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The beast is here

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posted on Jun, 6 2016 @ 08:08 PM
I heard a story, which I did not know if it was true.. A story about a dragon, a dragon whose fearsome head reached all the way to the northernmost Kingdoms..
I listened to the man who told the story, but he was not more than a beggar whome walked into my kingdom.. In the place where the dragon was found, a man was born and they would meet in the future in this northern kingdom ..

In the same place there was a beast, a beast that only abide under the old laws.. Once the beast was called Aristotle, today, he goes by a name of nothing more than John Doe..

Now look at everything being reborn, as it once were meant to be in the world of time and not misery..

And the old man said in his final words; " Do not cross the path were the beast passes by, cause the beast will not let anyone interfere. For he too can play a game of words or be warned cause he will crush the heaven on earth "

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