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Ain't Got No Brother, No Sister

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posted on May, 9 2016 @ 04:41 PM
Ain't got not brother, not a sister I can speak of. Ain't nobody 'round here to speak to, the sounds of creaking floorboards, the voices behind the walls. This coffee my only friend, got a brother in a faraway land, but he ain't blood, he ain't my kind, love him still, for a brother's hard to find.

And there's my sister in some distant land, with vodka on her breath. Her words are slurred, her head is spinning, she fills the shot glass to the top. Why I feel my head spinning whenever I'm with her, and she ain't my sister, ain't my blood. My kind, she's my kind, and I'm there when heads are spinning.

With my brother the room's all clear, the Sun lays in, clouds roll out. I laugh and jeer, life comes clear, why with a brother, can't have a better time.

And with my sister I'm in a haze, smoke from the cigarettes fill my mind, there's a glass of wine, a shot glass too. And we drink it all up right around noon.

The world's getting dizzy, ain't got nothing to do, the wine's all gone, the shot glass too. Fall where we stood and I ain't got no brother, ain't got no sister.
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