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A couple grams of hope.

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posted on May, 24 2016 @ 06:51 AM
It just feels off when People start pissing around about LBGT rights and toilets. When everything is accepted except the good and the Decent.

Wrong is right ?
Right is Wrong ?

Or is there no right and wrong ? I'm beyond getting angry , beyond judging people and even beyond caring. I feel like a zombie, a white male zombie , and that is a crime or isn't it ? I get spit in the face for saying that the best place for a child to grow up is a traditional family ? Why ?

2009 seems like centuries ago , together with friends and laughing , vacation.
Now 2016 together with friends and their smartphones. Everyone wants to be clickable likable friendable. So just agree with the common consensus. I dont have a smartphone , cant stand wi-fi. I dont have facebook , cant stand zuckerman. I'm weird they say , I'm The weird UFOnut they say.
Of course I know they're joking. I'm Smiling back , but they don't see it. Smartphones need a lot attention don't they ? Yes I saw that UFO and yes I started thinking...

Almost a decade lost but truth found. And now I'm here suddenly in 2016 like a timetraveler. Like a weird Doctor Who that has lost his masculanity (spoiler alert). Where am I ? Is this earth ? Are this the people that I liked so much ? Media controls the mind of humanity isn't that wrong ? Vampire Watches what the heck ?! Rfid is cool , let's start chipping everyone good thing they say.

Something is off and I know what it is. I try to explain but well I need more than 3 sentences to explain the concept of 'Adindras'. After the 3rd sentence she replied ,'you're so smart'. I know that is code for a soft warm STFU. yeah Aspergerman strikes again. It's all about communication and I have given up a long time ago. So Mr Smith wins again. But I go on 'it isn't about causal relations but about context in this simulated universe...'. But no-one listens even Mr Smith has lost the game or has he become a smartphone ? Lol smartsmith , everyone a smartsmith a smartsonysmith...

It doesn't matter so I left my 'friends'....
At home behind the computer... A new russian article , Called 'manipulations of the Egregore' half finished. I just deleted it because there is no point... Does Truth exist if no-one listens. It's like gravity how can you prove that it exists with only 1 object ? I want to tell but I don't. I remember but I do not want to share no more ?
It isn't about America or LGBT , it's about humanity and about Earth. About True Freedom and True Peace. About the infinity potential that every human has. But that is crime because people have to believe in an almighty God. Yes I believe in Him but I don't worship Him. I guess I'm a pagan. A strong resonance with the past. A milennia ago , beautifull people. I busted the veil to find the Truth and now I have to pay the price. Emotions of the past , a marriage that should have been forgotton. The price is high because I can't look at my girlfriend no more without thinking about my wife. Reincarnation sucks !

Told my best friend , the best among the worst. 'Go see a Doctor' he said. Holy Crap is it so difficult to understand that people are more than mere bags of meat and bones !

Dead is not the end but this live is , I know.
Everything is fading away so I called for arms. I called for the awakening. The ascention. I disrupted the Egregore/Matrix.

RV and Ganzfelt , pingpong balls on my eyes. At least I have balls... pingpongballs.

Location Stone no Farther somewhere in Antarctica. Long forgotten reality. Saw a big man (Giant?) lying on an altar. besides a statue with 3 faces. A god ?? And then all the nazi symbols ? Old symbols of humanity ? Symbols are not bad people are. So I touched him , then the vision was gone. Back home I thought 'I need money to go to Antarctica'... Then I fell asleep.

Next Day...

Probably the end. I'll buy a smartphone , become likeable clickable and #able.. Whatever , I don't wanna be alone so I guess here is where the story ends. Practice before the mirror '1' '2' '3' 'Ufo's do not exists'.Again and again...
my first tweets... 'you're delusional ufo's do not exists'. The perfect debunker , the perfect narcisist and the perfect asshole...
Not living just existing exactly like our masters want it.
But still a couple grams of hope , waiting for the Giant to awake...


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