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Rights of Protection and More...

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posted on Jun, 16 2016 @ 10:54 PM
Why are MY Constitutional RIGHTS, ESPECIALLY the 1st and 2nd Amendments, SO important to ME? Why SHOULD they be important to YOU? The answer is simple: Because I haven't given up MINE OR YOURS, and they help to protect ALL of OUR RIGHTS... I don't want to give them up...

For YOU to "truly understand," I need to break a few things down, "Barney Style," to borrow a phrase that I learned during MY short time in the U.S. Army... I'll need to use a lot of capitalization for emphasis... I'll also probably get long winded, but I won't cover EVERYTHING... I wish I could make this perfect, but realistically, I doubt I can... Please bear with me, and read the whole thing... If you disagree, I'd appreciate feedback... Let's talk about this VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE.

To start, let ME pose the question, "Who are WE?" Technically, to ME, "WE" can be used to identify ANY group of two or more conscious beings, when at least one of said beings is self-aware and can communicate... WE, in the biggest EARTHLY sense, means WE earthlings.

But WHO are "WE The People of The United States of America?" Specifically, WE are a SOVEREIGN NATION, made up of states and INDIVIDUALS... WE are SELF-GOVERNED... Our PRIMARY law is the U.S. CONSTITUTION... MORE IMPORTANTLY, OUR Constitution documents a number of INALIENABLE RIGHTS that BELONG to US, NO MATTER WHAT, until that time which WE, as individuals, forfeit them. Although this documentation can be considered a gift, the RIGHTS that are documented in it are NOT gifts... They are NATURAL RIGHTS.

Now, IF YOU are lucky enough to be part of US, "The People," also known as Americans, then YOU should also have respect for AMERICA and OUR citizens... You should also respect OUR LAWFUL laws... But ESPECIALLY, YOU should SUPPORT ALL of OUR RIGHTS, or maybe YOU should FORFEIT YOURS, and/or LEAVE. WE won't stop YOU.

"Support the country you live in, or live in the country you support."

If YOU are a PUBLIC SERVANT, YOU are bound by an OATH and/or DUTY to YOUR citizens to protect ALL of THEM and ALL of THEIR RIGHTS.

But DO NOT assume YOU can forfeit the RIGHTS of OTHERS.

Then there are YOU, the people who AREN'T U.S. citizens, but still LOVE America. If YOU can prove YOU VALUE America and OUR RIGHTS, and YOU want to move or live HERE, and BECOME part of US, then "WE" will gladly accept YOU... IF!... IF YOU do it correctly, in OUR LAWFUL way... Hopefully, YOU can understand why it might take some time... Then, YOU, too, can enjoy, and hopefully support and defend, the SAME RIGHTS as US.

That being said, even though "WE" are ALL Americans, WE are ALSO OUR own states' citizens and statesmen... As citizens and statesmen, WE have the (documented) right to govern and protect OUR own states and OUR RIGHTS...

As long as WE don't infringe on ANYONE ELSE'S rights.

If YOU are a PUBLIC SERVANT, YOU are bound by an OATH and/or DUTY to YOUR citizens to protect ALL of THEM, and ALL of THEIR RIGHTS.

WE are also ALL, at some point, members of a community. These communities can consist of ANYBODY WE relate to, identify as, or even just care about. As members of these communities, IN THIS GREAT LAND, WE have the RIGHT to protect OUR communities as WE, the community members, see fit...

As long as WE don't infringe on ANYONE ELSE'S RIGHTS.

On a more intimate level, WE are ALL individual persons. As individuals, WE have the RIGHT to maintain personal friendships and associations, of OUR choosing, and also have the RIGHT to protect OUR friends and associates, however WE, as individuals, see fit...

As long as WE don't infringe on ANYONE ELSE'S rights.

WE ALL, at some point, are family members. As family members, WE have the RIGHT to protect OUR families, however WE, as members of OUR families, see fit...

As long as WE don't infringe on ANYONE ELSE'S rights.

Finally, WE are ALL living beings. As living beings, WE have the RIGHT to protect OUR own lives however WE, as living beings, see fit...

As long as WE don't infringe on ANYONE ELSE'S rights.

How should WE protect that which WE choose to protect? To the BEST of OUR ABILITY.

As long as WE don't infringe on ANYONE ELSE'S rights.

When WE are protecting SOMEONE or something, to the BEST of OUR abilities, WE NEED to have the BEST selections of tools available, or WE'RE obviously NOT doing OUR BEST.

When it comes to guns, limiting ANY of the options available LIMITS OUR ABILITY to defend. Ergo, WE are NOT defending "to the BEST of OUR ABILITY."

"Whatever-you-believe-in" (God, for ME) forbid ANY further tragedy caused by EVIL befalls ANY of US, but it would be FOOLISH to think that WE can "control" ALL EVIL without TOTAL CONTROL, which is actually EVIL, in-and-of-itself, as it strips FREE WILL, OUR GREATEST GIFT... When free will is stripped, a seed of resentment and/or HATE is planted, which will grow into EVIL itself...

So, let ME ask YOU: WHEN EVIL DOES STRIKE, do ANY of US want to feel like WE didn't do OUR BEST?!

NOT ME!!! But remember:

"There is no tragedy, no matter how evil, that justifies taking an innocent person's rights."

You may ask what I propose, or how I would keep dangerous tools out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them?

We CAN'T. Not without PREEMPTIVE stripping of rights, which again is, and breeds EVIL.

None of US should be judged on thoughts, but rather on ACTIONS... NOBODY is a criminal until they commit a crime... During the commission of a crime, the criminal is risking THEIR own lives... If they don't lose their life while committing a crime, they can be investigated, apprehended, and brought to trial, where they STILL have rights which are documented, once again, by the US Constitution... Remember that as Americans, we are proud to to be presumed "innocent until proven guilty." It's called "due process."

So pertaining to "violent offenders":

If you are protecting the safety and well being of another individual, use any means necessary... Otherwise:

Jail the offender when evidence indicates that they are too big a threat to be free. But they have the rights to a fair and speedy trial, and defense from injustice...

Keep them jailed until they can disprove their guilt (not prove innocence, necessarily), at which point set them free...

Keep them jailed until they are proven innocent... But then society would owe THEM a debt for wrongful persecution and imprisonment...

Keep them jailed until they are proven guilty, or they quit defending their innocence. When that happens, keep them from re-entering society by jailing them indefinitely, if your state is against capital punishment, but make them work to pay towards an insurmountable debt owed. Or eliminate them altogether... That choice should be up to "the states."

"Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death"

For examples:

Murderers: forfeit their own lives

Violent rapists: forfeit their own lives

Child molesters/killers: forfeit their own lives

Domestic abusers: they risk their own lives; hopefully someone would protect the victim by stopping the attacker by any means necessary; or if investigated and/or captured later and found guilty, should lose their freedom until a fair debt to the victim(s) and society is paid.

Thieves: they're risking their own lives... If they aren't killed during the commission of the crime, let them pay back their debt to those they stole from and society, then give them back their liberty.

posted on Jun, 16 2016 @ 10:55 PM
To review, ALL of US have the RIGHT, and sometimes duty, to protect OURSELVES, OUR families, and OUR communities, along with ANYONE ELSE WE choose to. As long as WE don't infringed on ANYONE ELSE's RIGHTS! WE will NOT force YOU to do the same. Instead, if you want to, use your 1st Amendment right to WARN others of perceived THREATS, so others can stay vigilant...

To limit the tools WE can use for protection, because YOU are too SCARED or WEAK to defend against said tools, is not only UNNATURAL, it is UNLAWFUL.

In conclusion:




If anything, protect MORE RIGHTS...

As long as they don't infringe on ANYONE ELSE'S RIGHTS!!!

posted on Jun, 16 2016 @ 11:24 PM
a reply to: japhrimu

I couldn't agree more.

All I see are a bunch of sheeple falling for the NWO disarmament agenda and forgetting that those that value security over freedom deserve what they get.

posted on Jun, 16 2016 @ 11:26 PM
a reply to: japhrimu

If we had zero rights, who would be to blame for our actions?

posted on Jun, 16 2016 @ 11:30 PM
a reply to: Metallicus

YES... IF they KNOWINGLY forfeit THEIR OWN rights...
There needs to be some way to discern whether or not that has happened... But I'm just going to assume no one would actually do that without being tricked... Which would be a form of fraud, I gather, and so those rights should be restored... Maybe.

posted on Jun, 16 2016 @ 11:33 PM
a reply to: Sometimes

Interesting... Thought provoking question...

Umm... We would ALL still be blamed... We wouldn't have the right to deny blame.
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