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Library is moving

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posted on Jun, 24 2016 @ 12:08 PM
The old man asked the shadowy figure;" What are you looking at? "

" They are packing their books, they are moving the library again.. "

The old man thought the shadowy figure was a unique character, most of the world already had its place and timeline before the creature showed up.. The old man even had his predecessor, but the old man, when he heard the story about this uncanny figure he took an interest and changed the rules.. The old man wanted a righteous figure, he wanted a Demon of purity not a taught one.. The old man wanted someone who entered this kingdom as a commoner but became a Demon king with his own two hands, just like in the old days..

So the old man asked the shadowy man ;" What will you do ? "

and the uncanny shadowy figure said ;" Nothing, they just have stories "

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