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The homeworld of a elusive

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posted on Jun, 25 2016 @ 10:43 AM
"So you finally found my homeworld" said the bipedal alien looking weasel.. " I never thought you would, but im impressed. I gave lots of false distractions but i understand you never thought something that was so old could be found in a place that, well,.. "

The men that looked like letters from A to Z, slowly circled around the weasel.. They had one attempt to place a shackle around his head.. The weasel was curious to know how they found out, mostly cause he underestimated their perseverance.. " I will listen to your master " The weasel all of a sudden said and the men that looked like letters looked surprised..
For the weasel was a menace, they wanted him in chains but furthermore they wanted his imagination, which the weasel hid deep down in his mind..

" This is were i was formed, the universes i could enter from this place.. It is my home.. If your master wishes to speak i will be here "

And the men that looked like letters tried to capture the weasel, but failed... But they know where his home is and they know he will defend it..


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