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Symbolic symbology of body projection

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posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 01:40 PM
Signals and mixed messages... status, allure, sex symbol, role model etc. these are commonly occuring themes found in societies all over the world... they are used to portray some sort of image to the world of who someone is, who someone wants to be, or to attact someone to who they are or might want to be with. Peacocking even when people are not peacocks...

Someone might say oh there's nothing wrong with any of that... and well when it protrays who someone is and who they are comfortable in being? They would be correct. Of course there is the downside as when assumptions are made... skirt too high, button unbuttoned too far, he crosses his legs knee over knee, they are some racial stereotype even without such racial connections even when not upholding the image or cultural stereotype.

The assumptions made are snap judgments... they are not truth just simply an image and the reflection of what one hears in their mind is an echo of that judgement... such echos of false assumptions about people one does not know comes from ignorance, I;ve judged someone or some group by an entire sweeping generalization so all regardless fit into such groups under such ignorance... but it isnt seen as ignorance it is seen as ego... and when ego is making such judgments? It is portraying a false self or image of others onto themself and then back onto the world...

So what does such lead too? Well it's obviously illusion and delusion, so when someone reinforces such illusion and delusion, then they start believing the lies they tell themselves and others about the world and the view of it alters widely from what it actually is when accepted for being a big ball of ignorance, few have stopped to look at in self justifications and rationalizations for such behavior...

Well, what harm comes from it becomes rather obvious, it becomes war, segregation, hate, and the ol she was asking for it and other such rationalizations, for abusive behavior one has been trained and retains and abuses others with, instead of laying that down and taking the time to get to know people instead of already having them pegged via assumptions... no two people are the same no matter how many labels, stereotypes, judgments etc. fall on them so such divisions are a separation and divide from truth, that is obviously made from a line called systemized ignorance... the common sense that doesnt really exist but people say it does... is what I am pointing at here.

Of course people, self sequester, self seclude and keep to themselves at some point instead of get into the fray of all of that choas that keeps getting perpetuated... of course when seen clearly for what all of it is? It is a huge mass of suffering and pain only seeking acceptance not knowing yet thinking one knows... well is it any wonder people seek out something more than oneselves? It is a world of duality a world of conflict one of separation... and of course this is one of the major reasons, that there is not more peace, happiness and equanimity in the world.

Of course institutions that make money no matter whether it is steeped in ignorance of stereotypes etc. or not... wont see it and dont care to change it, although those true to themselves and others often get called trend setters etc. to chase after such people in the market... like a manure seller chasing an ass with a bucket trying to capitalize on every last drop... eventually it becomes a feed bag and a stall and one just sort of stands there... yes it sounds like a horse... but with so many running around but the standing there wasting ones life away takes many forms.

Some may say the same thing about a hermit, but just like the crab... it choses it's own shell or home to clothe itself in as to simply just what fits them best...

I personally hope that all people can climb out of the shells that do not fit them best and find their own... nothing wrong with being "naked" in the mean time of finding ones own place as that just becomes a crayfish and theres nothing cray cray about that.


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