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Deny Ignorance - Democracy

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posted on Jun, 1 2016 @ 04:07 PM
Well, yes. Do you know what is the main agenda of the Kings? Well, yes. To take you out of the road, put you into their pants and fix a funny hat on your face. How well they are going with this plan? Are you feeling already fitted for a clown serving at their podium? Do you carry your own opinions and listen not to the crowd? And how about democracy, how do you feel about it? Well, yes. The hat is fitting you perfectly. This is you and this is me. This is the hat, this is Democracy. This is the Conspiracy. THE conspiracy. Conspiracy in its core means just doing things together. That what democracy is - the pure and exact fulfillment of the main Conspiracy - to conspire. Why to conspire, why the main, why THE conspiracy? Well, yes. There is law in the existence we perceive as such, indeed many laws, which govern it and keep it stable. We will point here just two of them. One of this laws is the freedom of choice and the other is the law of consequences. As two opposites they attract each other and said so: Walk hand in Hand. Their mastery is very neatly intertwined with the existence of matter itself. They form the force understood by some as Fohat, and their balanced state is exact perfection. Not to say that the pursue for perfection should be undertaken in any manner, just sharing the hard facts. But this is all about Democracy and why it was inflicted upon you. Or let me better say it: "All this is about conspiracy and why it was inflicted upon you" For this to be clear we will continue just a bit about the Fohat issue, so we have a basis to step upon. On any event of change, being ascension, evolution, devolution and such, there is three waves of change that take place. If one of these three waves is suppressed, the process is interrupted. In the current issue on earth, you've been intentionally programmed to mix and mash upon your own fohat, which first arises the feeling of dissatisfaction and second prevents you from any movement while so. This is done with the simple method of conspiracy. What happens when we have this so called Democracy, and what's the difference if we do not? Well, yes. I will have to introduce four new important words here: what, how, take, trade

What changes if democracy/conspiracy is on or off? Any reason leads to the simple answer: many things, important things, big things. And the reason is right for it, alas the reason is blind also. Blind for the second important word - how. Democracy not only changes what, but changes how to. So why we stopped at these two words - what and how? Well, yes. They are mirror itself of the laws of freedom/consequence. In Democracy the law of freedom is represented by reasoning, but is there enough balancing force on the contrary side? How conspiracy works: The unique parts of the whole conspiracy do reason between themselves and find the best solution of the issues they have to face along [big place for silence here intended] yet they sacrifice the law of law of consequence(the how) in the process of making compromise(any means necessary). So who cares, you would say? Well, yes. You do. By doing this the whole flow of Fohat is being suspended, as it whringles out of balance, and however behind the scenes the other two waves are in development, no real progress is being held for humanity as the trinity is not full. In order to fully understand the nature of the suspension in detail we have to examine the two other words: Take and Trade. This is all nature of Fohat, Taking means, a part of Fohat engulfing another part of itself, changing it to its own nature. Trading happens when a part of fohat spiraling together with another part of itself reaches balance so creating a bigger structure, yet not changing its contacting parts in any manner. The former you might recognize as death and the latter as birth. These are both the HOW aspects of fohat, as the fohat itself is the WHAT aspect of fohat(itself). Here I will point for the curious that neither the soul, neither the spirit has the possibility or can be severely influenced by fohat changes. Fohat domain is solely the electro-magnetic thought-matter. The way of WHAT is based on observation and reasoning, yet the way of HOW is based on blood and honor. The blood of death, when fohat gives upon itself, and the honor of trade when fohat deals with itself. This is what Democracy hinders - it hinders, shows not importance of and expels all things connected with the way of HOW, condemning them as necessary sacrifice for the greater good. Making them look irrelevant and no worthy, showing you and shoving you the WHAT part of existence every single day. Take a look at any no-democratic historic example now. No tribe/society would sacrifice their blood and honor so easily as modern democratic thinking materialist, indeed they would keep 'em to the end with their lives... and beyond. All around the world all ancient people did it. Kept their blood, kept their honor. They knew deep in their souls - loose these two, you loose fohat. Loose fohat and the other two waves will stop for a break, until fohat steps out of the glitch so they continue along together - they never separate.

Now imagine you are someone that by some reason will benefit from stopping the flow of certain planet (lets imagine that you are military general who wages war with this[planetary] entity). To stop a planet's flow you need to cripple at least one of its three wave-strands . You cannot cripple neither its soul, neither its spirit, sorry this are just beyond crippling, as you as being does possess only access to fohat. So then cripple exactly this you have acess to. Thought is electro-magnetic, thought is matter. Make your enemy(planet) take death without giving blood and trade within itself without honor and equality... progress this dis-balance in its(planetary) life, in its(inhabitants) thoughts, then if you are done, not only the battle but the war might be won. You own that planet. Congratulations general. Now ,what about you? Or better, I should ask... How about you...

This is Democracy, this is Conspiracy. In some galaxies known also as: Three-Card-Monte.
And the hat suits you well...

-Bartender all around your back. Seems legit.

HInt: Spear=Intelligence. For more info turn on page 31 of the Newspaper.

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