when your not here...👣👣

posted on Jul, 3 2016 @ 03:48 PM
a reply to: Quantum12

Every soul is the same, but God only has a place for a certain number..
Each letter you leave behind is a little piece of your soul best described..
So make it last a forever lasting impression..

posted on Jul, 3 2016 @ 08:14 PM
a reply to: Quantum12

A few years ago, I took on a job for supplemental income. It was as a projectionist (real film, not digital) but I often jumped down below to help my coworkers clean out the theaters if I had time. One of the things I usually did to help them was to hold the door for all of the theater patrons as they left. There was one month when I had more "exploding head syndrome" experiences than usual so I hadn't been sleeping very well but, when I get like that, I sometimes can't turn off the effects from my last circle castings and rituals, etc.

Well during this period, there was one night where I jumped down to hold the door open. This was during the week of Christmas and most people are miserable and evil to customer service for some reason during this time. As people walked by, muttering or yelling at their kids, some of them throwing garbage directly on the floor, just generally being really nasty people... I had an experience I will never forget. As they were walking by, I heard a soft, wet "pop" go off in my head and soon after I started noticing a luminescence light between the eyes of everybody that walked by. It was a gorgeous blue and, by the time the last person left, the lights had grown bright enough to make it difficult to see the faces of people around me. This lasted for about 15 minutes and during this time, my heart grew for each and every single one of those cranky, horrible people.

I just felt like a fish among a school of others, loving them all the more for realizing how alike they really are to me. I truly loved these strangers in the way I had always striven to love all people (but never really could).

I have never told anybody other than my spouse about that experience but the image you used and the beautiful poem made me think of it. Thank you.

posted on Jul, 3 2016 @ 08:25 PM
a reply to: Abysha

Wow that is a beautiful story. Your inner soul had a chat with you for that time! You saw it speak to you.

I know how rotten people can be and you made the best of it. Thank you for sharing you life experience. Means a lot to me!

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