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Baby Catman's Ninth Life [ACF2016]

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posted on May, 23 2016 @ 05:48 AM
"That was grandma on the phone everybody, looks like we're going camping!'' Charlie senior looked across the breakfast table at his two kids and wife.
"Baby Catman!...and his withe?'' Little Charlie junior asked in anticipation.
"That's not the cats names, Junior... it's Warlock and his "wife'', Witchypoo.'' Steven, the older brother spoke to his kid brother in a snarky kinda way.
"Gama say Baby...I see Catman, but no wishypoo.'' Little Charlie struggled to explain something to his family, but only got a pat on the head from his mother.
"Yes, darling. Grandma is bringing her cats. Baby Catman will be there with grandma and Witchypoo too.'' She spoke soothingly to her youngest. To her older boy, ''Little Charlie can call that giant monster, Warlock anything he want's, so be nice... you got me?'' To her husband she asked, '' This seems a bit sudden, is your mom up to it?''
"Babe, she is on her way to the campsite as we speak and we have no plans this weekend... so lets start packing!'' Charlie senior smiled at everyone and they all spent the day getting ready to leave for the campsite the next morning.

When the family of four got to the campsite, grandma was there with her car and little trailer. Her two cats, Warlock and Witchypoo sat side by side, both black with white on their chests and large as dogs.
"Baby Catman!'' little Charlie ran over to the slightly larger of the cats and spoke as best he could, ''We have sauce of milk, like Gama say! An catnip, Baby be Catman agin?''
The cat, named Warlock, nodded his head up and down slowly, but only little Charlie noticed the answer to his question.

Later that evening, after the family settled into the campsite, they sat around a fire after dinner.
The two cats, relaxed by the fire after being served two cans of tuna each and a bowl of milk for both of them.
Charlie senior's wife, Kate, couldn't help herself and asked her mother in law, ''why the sudden camping trip?''
Grandma just laughed and answered, ''You won't believe me, but since I'm getting on in years, it's time I spoke up about my precious babies...I had to leave my neighborhood after something horrible happened....I might not ever return there and just keep traveling on.''
"Geeze grandma, you running from the law or something?'' Steven piped up.
"Well, you could say that... or you could say I'm just keeping my babies from the law. You see, Warlock, baby as I like to call him, has harmed a neighbor of mine.''
Everyone gasped. "What do you mean, mom?'' Charlie senior asked, his voice shaking.
Grandma went on, ''I don't blame baby one bit, the rotten fellow deserved what he got for messing around with another little cat and some fire crackers... the poor thing, was badly hurt and crawled his way into my yard, where Warlock and Witchypoo found it. Witchypoo brought the hurt little thing into the house and Warlock, well he spent his eighth life avenging the little cat...who didn't make it... and well we had to take off after that. ''
Kate raised her eyebrows and smiled sarcastically, ''Okay mom, watchya been drinking in that thermos of yours?''
"Believe, don't believe... My babies were mad and now Warlock has only one life left. I have to go make use of a tree, if ya know what I mean... and I'm only drinking a little bit-o-brew to calm my nerves.''
Everybody just laughed off grandma's ramblings to her drinking and got ready to settle in for the night.

Later when everybody was asleep, grandma had to relieve herself again and headed out behind a tree, she did not expect to see a bear there and screamed at the top of her lungs, ''Warlock! Help me!''
Everyone heard this yell and they all ran out of their tents.
Warlock and Witchypoo were still by the fire... only that Warlock was growing before their very eyes into a seven foot man with a long grey beard, and yet a body as strong and young as a man in his twenties.
"Baby Catman! Help Gama!'' little Charlie yelled with a fear in his eyes.
Warlock, now in human form, ran to where the bear was attacking grandma and then everyone heard a thump and then silence... Charles senior told everyone to stay put and ran to where his mother lay in bad shape, next to a headless bear, with Warlock looking like a cat again.
Charlie senior leaned in close to his mother as the tears ran down his face, he heard her whisper, ''take care of my babies, this was Warlock's ninth life to change... he saved me... please give them a bowl of milk and catnip everyday...'' as Charlie's mom spoke her last words, Warlock and Witchypoo took turns crossing over her body.

The family took in the two cats.
Not two months or so went by when Witchypoo gave birth and little Charlie named the black female kitten, Gama.
The end

posted on May, 23 2016 @ 06:44 AM
a reply to: peppycat

Very nice!

posted on May, 23 2016 @ 07:03 AM
a reply to: Quantum12 Thank you, Quantum. I had a lot of fun with this one.😊

posted on May, 23 2016 @ 09:49 AM
a reply to: peppycat

Nicely Done peppy!
Very different.... and intriguing!


posted on May, 23 2016 @ 02:00 PM
a reply to: Gordi The Drummer Thanks Gordi! I've been wanting to write about a Baby Catman for awhile now and had fun.

posted on May, 26 2016 @ 11:51 AM
a reply to: peppycat

I liked it! Very different. Makes me wonder how he spent all those other lives!! (Poor Gama.)


posted on May, 26 2016 @ 12:46 PM
a reply to: AboveBoard Thanks! I think Baby Catman spent a lot of time being a superhero of sorts... and there are some stories swimming through my mind about his adventures.

I'm so glad you liked it!

posted on Jul, 6 2016 @ 04:20 PM
a reply to: Quantum12 hi I'm thinking of working more on these two... what you think? Looking forward to your entry in Compton next month, August? I mean the story contest.
Wonder what the subject will be I hate writing but might read entry's...o not mucho inspiration, be cool bro.!

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