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Recurring dream of telekinetic abilities

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posted on Apr, 26 2016 @ 02:06 PM
Okay so I've been having these recurring dreams where I can literally manipulate energy in a strange enough way that I can open or close doors and move objects and even other people without touching them and recently I've found if I focus it right and hard enough I can kinda levitate or hover around so to speak. Now I've had them many times and since it's so weird obviously I tried to find out what it means and came across a similar post from a few years back by someone else that the way they described what they could do in the dream and how it felt was similar to what I feel and a response they got from someone was that they had real life telekinetic experiences that freaked ppl out and it had a lot to do with static electricity and as soon as I read that part I knew I wanted to post what is going on with me since not only am I having the dreams but the real life static electricity part ties in and I will explain..

Anyways in my dreams I wake up in the place I fell asleep for instance I have my own apartment but live within a mile of my parents and sometimes I spend the night there and I've had the dream at my place and theirs and when I am home the dream takes place in my apartment almost like I woke up and this started happening cause I am walking around and it's definitely no different than my actual apartment. When I had it at my parents house I spent the night in my brothers room upstairs because it was vacant and same thing it felt like I woke up and it started happening and I was in his room walked out down the stairs and even into my parents room which all looked identical to the real thing. Now as for what is really happening I sense the ability to be able to do these things and become frightened at the thought and don't want to believe it and so I start off by reluctantly looking at a door and saying to myself open as I move my hand in the motion of if I was actually opening it and then I do the same thing to close it. The first couple times it freaked me out so bad that I woke up immediately. The instance when I had it at my parents house was similar but this time I knew my parents were home so in my dream when I freaked out instead of waking up I ran to their bedroom and tried to tell them what I could do and they acted like I was crazy and right then as my brother who was there happened to be walking to their room as well to see what could be going on at this time of night I pointed my hand toward him and said up to myself as I motioned with my arm like I was moving upwards and sure enough he was lifted and held suspending in the air and I looked at my parents and said "see what I mean" and put him safely down and they obviously we're kinda shocked and confused with what was going on and started asking what does it mean? And then I woke up.

Now here is a part that is similar to the other guys story is the part that as it happens and I move things I can feel it and just can't describe it but it makes so much sense just like the ability to actually grab something and allow it to move makes sense so does this and yet when I wake up I feel as if I was so close to pin pointing exactly what part of my brain or muscle I had activated in the dream that made this possible and bringing it with me to real life but never can actually do that.

Now as for the part where the guy who talked about having real life telekinetic experience that involved manipulating static electricity.. I never put the two together or thought about it like this before but a few times when I wake up from one of these dreams I'll feel an extremely loud/hard pop usually somewhere around my head specifically my mouth almost like licking a battery but one strong enough to produce a jolt I also have felt it in my heart or chest area like something zapped me and also in my hands like if you have ever touched something that shocked you and I know it is not part of my dream carrying over because the instance when it felt like my hand I woke up and my entire arm was asleep which is common for me but it usually takes a couple minutes to get the blood flow back and this time it didn't come back for like 15 min and after half an hour I still couldn't feel my hand at all and was kinda weirded out what could be going on and that maybe I really had somehow cut circulation off terribly and just kinda hoped feeling would come back completely at some point during my drive to work or even soon after I arrived and while I got the feeling back in my hand throughout the day the feeling in about the last inch of each finger remained gone and numb the entire day until the evening which was basically like a 16 hour period.

Now I find it weird cause technically static electricity can cause thinks to move without touching them and as soon as I read this guys response I realized that omg.. This guy is tying together an extremely realistic feeling dream I keep having to actual events of a much smaller scale in real life using static electricity and well I'm now realizing that we all know the popping feeling a static electrical shock makes and how it sounds and these jolts I've felt upon awakening were like extremely supercharged feeling static electrical shocks that made the same pop noise. I just never considered it much thinking maybe I was just kinda waking up so quickly from the dream and tried to justify the reason behind the same arm and hand I felt this in being numb for entire day but in continuing to experience this and then to find out that not only am I having this dream but feeling after effects of something someone in real life has used to kinda simulate actual telekinetic occurrences.

Is there anyone that is able to actually read through my super long post lol.. And maybe give me some insight on wth this could mean or if somehow this might actually be possible?

posted on Apr, 26 2016 @ 02:10 PM
a reply to: Nthedarksidea69

My Recurring Dream is this is not your first thread!

Sorry I thought you were someone else!
I create my own dreams. Before I sleep I dream about my dream.
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posted on Apr, 26 2016 @ 02:13 PM
a reply to: Quantum12

I'm confused.. Not my first thread?

posted on Apr, 26 2016 @ 02:39 PM
a reply to: Nthedarksidea69 I get this in dreams quite often to the point where I have learned ways to stay in the dream longer (usually once you realize you are dreaming you wake up) anyways, it is lots of fun I have become able to focus enough to throw cars across a lot, I can "fly" as well in some dreams...not sure how this is anything more than lucid dreaming or how it has anything to do with real life...but I just thought I would post to let you know that many people probably have this same ability.

FWIW...I still know plenty of people that only dream in black and white...I have always dreamed in colour, no sure about anyone else. Just enjoy it when it happens.

posted on Apr, 26 2016 @ 02:42 PM
Maybe your one of the xmen.. And only discovering your true powers now..
Just remember though with great power comes great responsibility.. Use it wisely..

posted on Apr, 26 2016 @ 03:47 PM
a reply to: Nthedarksidea69

my dreams are random and varied as most peoples are, except i almost always have telekinesis in all my dreams, even bad dreams that start going the way of nightmares, thats typically when i suddenly have telekinesis and its like totally normal to me in my dream, doesnt surprise me or confuse me at all, its like knowing how to tie my shoes, nothing special. in my dreams i use it to get out of binds often.

in the dreams i dont have to speak to use it just general hand motions the same way jedi's do it.
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posted on Apr, 26 2016 @ 09:05 PM
Have you ever heard of astral projection?

you should read about it and try some techniques.

Astral projection is basically self inducing an OBE through meditation. I've had hundreds of OBE's through the practice of astral projection and most of the time the precursor to them is an electric shock type of feeling accompanied by a loud high pitch electric sound.

I know exactly the pop you are talking about, it happens when, what i think is my consciousness disconnecting from my physical body and entering the mental plane. It also happens when i re-enter my body like you are talking about.

And as for how this relates to the physical reality.

The physical reality is basically the same thing as the mental/spiritual plane but is much, much denser. It is harder to manipulate physical reality with your consciousness because our consciousness isn't strong enough to manipulate it until we train it.

posted on Apr, 26 2016 @ 10:21 PM
a reply to: Nthedarksidea69

Interesting, and I understand the fear that comes with the thinking that you actually may have some psi capability. It seems a step into the never, never land and outside our normal experience.

I've had a "flying" dream many times. I swear that if I could produce that "condition" in my head that allows me to fly in a dream that I could actually do the process awake. Neither can I describe that sort of whole brain feeling that allowed me to fly. It is a sort of pressure throughout my head. I continue to believe that we all could levitate our bodies if we just learned the proper brain frequencies/state of mind. I've done brainwave training over the years, called neurofeedback
and within it and biofeedback there can be many astounding effects that can be called forth and trained by a trained Intent.

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