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Vido Game ARG has cliffhanger ending that will come to fruition in 2113 AD!

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posted on Jun, 8 2016 @ 07:38 PM

It might be a good idea to visit the link above to get a good understanding of how the riddle played out.

Yes, I realize I'm a little tardy for he party on this arg. That is usually the case with me regarding these things, I've come to realize. *sigh*

The above link's blog post was created on June 12 of last year. Oh, well. It's new to me and possibly you all, as well so here's the gist of it:

There is an Xbox live arcade game known as Trials, which launched in 2009 (I believe). In the game, your player rides on a motorcycle and has to traverse through different stages with varying obstacles in and along the way. Simple enough concept, right? Okay.

Well, the fun part comes in next. In some of the franchise's games, random objects could be found throughout several different courses. Gamers soon came to realize that these objects were in fact clues to a riddle they had to solve.

I'll link a video to the first puzzle found:

So, basically this riddle features important works and discoveries in math, science, and art from many of the greatest minds in history. But note the time element. All of these works are from the past (ancient up to recent). It's almost as if this puzzle is putting an emphasis on how throughout history, each generation has tackled the same question: The meaning of life. Is the answer really 42?

Well, it doesn't stop there.

The next game, Trials HD, has a similar puzzle.

NOTE: This is where you should view the link above if you already haven't. It explains what happened there.

This new puzzle upped the ante by using advanced techniques like spectral analysis (watch out, Cicada 3301) and even took to the real world with users having to find something at strategic locations around the world. 4 to be exact: (Helsinki, San Francisco, Sydney, and Bath)

Gamers from 3 of these locations found small chests with an ornate golden key inside, along with a piece of paper.

The gamer who retrieved the last chest in Helsinki also found a box which contained a key, an old-fashioned engraved pocket watch, and a piece of paper.

Now, here is where it gets kinda weird:

Each box contained a metal plaque, which on the other side of it read this:

Midday in Year 2113.
1st Sat in Aug
One of Five keys will open the box
Underneath the Eiffel Tower

2113 AD. Yes, that's correct.

Also, the creator of this puzzle, Anttil ilvessuo, has come forward. And this is him being interviewed by the author of the linked article at the top:

This guy has made it clear that on Aug 1, 2113 there will be a box opened at the base of the Eiffel tower. He's gonna make sure of it.

But there is only 4 keys found. Where is the 5th key hiding? Remember, only one of them will work.

And lastly, Ilvesuo left a parting message to the followers of this puzzle. Which is this:

“We may all look back and see Portrait of a Young Man on old images. I outlived Raphael. Next step is to be there. Probably not. Make most of your End of time.”

Is this another part of the puzzle or what?

What exactly do y'all here at ATS think of this puzzle? Too ambitious? Too surreal? The real deal?

And are these keyholders going to pass the story (and key, obviously) down to their grandkids, who will then pass it on to theirs?

posted on Jun, 8 2016 @ 07:52 PM
I've never heard of this game and now i want to play it just to find out what happens.

Thanks for posting op.

posted on Jul, 12 2018 @ 04:59 AM
its real.

posted on Jul, 12 2018 @ 12:29 PM

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