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The English Language

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posted on Feb, 28 2017 @ 03:05 PM

originally posted by: BuzzyWigs

And then there's also Idiocracy, of course. Another 'dystopian' view of what would happen if people like that were all there are.

Great post! Obsquatulate.. very descriptive word indeed

I noticed while watching Idiocracy that the vocabulary used by the new normal future selves had been dramatically reduced. I wanted at some point to examine the screen play and count how many words formed the distopain future lingo. I thought that was one of many clever nuances of the movie.

Love this thread.

posted on Mar, 2 2017 @ 05:25 PM
a reply to: zosimov

Really glad you're still here!!

Obsquatulate. Yeah. Good one.
Tibulacture. (I just now (since you're listening!) made up this word for you....a fracture of the tibula.

Plattibulacture: PLA tibyou LACK cher....

A fracture of the Tibial Plateau.

Yeah. They suck. Just now healing up from one.

posted on Mar, 2 2017 @ 06:16 PM
a reply to: BuzzyWigs

ooh. Ouch!

Terribly sorry to hear about your injury! Wish you a speedy readcuperation (I had to return the favor with a invented word of my own) in which one immerses oneself in literature to while away time while recovering from injury.

Glad to be here!
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posted on Mar, 7 2017 @ 06:06 AM
I like numbers more, so my fav subject at school was Math. I loved calculus and algebra. I didn't like English 'cause of all these long essays (last time I had to write 2 cause and effect essay topics even used service). It drove me crazy.

posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 06:55 PM



It's a "safe word".

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posted on Mar, 17 2017 @ 01:29 PM

Homeowner. Homeownership.

But what is the verb for that status?

Like Governor. Or Governorship. That individual "governs."

So, I guess we home owners "homeown."

And when we stiffs are homeowning, it is frequently expensive, difficult, and irritating! Oh to be in the 1%.....who hold "estates", rather than owning homes.

Anyway - my good friend drove by while I was outside clearing winter away from the peonies and irises.....and he asked what I was doing. It was obvious what I was, I just sort of flapped my arms like what the eff are you talking about? But -- anyway....I continued with my chore. And it occurred to me: "What am I doing? It's obvious what I'm doing! What does it look like I'm doing! I'm HOMEOWNING, for cryin' in a bucket!"


posted on Mar, 17 2017 @ 03:06 PM
a reply to: BuzzyWigs
While you were doing the chores you were "house-keeping", which is almost a synonym of "home-owning".
Is it legitimate to generate verbs out of these noun-verb constructs? There is the parallel case of "pickpocket". If I was the victim of a pickpocket, I think I would say "My pocket was picked". An American might well say "I was pickpocketed", but that verb strikes me as a neologism.

P.S. I have now carefully checked Roget's Thesaurus and my dictionary.
There is an existing verb "domicile", which would seem to fit the situation. Or you may prefer "domiciliate".

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posted on Mar, 18 2017 @ 04:14 PM
a reply to: DISRAELI

No. I decided I was "home-owning." House-'keeping' is done by renters, employees, squatters and occupants everywhere. When you pay the mortgage and taxes and insurance and live in and pay for and/or do the maintenance yourself, you are HOMEOWNING. It's not even the same as "landlording."

And, frankly, it's not all it's cracked up to be.

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posted on Mar, 18 2017 @ 04:30 PM
a reply to: BuzzyWigs
I demur to your last line.
I spent my working life being moved on from one room to another at the mercy of landlords (e.g. when one wanted to sell the house).
I am now domiciled in this pleasant freehold house
WITH my own lawn and fruit plants
AND a night sky with visible stars
AND from which I cannot be legally evicted.
Definitely worthwhile.

posted on Mar, 27 2017 @ 02:19 PM

"chatheads active"

I just read that on my phone screen (a larger-than-an-index-card pocket pc) application thing for Messenger.


When was that born? Kudos to whoever coined it!!!

posted on Apr, 2 2017 @ 09:44 PM

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