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A Really really weird series of dreams.

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posted on Jun, 3 2016 @ 08:30 PM
Sometimes i would find myself in a realm completely comprised of flesh. Faces of 'canon' characters to cartoons familiar to me spoke saying in a distorted voice 'Join us, you know you want to' This was a repeating dream I had for a while. The third time i had a new dream. This time i had strengthened my 3rd eye. and I think i saw the first part of the dream. In this dream i was standing amongst a distorting realm of flesh. Inhuman creatures walked to and fro in this place. A couple looked at me too. But i was treated very casually. after this That familiar dream piece started again. The faces that came from the flesh looked just like the one from the other two dreams. Including the odd flesh realm I was in.

Later however it was early in the morning.[this was months later] I had just woke up and it was just dawn. However I wasn't ready to get up. I went back to sleep, however when I 'woke up' I noticed I was dreaming but in my room. Capable of movement however on my bed. It looked just like my room right down to the lighting. But what stood in my window was a woman. A woman that almost remebled a 'mockery' of a human form. Despite it was well lit this entity was all black, and had the most inhumanly widened eyes I had ever seen. She just stared at me. I almost felt a twinge of interest in this woman's odd eyes as she stared at me. She seemed to be in regular human clothes. Tanktop, jeans, however bent forward in my window that was RIGHT next to my bed.

Given I have trouble speaking in dreams I eventually choked out to this woman 'Can you help me?' I don't know what I was asking for help with but for some strange reason I felt 'yes' as she suddenly dashed right in front of my face. I know I saw her move mind refuses to remember it. after this she eventually dashed out the open window. About a year later a guy i know told me what I saw was a 'shade' a terrifying entity from a very primal deep astral plane. An incredibly dangerous area from what he told me.

Shades often take on the form of black smoglike shadow darker then the surrounding shadow. However this seems to just be a facade to weak perceptioned humans. Their true form can be everything from humanoid to incomprehensible nightmare monsters. From what he said the stronger ones cannot be scared off by deities names and ordinary human things. Generally however the ones humans see are pretty weak. However sometimes very strong ones take interest in mortals. their motives vary and are often completely indistinguishable. Some simply watch mortals, others will take to tormenting and attacking them unless actions are taken.

As for the realm i described. He said that place is a very dangerous realm attached to the shades. And that the astral realms are a deep web of interconnected areas that go deeper and deeper. Each more dangerous then the last. Generally ill fit for the typical mortal. As for how I got there...I have no idea. Why did that woman appear to me? I guess she wanted me to 'Join her' However I hadn't seen her once ever si-...wait. Yeah I have..a week or so ago.

But this post is getting pretty long...if anyone wants to know what happened in the second dream[the one from the weird lucid dream in my room] do ask. I truthfully just figured out who it was just as I finished up this post.

As for my goals of making this this isn't any of the women i typically research. which is why it's so bloody weird to me. This woman appeared out of nowhere proclaiming interest in me. I'm also curious if anyone else has seen this specific woman.

Read below for part two of my post.
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posted on Jun, 3 2016 @ 09:06 PM
Ive definitly felt and saw a "shade" before. Some people call them shadow people. Thats very strange and a bit scary if you slipped into their realm.

If the woman was a real entity ( and not just a sleep paralysis dream ) then im not sure asking for help is a good idea
. From every story ive read, these entities seem to feed off fear and negative emotions.

Thanks for sharing your story and ideas about "shades". Any other information or just speculation would be great. Very interesting.

I wonder if anyone has tried to willfully astrally travel into these places.

posted on Jun, 3 2016 @ 09:14 PM
a reply to: blueman12

I think what attracted her was my perception. But Since you replied I may as well tell you what happened in the following dream with her in it. she never does what 'shades' 'Shadow people' do. She has directly interracted with me. In the second dream I was wandering through a dark school building. There were other unknown people there. however one person stuck out. this same black stained entity, clearly a woman with definable features. But all black. It was a short dream, but near the end she said 'i like you' She actually spoke that time. Also the first time i witnessed her I was capable of movement. I even crawled closer to her to get a better look at her face. I have actually heard of shadow people before too, pretty common to hear of nowadays, i mention this one because it's so much weirder then the other stories I heard. For one this woman when she appeared the second time confirmed everything i thought after the first dreams.

The oddest part about the second dream was for months before it occurred I felt some strange sense of..adoration from this woman. However i could only go based off abstract feelings and instincts. but everything told me she was...friendly? I Didn't know 'shadow people' were such to mortals. Up till that point I didn't even know 'shadow people' had physical forms. but the second drem with those three words confirmed everything that rushed through my head in the first legitimate sighting.
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