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Watch Rep. Pete Aguilar Squirm

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posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 01:23 PM
Rep. Pete Aguilar from California held a little rally for gun control. Here's a little article describing it.

Aguilar Joins San Bernardino Community Members to Call for Commonsense Gun Safety Reform

San Bernardino, CA—Today, Representative Pete Aguilar (D-San Bernardino) joined members of the community for a press conference to call for commonsense gun safety reform following last week’s sit-in on the House floor.

“I heard overwhelmingly from my constituents, both on the phone and through social media, that they want a vote on commonsense gun reform,” said Aguilar, reflecting on last week’s events. He added, “If House Republicans want to vote against commonsense reform, then that is on them to answer to their constituents, but refusing to even allow a vote is a despicable act of cowardice and violates their basic obligation to serve their districts.”

Gail Howard of Redlands attended the press conference on Wednesday. Howard’s son Jordan was severely injured and two of his friends were killed by gun violence in 2011. She commented, “I’m tired of burying young ones, I’m tired of all of this…It’s time for us to come together, stop the bickering of Republicans and Democrats and find a solution.” a-9b80ad923a49.html

Now to the hilarious part. At the rally, Pete had some mothers, who lost children to gun violence, speak out for gun control. He accidentally let one come to the podium that is pro-2nd amendment. She starts speaking truth and Pete starts squirming. To me it looks like he may have had a brain aneurysm if she hadn't stopped talking.

Just watch the first 4 minutes of this video.

For those that can't watch the video, Pete is a open borders, pro- sanctuary city, anti- gun politician who had a gun control rally. A mother comes on saying her son was killed by an illegal alien who snuck back to Mexico before being caught, and he will be out in 2020. She says gun control does not work, criminals will always get guns. She says she came from Europe, where Hitler committed genocide after seizing the guns. She pretty much said everything Aguilar stands against.

I feel bad that this woman lost her son so I don't feel right saying she trolled him. But the look one Aguilar's face cracks me up.
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posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 01:37 PM
a reply to: harvestdog

I don't see the squirminess that you seem to think is readily prevalent (but my ADD kicked in and I wasn't staring at him the whole time), but I think that it's awesome that she was allowed to speak. I'm sure that it was an accident, but at least her voice and opinion was heard.

I'm betting that it was edited out of any news report on the speaking engagement, though.

Also, why do Democrats think that adding in the phrase "common-sense" before "gun control" really makes a difference? Anyone paying attention knows that it's a farce, and those who aren't paying attention generally aren't the ones voting or speaking out on the matter. I mean, it's a cute tactic and all, but it really just shows how pathetic the attempt is at demonizing guns.

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posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 01:51 PM
a reply to: SlapMonkey

You may be right, now that i re-watch the video from the beginning, I notice he has that grumpy face from the very start.

It was awkward nonetheless.

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