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Libertarian Gary Johnson draws 16% of Utah voters in poll

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posted on Jun, 6 2016 @ 11:53 PM
Salt Lake Tribune

Gary Johnson seems to be siphoning support away from the Donald in Utah.

Gravis found that Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, had the support of 29 percent of the respondents, while Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee, snagged 26 percent. Johnson, who has based his third-party campaign in Salt Lake City, logged 16 percent. That left 29 percent of respondents who picked "other."
In response, Johnson tweeted, "I love Utah."

The pollster, Gravis, attributes Trump's low numbers, and possible Clinton win in Utah, to Mitt Romney's 'Never Trump' movement, the LDS, and other Utah politicians.

If Johhnson can get to 15% support in polls nationally, he will be allowed to join in the presidential debates. In the most recent polling I can find, the former Governor is polling at 11%.

I wonder who the 29% "other" picks favor?
Senator Sanders romped Hillary 79.3% to 20.3% in the state's caucus.

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posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 12:04 AM
a reply to: Olivine

Oh man, how's he doing in the national polls because the RNC and DNC have that 15% rule where if a 3rd party can reach it they are allowed to participate in the upcoming general election debates. Can you imagine Gary on stage with Trump and Clinton?! The establishment can not let that happen and I'm sure they will change the rule to 20%!
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