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Love is My Religion

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posted on May, 9 2016 @ 06:30 PM
I ain't got heart to be tip tiptoeing around, ain't got the sense to be any less than blunt, but my blade is still pretty sharp. So if my words cut you, you know they're true, 'cause I ain't no liar, my words are spoken true.

And I ain't got the room in me to be thinking of God and his Son. No, no, no I ain't got the time to be spending it on my knees to a being, a being I know just ain't true to me.

No, no, no you see my friend, all the pretty ladies. This is religion and ain't nothing wrong with that. I ain't going to be on my hands and knees praising a lord I know just ain't there for me.

See I ain't got to be nice, see I ain't got any brains. Ain't no brute, ain't know anything. No, no, no. All I have is love love love. And I love loving. And all the pretty ladies, ain't know which to love, but see my praise ain't to some lord up there, 'cause I know he ain't there at all. No, no, no. My religion is love, and I love loving, yeah.

But I ain't going to be playing nice, I'll stab you in the back, but I'll let you know. Ain't tiptoeing here.

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