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Hollywood and the occult factions

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posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 07:15 AM
Most movies and series during the last decade has been really bad and it does not seem to improve..

Our first storytelling scenes were of simple ways, it made you think, rather than the thinking for you.. The means for our old storytelling was to make people into better humans. The were based on poetry, art, music and they were short.. Holding a person stuck in one place to watch something is mostly cause well;" i paid 10 bucks. "

It seems to many in Hollywood believes to much in the occult and something called natural conditioning, to many tell stories about mythology but lacks the understanding for it but the most important lesson, the education. Like a game of Chinese whisper, in the end it somehow became something else.

It was a long run for the occult factions, and their motto, to become better men. But somehow when they left the starting boxes they ran all by themselves and offered nothing in return.

I believe Hollywood should rethink its use and the occultists they just want to hold on to the power they never learned how to use properly at first.
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