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A steed running down the hallway..

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posted on Jun, 27 2016 @ 06:44 AM
The shadowy figure stood in a land far far away, listening to whispers that came with the wind in the great halls where Gods have been born..
He wanted to see, but furthermore hear, walking around the great halls in a disguise..
While he was bored, he stood for days. Watched and listened for anything that was out of the ordinary..

And voices in the hall began to thunder.. The voices started to gather and he listened, and listened.. His advice was important, his judgement was uncanny but they were very seldom wrong.. The shadowy figure knew mankind all to well to be surprised by anything their masters did..

A horse came, a steed down the hallway and the shadowy figure came out of the shadows.. The warhorse made a stop.. The shadowy figure took out his bloodred sword and pierced the steed in the heart and gently said in the horses ear ;" You dont run into a war without my approval "

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