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Legend of Spooky Sadie [ACF2016]

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posted on May, 24 2016 @ 10:11 PM

I don't recall too many details of what happened on our weeklong hike into the upper reaches of the Porcupine Mountains. My therapist says it's because of the trauma I experienced, but in light of the remaining survivors turning up missing, I'm not so sure this is the case.

It was Bob's idea, taking the nine of us plus himself on a week long, epic adventure to celebrate surviving 4 long years under Principal Goate (aka, "The Goat"). On our side, there was John, Blake, Bob, Steven, and myself. And on the flip side (because who goes camping only with a bunch of guys?), there was April, Liz, Diana (Di), Macy, and a girl I had a crush on Megan.

It went great, till that Friday night - Like the previous couple nights, we set up camp and a roaring fire. As the night took over - Bob started by reading some of the ghost stories. We quickly got bored, for they were all the same: Guy hears a scraping, goes outside and gets hung. Mad ax murderer in the back seat, tarantula spiders coming out from a cactus, Trump becoming president of the world, lover's lane murderer, the usual.
And then, a strange gleam went into Bob's eye - he quickly pulled out a book, and started to read us a strange tale, the unfortunate tale of Strange Sadie.

"It was not long ago" he began dramatically, "in a place such as this that Sadie once lived. She was a fair lass come home from the dance, where she found that her lover" (he turned to Di, who apparently was his favorite) "was drained of blood in the bed".

"Ewwww, gross"

"Shut it Megan - Just picture the person as a manniquin"
Megan continued shivering, and moved slightly closer to me, visibly not enjoying this story.
Bob continued. "The window fluttered in the breeze, and outside, Sadie could hear a heavy rustling in the darkness of the wood..."
Bob was cut short, for just as he read the part the woods around us suddenly became alive.

"What the heck!? Blake! Bob! stop throwing things"

"It's not me!" "Not me either! ".

Just like that, the noises stopped.

"All in favor of stopping the story?" **silence** "Okay then - Sadie peaked out the window, and saw in the distance a dark-clad figure on a hilltop. She made to follow the figure in a hurry, and when she got there...he barred his fangs at her and..."

And, just like that, on cue, a loud *SZZZZZZZ POP!* came from the fire - All the girls shrieked in unison, but it didn't seem like they were because of the noise - They were staring at something on the treeline.

"Ok, did someone seriously spike my drink? Because I swear I'm seeing things"

"Macy, you held yours the entire time you were here."

We all looked, but between the smoke and filtered moonlight, not much could be made apart from the occasional tree sticking out.
After a bit of nervous tension, Bob tentavively moved forward. "The townsfolk never knew what happened to Sadie, but according to legend, all that was heard was a scream, echoing down into the villiage as if from a great distance".
We all heard it, and froze on the spot.

*EEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH* came the cry, ringing from the trees. The cry came again; this time Di was the one screaming.

"I can see you! Who are you - is this supposed to be funny?".

Blake hushed her. "Steven, April, Di, Macy, get some flashlights...we're going to give them a scare on their own".

Bob's face paled. "Nnoo, no - don't, you can't - stay by the fire!". He looked at the rest of us, scared stiff: John huddled as close to the fire as possible. Liz and Megan huddled close, and me not looking so good myself.

"It's probably a bobcat - no need to look"

"But, I can see someone! They are there now laughing"

More like a snicker - the laugh fluttered dryly on the wind. Might have just been the fire.
The 5 of them left - promising that if they couldn't find anything they'd come back. We watched them vanish into the treeline, and then nothing. Bob was crying.
I quietly asked Bob a question I hated asking. "Bob, how does the story end?"

"Snnn, the story ends with: To this day when the moon is ful-full on the mountain, Sadie comes back to claim those that read the Legen..." he stopped, couldn't finish. Probably for good reason, as we noticed the wind picking up, a strong scent of rain (and curiously, a tint of iron as well). A storm started to brew, so we left right then and there - everyone could feel it, something was wrong and we were miles from any help.
After a group decision, we decided running the distance back to our vehicles would be the safest bet. All the while, the wind toyed with us, pushing us along as if glad to see us leave, the moon, now veiled, was no help - only the flashlights gave a dim beam to work with. All around us the storm was unleashing its fury; I do not recall how I got several of the bruises and marks on my back, and by the time we got back to our cars, we were all waterlogged.
I don't remember driving back with the others in my car, buy I do remember one thing: Looking back, in a quickening pulse of lightning, I saw something.

At this point, I closed the old journal with a purposeful *SMACK* - the fire did the rest of the trick by popping a second later. I looks around bemused, to see which brave soul would dare ask the question. One hand went up, a voice fumbled out the words. "Wh-what happened next?"

I put on my most sinister grimace, and said: "Up on the hilltop, click click click, were now not five shadows, but six". All the campers had a hard time sleeping that night.

But, I must say, that someone must have been a prankster, because after putting out the fire, I found six different barefoot prints outside of my tent. I'll get those guys with my next story about cave dwellers and giant underground worms..


posted on May, 24 2016 @ 10:52 PM
a reply to: fossilera

Awesome S/F

posted on May, 26 2016 @ 03:02 PM
a reply to: fossilera

Brrrrrr! I wouldn't want to have been there for that story!!! I would have slept poorly too!!!

S & F


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